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Pain - to - Power Chart: learn how to master fear and turn your pain to power

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Pain - to - Power Chart: learn how to master fear and turn your pain to power

Pain - to - Power Chart: learn how to master fear and turn your pain to power

Conquering your fears

You are in control to what happens in your life. What do I mean by this? Well, your response to any event or experience in your life determines the outcome or the result you get. This is based on the bases of the decisions you make or didn't make; which also depends on the your thoughts, the pictures you paint in your mind as well as the act(s) toy take or didn't take. Most of the time we find ourselves in circumstances where we've failed to take an action or simply we freeze due to the experience or event or the outcome of a particular event.

Fear cripples our deepest desire, dreams and goals. The result is that we are unable to act in a given circumstance. On the other hand faith empowers. Faith moves us courageously to the unknown and give us the courage and determination to forge.

Why is it that in the mist of a given situation most people take action in the presence of fear in a new experience?

In this article, i'll explain the different ways people hold fear and the implication on their psychological wellbeing and therefore on what they are able to achieve.

How we hold fear

in her book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway', Susan Jeffers suggested that what we are able to do in a given situation in the presence of fear depends on how we hold fear. According to her, there are two groups on people in terms of how they hold fear. Foe one group fear is irrelevant and for the other group fear creates a state of paralysis. The former ho fear from a position of power (choice, energy, action) and the later hold it from a position of pain (helplessness, depression and paralysis). To the first group life is an upward spiral whereas to the later group is a downward spiral. It's down to the imagination and feelings of the individuals.

Positioning yourself in a position of power makes available for you the power within you so as to act decisively in a given situation.

Create pain to power chart

The aim of the power chart is to help you to develop a simple strategy to help you concentrate your power with lase precision. The idea in creating a chart of pain to power is to help you to remain focused in your decision making process as to how yo deal with the events or experiences in your life. It can be in any area of your life you want to move from a position of pain to power. How will you know? Well, what we are talking about here is emotional pain. Will you want to be on the left side of the pain to power continuum imagine a line is drawn to join them? You need to make a decision that will enable you to move toward the right hand side of the pain-power line so as to move away from pain towards power. Remember the position of power enables to move form choice to excitement and then to action. According to Susan Jeffers you feel the fear but do it anyway. You can gradually apply this principle to different areas of your live, make it a habit until you become very powerful in that area.

Develop your pain to power vocabulary

In this new way of thinking, the way we use our words is very important. This is because the way we use words has a tremendous impact on the quality of your life. Some words are destructive; others are empowering. The words you speaks can bring life or death to you. hence, can put you in a position of pain or power. The following pain to power vocabulary have been suggested by Susan in her book:

Pain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Power

I can't ------------------------------------------------------I won't

I should ---------------------------------------------------- I could

It's not my fault ------------------------------------------- I am totally responsible

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It's a problem ------------------------------------------- It's an oppotunity

I'm never satisfied ------------------------------------- I want to learn and grow

Life's a struggle --------------------------------------- Life's an adventure

I hope ---------------------------------------------------- I know

If only --------------------------------------------------- Next time

What will I do ---------------------------------------- I know I can handle it

It's terrible ------------------------------------------- It's a learning experience

The choice of words we use can put us in a position of pain or power. From the above, the word on the right hand side are power words and are preferred to the ones on the left. The words on the left are limiting, where those on the left are empowering. These words affects your subconscious; which believes what it hears. For example, in the first case, "I can't" implies that you have no control over your life, whereas, "I won't" puts the situation in the region of choice.

Changing your vocabulary from that of pain to power could be the change you need to move out of the fearful state to a powerful state.

Expand your comfort zone

As you change your vocabulary and bring more power to your life, you can also increase your position of power into your life , by expanding your comfort zone. We all have different experiences in life and sometimes we've become too familiar to these experiences that we become complacent to change. This is a habit and is referred to as zone of comfort. You're so used to this experience that you are afraid to explore beyond it. This is limiting in itself because it prevents us to go out of our familiar world into the new world of learning and growth where we'll develop as well as achieve those attributes necessary for mastery of life.

In other to expand your comfort zone you must learn to swim against the tide so as to be able to do those activities that prevents you from moving from the position of pain to power. What have toy been afraid to do?

For me I've been delaying to get into public speaking and development of seminars and workshops in the area of personal development. I need to expand my comfort zone so that daily I'll take one action that will lead me to the desires state.

What have you set out to do and what is stopping you? Determine to feel the fear but to do it anyway!

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