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How to Help after a Natural Disaster

Helping out after a natural disaster is easy and fulfilling.

Helping out after a natural disaster is easy and fulfilling.

Natural disasters are a part of our life. Unfortunately, it's a part that no one wants to happen. Whenever a natural disaster occurs, most of us would love to give back and help out somehow. But, not a lot of people know how to get started. Here are some ideas to help give back and help out after a natural disaster occurs.

Volunteer Your Time

If you have a medical degree, you can volunteer your time to go to Japan and help give medical care to the hurt victims. One site I know of that you can do that is Doctors Without Borders.

Even if you don't have a medical degree, volunteering is a great way to help out after a natural disaster. Your time is the greatest thing you can donate to help. Here are some things you can do to volunteer:

  • Put together care packages.
  • Help with the clean up.
  • Help out at a shelter.
  • Help out at kitchens or bases.

There are many ways to donate money to help. After the Japan tsunamis, the Red Cross and other organizations set up numbers you could text to donate $10 which would be added onto your monthly phone bill.

You can also donate money over the phone or online. Whatever you choose to do, donating money is a great way to help out after a natural disaster. Especially for those who live too far away or can't help otherwise.

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Donating Food & Food Drives

A great way to help after a natural disaster is to donate food to shelters or organizations that distribute food to those in need. If possible, you can even get in contact with an organization to set up a food drive in your area so others can get involved too.

Remember when donating food, make sure the food is non-perishable since more than likely people will not have access to a fridge. Some good foods to donate are:

  • Canned foods
  • Ramen
  • Oatmeal
  • Other non perishable items

If you are looking to set up a food drive, make sure you get an okay from an organization. Starting a food drive without getting the proper okay from an organization can be shady and it is illegal.

After you have gotten the good to go from an organization, talk to your local businesses and grocery stores about setting up a drive in their location. After you have done that, watch the food come in. Remember to set an end date so you can give the food to the organization in a timely manner.

One of the best things you can do to help after a natural disaster is to donate blood or plasma. You can even get paid to donate plasma. These are often needed after natural disasters to help those who were injured. Especially if you have a rare blood type, your blood may be in short supply and your donation could help greatly.

There are blood drives that happen all the time through the American Red Cross. There are certain criteria in order to donate blood and plasma so make sure you qualify.


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