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How to be the Best Student-Athlete


Sports are one of the most popular things watched on TV. Some people do it for recreation and fun. But others do it as a job and make millions of dollars off showing their skills to an audience, being labeled as a professional athlete. But when in time do they start getting noticed? Athletes tend to start getting attention during the time they are going through their education(K-12). But getting seen doesn't come very easy. They have to maintain a clean profile to prove to coaches that they can handle being a pro athlete. They also have to do a lot of hard work to be seen as a talented athlete. If you're reading this, you're probably a student-athlete who wants to know how to be the most successful student-athlete you possibly can be. Well, as a current athlete in high school, I have the best tips for you to remember while being in school, playing the sport you want to go pro in. So sit down, relax, and read along as I give you the best tips you need.


1. Maintain Your Grades

Your number one priority when going to school is to take care of your schoolwork. College coaches will take a look at grades when looking for players to recruit. Many schools that are D1 in sports are strict on GPA(Grade Point Average). According to the NCSA website, Division 1 colleges require a minimum GPA of 2.3. Make sure you are doing all your homework and classroom assignments, and always turn them in on time. Pay attention in class, so you don’t miss anything. If you have to, see your teachers before or after school for extra tutoring.

Coaches will also need to look at your SAT and ACT exam scores. The SAT and ACT are the nationwide exams taken for students to be able to get into colleges. The NCSA also states that a 900 SAT and 75 ACT score is required for D1 schools. If you can get a higher score than most test-takers, that will put your profile out even more. Always keep your grades up and make sure you get a good score on those college exams.

2. Don’t Cause Trouble

If there's one thing college coaches don't like, it's players that do not know how to behave in school. Try not to get school detention or suspension as an athlete. Not only it's bad for your school record, but it is also bad for your athletic record. Schools do not want players representing their teams if they do not know how to follow the rules and act. Make sure you are hanging out with people that will not let you get caught up in trouble. Be respectful to your teachers and classmates, and do not cause any drama.

Make sure you are staying out of trouble on the internet. Do not post anything inappropriate or anything that looks incriminating. You also need to make sure that you don't do anything wrong if someone is recording or taking a picture of you. They can post the photo or video any time, and you realize that you do something wrong. Always stay appropriate on the internet.

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I also advise you to stay out of getting caught up with the law. It's bad enough to be getting detention or suspended from school, but getting arrested makes things way worse. The most common reason athletes get arrested would be the use of drugs and alcohol. Even with those common crimes, players need to be staying away from anything criminal-related to keep a clean record. No athlete should be known as a star player who's always getting involved with school discipline, the internet, and the law.


3. Create a Recruiting Profile

Athletes do not get skills noticed so easily. They got to have a way to show coaches their skills and ability in the sport. Creating a recruiting profile is needed for athletes who want to go professional. It's much easier to watch videos than to drive to a game or practice. The most popular website used for recruiting is NCSA. The website will ask for basic information need in the recruiting process.

Another source you can use for recruiting is social media. Using social media is not only for posting videos. It is also great for contacting coaches for any information they may need if they want to play for their college. YouTube is also a great tool for posting footage of your work ethic. Make sure your account does not have anything inappropriate. Posting about your workouts, practice, and games on your profile will bring attention to coaches.


4. Put in Hard Work

Of course, your profile will not look good without hard work. All the things that you do as an athlete require hard work. No matter how hard it is or how long it takes. You have to be able to persevere through every obstacle that comes your way. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself better every day. Scholarships do not come easy. You will have to do a lot that requires effort and patience. Practicing your sport, getting footage, keeping your grades up, and staying clean on the internet requires you to put in hard work. Always push yourself to the limits.

Now that you have all the tips needed, it is time for you to put them to use. Remember to keep up your grades, do not get into trouble, have a recruiting profile, and put in some hard work. These tips that I gave you will for sure make you the best athlete you can be. Just remember all of this information as you continue your next few years in school. Maybe one day, you will get a scholarship, or better, get drafted into playing for the pros. All of this may seem like a lot to take in. But as time goes on, it gets easy. It's time for you to show those coaches what you can do.

© 2021 Toussaint Joseph

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