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How to Teach the Consonant Digraphs nk and ng

I am a certified teacher and have been tutoring young children for more than 30 years. I am sharing my experience in the tutorial business.

Sing has the final blend ng:


Final Digraphs (-nk and -ng):

The nk and ng digraphs are final consonant blends since they are found at the end of words. Before teaching these final consonant blends to the young children; give them first a review lesson of the past lesson. This will help them have an idea about the next lesson.

In the preceding lesson, you have taught the children about initial and final sh and ch so the children have already an idea about the ending consonant blends. This makes it easier for you to introduce the new lesson about the consonant blends nk and ng.

First, you have to review the previous lesson on sh and ch. Just a short review may do just to remind them about the past lesson.

When you finish the review lesson; you can now introduce the nk and ng blends. The sound of the blends is key when reading words; so you have to teach the children to blend the sounds so that they can arrive at a distinct sound called the digraph. When the children can blend sounds and connect them to the other sounds to form a word then it will be easier for them to read words with consonant blends; whatever words these are.

How to Read words with final -nk and -ng:

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Activities for digraph -nk and ng:

This lesson is for the children who already know how to read. The activities require more reading and comprehension.


Reading is very important. The children must be able to read the words that you teach them.

Here are words with –nk and ng ending:

Words with –nk words with –ng

bank bang

pink cling

link king

skunk ring

sink sing

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tank wing

After the children have read words; you can now let them read phrases:


gang in the park

ring in the sink

a pink wing

Reading sentences will polish the reading skills of the children as well as train them to understand the meaning of words. When the children are reading, let them understand what they are reading.


The king has a ring.

Ping and Pong sing a song.

Jing is in the skating rink.


Letting the children copy words, phrases and sentences is an enhancement activity. When children copy their lesson, the better they will retain what they have learned.

Story Time

A short story that the children are able to read is a fun activity for the children. When children can read the story, they will be more excited to talk about it. You can let the children read the story and then you talk about it. Asking questions should always follow.

I’m sure the children can understand the short story if the words used are simple and the children can read them. Make sure too that you are using words that are related to the lesson. So the story must be talking about a king, ring, pink, tank and other words with the –nk and ng digraph.

Paper Works

Letting the children answer exercises on paper will further develop their reading skills, memory and motor skills. When children are given work to do, the tendency is for them to think of the correct answer. This activity will train the children to identify, recognize and understand what they have learned.

Giving more exercises about digraphs will help the children learn the lesson better. The more exercises and activities, the better.

Sample worksheet:


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