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How to win in quiz bee competition


Quiz Bee competition is truly one of the most anticipated events in different school levels – primary, secondary and tertiary. It attempts to test the intellectual abilities of the students in various fields of endeavors such as mathematics, science, general knowledge, current events, literature, history and social science.

The students that are equipped with enormous “stock knowledge,” are tipped to pull through from a tough field composed of the brightest and smartest competitors. But in order to amass ample stock knowledge an aspirant must be able to come up with a comprehensive preparation and must be armed with techniques, strategies and right character.

There is nothing to lose on the part of the underdogs, but on the part of the favorites eking out a victory is a big deal. There is so much at stake here such as honor, pride, bragging rights and respect of peers and the members of the staff and faculty of the school. A lofty finish can also reinforce resume and curriculum vitae in the coming years. And last but definitely not the least, a hard earned triumph can give enormous joy and pride in your heart.

Here is a list of useful tips to help you perform better in quiz bee competition and possibly help you land in the top three:

  • Thorough preparation is a must. Do your best to make yourself versatile in different field of endeavors. Constant reading and solving numerous math problems will help a lot.
  • Master the basics if you want to have an edge over your rivals. Some examples of basic knowledge includes the capital and currency of different countries, capital of the different states or provinces in your country, common yet very useful terms and definitions (like renaissance, hemoglobin, photosynthesis, inertia, friction, Avogadro’s Number, etc.), the past and present winners of prestigious awards (Nobel Prize, Tony Awards, Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, etc.), the previous and future hosts of significant events (like the Summer and Winter Olympics), important and famous personalities (Albert Einstein, Alfred Nobel, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, William Shakespeare, Dmitri Mendeleyeev, etc.) that provided great contributions to the society. You may also review well about the different presidents and their contributions to your country.
  • Once you have a solid foundation by virtue of bolstering your basic know-how, try to keep on raising the bar one notch higher by keep on tackling more advance topics.
  • Trending is of essence. You must know the style of the provider of the questions and if possible research the type of questions that are being asked in the competition in the previous years.
  • With regards to mathematics, you must have your hands full in solving simple to intricate word problems. Arm yourself with the different techniques in solving different problems like work, rate, digit, age and the like. Sound problem skills will also help you steer clear from Science, Geometry and Trigonometry problems. You should memorize the basic formulas in Science (the more the better) like Ohm’s Law, work, motion, momentum, energy (potential and kinetic)and the list goes on.
  • There are math questions that are tricky and have answers like zero (0) or one (1). Bear in mind that most of the answers are whole numbers or in some cases in fraction form. There are also some questions that seemed complicated but have simple solutions.
  • Review math problems whose solutions can be solved below one minute or less than the allotted time required to solve a math problem in the competition. Avoid tackling problems that requires a lot of time.
An actual quiz bee competition held in the Philippines

An actual quiz bee competition held in the Philippines

  • Familiarize yourself with the various concepts, laws, theories and principles in Physics, General Science, Biology and Chemistry such as the Newton’s Laws, Law of Gases, Len’z Law, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Law of Conservation of Energy, Theory of Relativity etc.
  • To boost your preparation further in Social Science, History, Literature and General Knowledge (General Information you must have enormous patience in reading about the different facts and trivia about almost anything under the sun. Like a bookworm devour useful books and web pages without let-up. To make your review faster and easier only scan for the key words and spend some time to familiarize these. You should concentrate on significant, useful and typical quiz bee competitions.
  • Keep updated with the important current events that happened all across the globe and in your country.
  • Stay focused and do not let distractions hamper your preparations.
  • Do not depend on prayers alone. You will perform well if you also do your part of coming up with a solid preparation.
  • Watch actual quiz bee competitions in TV, in your place or in the internet to get acquainted with the different questions and the atmosphere of the contest.

During the competition

  • Stay calm and composed. Concentrate to all what the quiz master says. It is normal to be a bit nervous in the beginning but see to it that this should wear out as the contest progresses.
  • If you come across with easy questions in the beginning of the competition and you failed to answer it correctly forget about his quickly and try to bounce back stronger in the succeeding questions.

If you win then bask in your sweet victory otherwise it is not the end of the world yet if ever you lose. There is no regret when you get humbled by better competitors. Display sportsmanship no matter what will be the outcome of the contest.

Good Luck!


miss noforever on November 09, 2017: doesnt help makes me feel more nervous!!

tamanna on December 26, 2012:

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i on November 25, 2012:

kakulba pod oroi

Gener and Emily Geminiano (author) from The Land Where Salt is Abundant on September 11, 2012:

Don't mention... and good for you...

Gener and Emily Geminiano (author) from The Land Where Salt is Abundant on September 09, 2012:

All the best Soulz I hope you will do very well there and may you bring home... Balitaan mo ako ha...

Soulz23 on September 09, 2012:

hay tomorrow is the competition i believe i can do this i don't think of winning or losing what i keep in my thoughts is this is the way how you test your knowledge in chemistry

haha paenglish english pa ako eh no...

P.S sorry for wrong grammar

Gener and Emily Geminiano (author) from The Land Where Salt is Abundant on June 05, 2012:

Yeah that's the spirit good luck though

lance on May 17, 2012:

nice , you make me feel calm haha ... i got the confidence even i lose or win the competition. tnxs a lot haha :)

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