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Nurturing The Virtue Of Patience



Habits are recurrent actions that we engage in. They can be good or bad. How do someone develop them? A combination of physiological and psychological factors can lead to contribute to this. They include cravings for certain eateries, drugs and other physical gratifications. Our bodies are controlled by what we mostly think and do. This builds orientation of the mind and a skew towards that end. Repeatedly, thoughts tend to push the body into action. If control is asserted over thoughts, then then change can be initiated. Naturally, humans avoid painful situations. However, endurance has its benefits too.

Investors use the principle of sacrificing now to enjoy later. Get rich quick schemes are rooted to the lovers of alternative route to attainment of goals without patience. Statistics of such ventures show that they do not last long before collapsing.

We need to learn how to wait. Think about the huge benefits one can reap from saving. The extra pounds you can lose when you diet and do exercises. The success of your business if you reinvest your earnings. These are examples of real life situations that show how patience pays. You can start little to eliminate the setbacks.

  • Avoid triggers. Situations that can initiate the desire to get immediate satisfaction. These can be friends, bad media content, idleness and negative thinking.
  • Take time to think. Do not be in a hurry, delaying the action allows you to break the urgency to reach out for the item or service you so badly need at the time.
  • Assess the benefits of waiting.
  • Tame your habits. Take the opposite route. Do the unusual. Read a book or go out for jogging.

Reasons For Impatience

  • Indiscipline.Going outside the plan or principles that you hold ,for instance, one may decide to take a bite in a restaurant when dieting.
  • Wrong upbringing. A child who always get what he or she wants from their parents without delay grow up to live that kind of life.
  • Modernity. In the past when technology was not so much advanced, there were no devices like phones which enabled people to reach out for goods or services quickly. This way, patience was the only option. For now, you order online and there it is delivered at doorstep! That is why discipline is key.
  • Tendency to remain in the comfort zone. Some things cannot be done till you sacrifice that which you are enjoying now for a while and then revert back to it later.
  • Status mentality. A sense of belonging in terms of social structures. This can plunge you in trouble . Trying to impress your friends certainly attracts the urge to do something immediately. Some people fear what the society will say about them. They cannot wait to show the world what they have done. That celebrity status, they just must keep with it no matter what.

Benefits of Nuturing Patience

  1. Good virtues. Self-control, tolerance and discipline are cultivated through delayed pleasure and postponement of enjoyment. A times endurance is demanded to overcome anxiety or safe a situation especially where emotions are attached. A person who is angry is less likely to harm or be destructive if they control themselves.
  2. Actualizing goals. Most of success stories are linked to persistence,be it financial breakthrough, losing weight, having successful marriage or graduating in school, an aspect of self denial plays a role in it. It takes time to build a career, a relationship and a family. They comes through if you do not get weary.
  3. Long lasting happiness - The joy of immediate gratification usually takes a short period of time. It is not build on strong foundation and thus easily shaken by other factors. A taste of true happiness comes to those who choose to remain determined until they make it happen.
  4. Room for change. In the course of time, it is possible that the decisions made can be changed. Circumstances may arise when it is too late to rescue a situation. There are many cases of people who regret having made certain moves in a hurry. That is the best thing about being patient.

In conclusion, there is alot of benefits that come with waiting. Studies show that successful individuals are characterized by by diligence. The psychology of save now and enjoy later is working in socioeconomic life. Embrace it today and you will certainly make it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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