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How to Teach Young Kids to Read Sentences

I am a certified teacher and have been tutoring young children for more than 30 years. I am sharing my experience in the tutorial business.

Choral Reading

Choral reading is still the best way to teach young kids how to read.

Choral reading is still the best way to teach young kids how to read.

The Sentences

We started with the letters of the alphabet, then syllables, then words then phrases. Now, we are already in sentences. Brace yourself as I explore the world of sentences. Although what I am going to discuss are simple and easy to follow guides when teaching sentences to children; these will be a great help to anyone who wants an easier way to teach young kids to read sentences.

I love the traditional way of teaching children to read sentences. Our teacher when I was in the first grade taught us how to read sentences through choral reading. Choral reading is reading in groups or the whole class. Our teacher would let us read 10 sentences over and over until we almost memorized every sentence. But it was fun and it was effective because nobody was left behind.

I still use choral reading in my class of young children who are 5 and 6 year old. Choral reading trains the children to read fluently. It also gives the other children who do not know how to read, self-confidence to read aloud with the other children. Because the children are reading in groups those who cannot read well are able to read loudly without fear of being embarrassed.

  • How to Teach the Alphabet to the Young Kids
    Teaching the alphabet to young kids is just like teaching any other lesson. If you make it fun and interesting to the kids, the easier and faster they will learn the alphabet.
  • How to Teach CVC Words to Young Kids
    CVC is the acronym for consonant vowel consonant or the three-letter words such as bag, keg, sip, and sun. Before you can teach children to read CVC words; the kids must have memorized the letters.
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    After a few weeks teaching the letters of the alphabet; you arrive to letter D. This letter could be fun and interesting since there are many things that begin with Dd.

Here’s what I do during reading class.

First I break the sentence into words. Using the flash cards, I let the children read the words one at a time. For example in the sentence; “The man is fat.” I do not let the children read the whole sentence. I break the sentence into words using flash cards.

Like this:

Flash a card and let the children read it. The children will read, “man”. Show another flash card. The children will read “fat”. Then, “the” and “is”. Remember that you have taught the children how to read CVC words and sight words, but if the children cannot yet read them, read the word for them again.

Next: Arrange the flash cards to form a sentence. The sentence is, “The man is fat.”

Point to each word and let the children read each word. Tell the children to read the sentence now. Let them repeat. Choral reading is the best way to hone the reading skills of young kids. If you do this every day, the children will be able to read fluently.

As much as possible, let the children read the sentence many times. There are times when you need to let every child read the sentence for further enhancement. The purpose of this is to assess the reading ability of each child in order to give remedial reading lesson where needed.


More Activities for Teaching Sentences:

After reading and rereading the sentences, you can now let the children copy the sentence. Remember that not everybody can copy fast and properly. You have to guide the children while copying. Explain to the children that the first letter of the sentence is always capital letter and the end should have a dot. This way, the children will learn how to copy sentences properly while they are young. If the others cannot copy fast, you can let them copy one line only.

When children copy what they have read, and connect them to pictures, this will help them understand more about sentences. Children learn more when they use their different senses. When they copy and connect sentences to pictures, the more they retain what they have read.

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Below are some helpful worksheets when teaching sentences:

Work Shet:


Give more activities to the children by letting them write color or draw. Various activities will not bore the children. You cannot let the children read sentences only for thirty minutes. But you can give other activities that will help them learn more about sentences.

Here are some activities that you can do with the kids.

1. Introduce a game that is connected with sentences.

2. You can let the kids draw what is said in the sentence.

3. Color the picture that goes with the sentence.

4. Write the letter of the sentence that matches the picture.

5. Reading contest by rows or groups.


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Felisa Daskeo (author) from Manila, Philippines on June 12, 2013:

Great suggestion aud99. That's also a good way to learn how to read sentences.

Audrey on June 12, 2013:

I think another fun way is to have the kids read words that rhyme like a poem. It is much easier to remember the words too in this way.

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