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How to Survive High School


Ah yes, high school. The time in life where people are going through changes in their body, getting into relationships, learning how to drive, getting a part-time job, and eventually, getting ready for college. If you're reading this, your most likely an incoming freshman entering into a new world, but you don't know how to survive. Well, you do not need to worry. I have the best tips for you to use throughout your next four years. I'm going into my sophomore year, and I have seen many high schoolers do YouTube videos on how to get through. The best part is I was recently in your shoes, and I did perfectly fine. Just pay attention to what I'm saying, and you'll have no worries throughout your journey.

1. Be Yourself

You’re going into a new school with people who are older and mature. You‘re at the bottom of the food chain; specifically, you’re “Freshmeat.” You’re the babies of high school, you don’t know anything. Do not let others control what you do, meaning if someone tells you to do something because it will make you look cool, do not listen to them. After all, they probably know that you’ll get in trouble just doing it, and just wanted to see you get punished, at the same time find it funny.

Just remember to be yourself and not let anybody control you. Independence is going to be a significant part of life that you need to start learning. If you want to join that club, join that club. If you need to study after school, study after school. The decision is yours, not someone else’s.

Also, don’t try to fit in, especially if it’s the kind of group that does not fit your personality and lifestyle. It’s not a good look not on you to be a follower. Just be whatever suits you and makes you comfortable.

“High school is about finding who you are, because that’s more important than trying to be someone else.”

— Nick Jonas


2. Keep Your Grades Up

You’ve had this talk with your parents and teachers, but some of you still can not wrap your head around it. I’m going to make it clear as possible. Keeping your grades at a certain level is super important when attending school. You will need to have good grades when you apply for college, especially when you want to get into a good state college or university. The minimum GPA(Grade Point Average) most high schools ask for to graduate is 2.0, and you also need a minimum GPA for participation in clubs, sports, and other activities. Just remember that you need to have your homework done on time and you need to study at least two days before a test, but you shouldn’t cheat on your class. Searching up your answers on the internet instead of using your brain or textbook; if your teacher lets you, will not give you the learning experience. Just pay attention in class so you can get some good grades and not have to redo the class.

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3. Stay Out of Trouble

High School is more strict on people who break the rules and do not want to abide by school policy. Do me a favor, please stay out of trouble while in high school. Once you get a detention or suspension, it will go on your school record, which will affect your chances of graduating. Do not joke around in class, and pay attention to what the teacher is saying. Being labeled as the "troublemaker" will just make teachers pick on you more than other students, and that is going to affect how well your grade is in the class. So don't get in trouble in school.

Also, I'm implying this tip to being outside of school. Try to stay away from any illegal activity. No matter how fun it looks, the outcome you'll get will not look pretty. Even if your friends are doing it, if you know it will get you in trouble, don't do it. A 14-year-old minor in high school should not already have a criminal record.


4. Make Some Friends

.Four years will be a long time to go through. Having some close people by your side while going through the time. It can help you open up with others and with your social skills. Get to know people in your classes. They could even begin to help you with homework if you become friends. Hanging out with them after school better than staying at home just watching YouTube or playing on your Play Station 5 by yourself. Get some quality time with people you hang out with every day other than your family.

I would strongly suggest that you do not try to be friends with the upperclassmen, especially Seniors. Don't try hanging out with people who are older than you by at least two years. By the time they finish high school, you're going to realize that you don't have that many friends. Try sticking with people close to your age, and you'll be good.

5. Get Involved

When I say get involved, I mean get involved in some school events. Joining a club or sport can help you make friends and be good on your resume when applying for college. You may think it's boring, or not fun at first, but when you start to participate more, it starts getting fun. Try going to some sports games after school. Those are one of the most popular events students like going to. It gives you the chance to socialize with people and get a look at what it's like for some people outside of school. I promise, doing these things will give you a great four years in high school and will look good on your resume.

6. Have Fun

You don't deserve to feel stressed in school. Worrying about assignments, projects, and tests can be a lot of pressure for some people. I want you to remember to have fun while being in school. Use some of the tips that I gave you for high school. The process will seem long. But when you worry less about making it, then you will get through it positively.

So there's your guide to surviving high school. Now you got all the advice you need for the next four years. Hopefully, you enjoy the journey that you're about to go through. Just remember, we're all in this together.

© 2021 Toussaint Joseph

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