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How to Master Any Skill/Thing Within 15 Days?


How many times you have thought of this thing,

“Oh my God! This thing is too complicated and tough to be mastered!”

And I hope the answer of majority of you will conform to the above mentioned statement of mine.

Learning is a life long process. But in order to ensure effective learning, it should be systematized and easy going so as to avoid any complications and difficulties.

So, here are 4 kick-ass hacks for you to get an efficient and effective command over/master anything in less than 15 days:

A. Preliminary exposure(1st–3rd day).

Before you go ahead to learn anything, a preliminary exposure is required.

For example,

a .If you are learning anything under a mentor,

In this situation, casually expose yourself with the basics of that thing before the mentor starts teaching you that thing. For example, reading a topic one day before going to the class. Remember, you have to do it casually. Don not put excessive pressure on your brain during this exercise.

b. If you are a self learner,

In this situation, what you have to do is to set a date for start of your full fledged learning and expose yourself to the bits and pieces of that 3 days before the start date. Believe me, this trick works magic!

In both these situations, preliminary exposure will prime you for the upcoming task and you will be able to smoothly sail to the next stage.

B. Extensive reading/learning(4th-10th day).

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Now this stage is tricky. What you have to do is to try to recall what you learned casually earlier and apply the block technique for the advanced level understanding of the remainder.

Now, what is block technique?

In this, all you have to do is force learn only 30 percent of the advance level thing. Rest 70 percent should be learned like a absolute rookie.

Repeat this block technique for the rest 70 percent in the same manner by dividing it into blocks of 30 percent and 40 percent. Also, recalling the things you learned earlier will make this as your first revision.

C. Connecting the dots(11th — 13th day).

This stage comes after you have efficiently completed at least 50 percent of what you want to learn. It is because after completing 50 percent, your confidence level shoots up tremendously. Hence, this stage which require complex thinking and skills will become somewhat easier.

So, in this stage you have to inter-relate various things which you have read. It may appear intimidating at first, but after 2–3 days of continuous efforts, it becomes easy as well as fun.

Connecting the dots does not just makes your learning broad based, but will also help to reinforce the things what you have read earlier thus facilitating automatic revision of the things. As you can see, reinforcing the things, will make this as your second revision.

D. The final execution(14th day),

At this stage, you are sufficiently primed as well as trained enough to take things to the level 100. Just sit down and write everything you have learned in the past few days. And in case you are learning some art, just recall and perform everything you can remember in one go.

In case you have forgotten something(which will rarely happen), just have a quick look at that and perform/write that for the next 2 days continuously. This will be your third and final revision.

Viola, here you are. By this technique, you will be able to master anything in less than 15 days. Just apply the Read, Reinforce and Recall technique continuously and watch the wonders happen.


These 4 steps will work only if you have self confidence. Believing that you can become a living legend is absolutely required in order to accomplish this difficult task. In addition, non tainted dedication along with capability to push your limits by stepping out of your comfort zone is absolutely desirable.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Aryaan kapoor

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