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How to become all rounder in real-life

First of all I would like to define who is an all rounder. All rounder is a person who contribute in both academic and non-academic fields such as leadership, sports, internship and competition.It is difficult to be an all-rounder as talent and training is required for it, but it is not to hard also. You have to follow some rules to be an all-rounder in your real life.

1.Know Your capability

You should first discover your capability in a particular field. Know your weakness and strength and work on your weakness, get help of experts, training, and friend’s advice to come out of your weakness.

2.Aware of Your look

 In today’s life look plays a vital role, looks is your first impression, which you put on people on their first stair.You should know the clothes that will suite you, the hair cut that you should have, and you should have the clothes sense for special occasions.

3. Try to do your day to day task.

You should try to do your routinely tasks by yourself depending less on other that is your Housewife, servant or friends

4. Regular polish your professional skills

If you are a business executive do not remain limited to a particular task only, you should also learn the activities which are helpful to your growth in your profession life, learn the skill of business analysis, business strategy making, effective and successful business approach , hit for some professional crash courses in your weekends etc.

5. Get some knowledge of popular games.

Every country has their mass popular games like, some likes football or some likes cricket. It is not essential that you should have knowledge of such games but you should have at least knowledge of the events of that game, which are currently happening because when you are sitting in group where most of people like any such game and talking about it you should at least able to comment on that topic.

6. Keep in touch with media.

It is good to dedicated to your profession but you should be aware of the current situation and affairs within your country and outside it. Read newspaper, watch news on television, know about the new blockbuster hit movies etc.

7. Become physically fit.

A person who is physically fit looks more attractive to the people and can easily convince them. Hit the gym on regular basis or play some games which require physical exercise. Though it is difficult to get some time for it but you have to do so, as health is wealth. If it is difficult for you to maintain it as a routine then join any health club with your good friend who share the same interest.

8. Behaviour should be good.

Your behaviour towards people should be soft and nice, due to which people will become more interactive with you and will share their views and ideas regarding to any issue, which will help you to solve that issue easily.


Uzma Mushtaq on April 03, 2020:


Glossy Zakir on October 06, 2016:


blossom sirenix on August 01, 2016:

it is very motivating and a first stepping stair in an all rounder's life

blossom sirenix on August 01, 2016:

it is very motivating and capable tought

Ramisa Alam on January 21, 2015:

thnx, anyway. =)

dhaval on April 11, 2014:

Quite gud...bt lil seen hard to do...I guess I need a tym table to improvise myself!!! So..ny idea regarding to my daily tym table

kaveri on November 12, 2013:

very helpful to become all rounder

Rschauhan (author) from Himachal Pradesh on July 08, 2012:

hi dmhenderson,

yes its depends on the comparison that you do between an all-rounder and renaisaance man or woman.In my view , main differentiate between them is "universality of approach".Despite the existence of this term, a renaisaance man may not necessarily be classed as a genius; and certainly a genius may not display the breadth of knowledge to qualify as a renaisaance man.

Dave Henderson from Missouri, USA on July 07, 2012:

I'm still not sure I understand what an all-rounder is. How does it compare to the concept of the "renaissance man"? Or "renaissance lady," for that matter.

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