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How to Spend Holidays Usefully for College Students: 5 Usable Ideas

Prince Kumar is currently studying computer science engineering in college.

It's time to spend the summer holidays usefully.

It's time to spend the summer holidays usefully.

One usable thing to keep in mind is that time never stops, so usefully do each task every time. One of the best things about being a student is the fact that students can agree on one thing that the feeling of summer is refreshing. Some of our holidays are a perfect time to recharge and relax.

How do you spend your summer holidays usefully? As older adults who retire after their jobs, they have a lot of free time, often getting bored within a few weeks. They then search for usable ideas to spend their holidays usefully. Most individuals start focusing on their passion, skills, occupation, etc.

5 Usable Ideas to Spend Holidays Usefully

1). Find a Part-Time Job

The first usable idea is doing a part-time job to spend your holidays usefully. Now although the idea of working over the summer probably isn't the first thing that comes to your mind. A part-time job will give you

  • Spending money for the holidays
  • To save money for when you go back to your college
  • Discipline experience
  • Real-world experience

Simply finding a job that you can work 10 to 20 hours a week will be sufficient and give you extra income and give usable work skills. Even if you only take a part-time job as a cashier or bust at a restaurant you will learn important communication skills and build your work ethic. Must be a strong communicator is the most commonly listed job requirement by employers whether it's entry-level, mid-career, or senior positions no matter what career field you are playing.

The best short-term reward for having a summer job is having some extra spending money to be spent on activities like

  • going out to eat
  • video games
  • activities with friends
  • you could also start paying off accrued interest from your student loans

But this is far less exciting although it might be tempting to spend your whole paycheck as soon as you get it. I strongly suggest, this idea is not much good when you have less income to develop good spending habits. So design a budget that you can follow.

2). Try to Find Internships

Summer internships are another usable idea to spend the summer holidays usefully because the real-world experience you receive is similar to a part-time job. A summer internship will develop the discipline to try to work with others and improve your work ethic. Internships are good ideas because they show you what your future career will be like. A summer internship will teach you new skills, give you hands-on career experience, and could lead to a full-time job with that company.

Bonus Tip

Once you start your new college year, start looking for internships within the first few months. When I started applying for an internship, I was talking to some people who had already received offers because they had gone to career fairs. This will guarantee you'll get hired of course.

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You started looking at internships as quickly as you can because you will never know when some companies can put out a job list. Apart from this, 15 to 20 percent out of all the internships I applied, responded to me while some sent me an ejection email. If you don't hear back from some companies, don't worry you're not alone.

3). Stay Active Your Mind by Reading Books

Reading is the third usable idea to keep your brain active, expand your brain and spend your summer usefully. I can almost guarantee that when you are in college you study too little for entertainment because you have too many other things that you need to do as a person or student. I also never read for entertainment. You can read whatever you want whether it is scientific or thriller books.

But I would recommend non-advice to help you learn and improve yourself, pick up a biography of Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, it's good for engineering people. This book will help you see that, where did he bring his mindset and give you an inside perspective on how he deals with problems and make decisions.

You can also learn about Steve Jobs or how Jeff Bezos built Amazon for those interested in math and physics. There are autobiography books on Einstein or Stephen Hawking. There are also a lot of self-help books that will teach you about goal setting.

Read a book every three to four weeks and you will see how your creative thought process and vocabulary are slowly improving. This is not the school where you have to write an essay on a book if you do not enjoy it. Forget it and move on to the next one, which is much more than a commitment. Start reading only ten pages a day and you will most likely notice that you have begun to enjoy reading for fun. Books are helpful to expand your knowledge and give you perspective on the world.

4). Take Summer Classes

If you decide to not get an internship to spend holidays usefully, you should at least take a part-time summer job or take summer classes is also a usable idea or take both. Taking summer classes is a useful idea to knock out general education units. These will be helpful for those quarters or semesters that might require you to take a heavier schedule. Some people may try to use summer school to graduate early but this is more difficult to do unless you put in much more effort.

Generally, I just recommend using college to make some of your future semesters or quarters easier on yourself. I have taken two summer classes and I can focus on my engineering courses in my later years.

5). Stay Active With Physical Activities

Stay active whether you play outdoor sports or do yoga, it is important to be active during summer. This is another usable idea to spend holidays usefully. To be active in many ways is simply to choose your own favorite thing.

The most important part is that you go out at least 30 minutes in the summer and engage in any kind of physical activity. You will experience a slight mood lift as you have more energy. You will be able to enjoy your summer overall usefully, constantly improve or implement new habits, behaviors about being the best version of yourself, and stay active.


So, in conclusion, you must enjoy your summer relaxed but try to be productive a little whether it's working or reading. Make each second of time usable, it's very important for students.

© 2021 Prince Kumar

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