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Get Organized for School with a Homework Station for Kids

Homework Station


School Organizer and Homework Helper

Create a cool homework station that also serves as a school planner to keep everyone organized. Kids will have the necessary school supplies at their fingertips, and parents can keep track of forms, school deadlines, and special dates with the school notebook and calendar.

With this system, parents can lead their children as they model setting goals and meeting deadlines. As the child grows older, the job of managing all the papers and dates will shift to the child.

Keeping everything in one spot is convenient and will help you be more organized. The kids will love to help design this fun homework station.

How Parents Can Help With Homework

  • Set a time for homework to be done and stick to it.
  • Make homework a routine by having a healthy after-school snack first.
  • Pick a quiet, well-lit area for homework.
  • Be sure your child is working at a table or desk.
  • Model setting goals and meeting deadlines.
  • Praise your child for getting the job done!

Get Homework Organized

Pick storage bins and organizers with designs that suit your child's age and personality.

Pick storage bins and organizers with designs that suit your child's age and personality.

The Homework Station

To make a super cool homework station, you will need the following materials:

  • small bookcase, any color
  • one three ring binder for each child
  • notebook dividers with tabs
  • small supply box for each child containing pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, scissors, protractor, hole punch and ruler
  • community supplies: paper, stapler, tape, three-ring hole punch, calculator, dry-erase markers
  • letter-sized bin or basket for blank or lined paper
  • storage bins to hold artwork and classwork for each child
  • accordion file folder to keep important papers
  • dictionary
  • dry-erase wall calendar
  • peg board
  • colored dry-erase board for each child

The first thing to do is select a good location for your homework station. Ours is located in the breakfast room so the kids are able to do their work on the kitchen table. If your children have desks in their rooms, you may opt to locate the homework station in a nearby hallway. Try to find a spot that is near a desk or table, but is also very visible since the station serves as a planning center, too.

Once you have a spot picked out, setting up the station is very easy. Community supplies go on the top shelf; school notebooks, supply boxes and paper bins on the middle shelf; and storage bins on the bottom. Arrange dry-erase boards and the peg board on the wall directly above the bookshelf. Place the calendar in a spot that is easy to reach for updating. Your kids may want to personalize or decorate the dry-erase boards and storage bins. Let them take part so they will be excited about homework!


Storage Bins

The School Notebook

The school notebook has been an incredible time-saver and resource for me. My children do not attend the same school, so we have different sets of handbooks, dress codes, routines, and even school academic calendars. I have a notebook for each child and keep all the important school information organized between labelled sections. Some documents you may want to keep in the notebook are:

  • school handbook; rules and regulations
  • dress code or uniform policy
  • class schedule or syllabus
  • teacher and class information
  • school or class directory
  • school academic calendar
  • school contact information
  • project or report instructions
  • IEP (individual education plan)
  • school newsletters

I also include a section in the front for forms and class information that is updated often. Ideally, permission forms and sign-up sheets are sent back the next day, but there are some forms you will need to hold onto for awhile. For example, there may be class picture information, fundraising packets or Book Fair flyers. If you place a school form in the notebook, put the deadline on the school calendar so it will not be forgotten.

The School Calendar

Last year, it became very difficult to keep up with which day a child needed sneakers for PE; an instrument for Music class; money for pizza; money for ice cream day; to stay after school for Drama, and so on. The dry-erase school calendar helps parents and kids prepare for the right day.

On the calendar, each child is represented by a certain color. My son's PE and Music days are marked in blue. My daughter's Drama days and pizza days are marked in pink. School holidays are also marked on the calendar, as well as any deadlines.

Along with the school calendar, I also have a solid-colored dry-erase board for each child. These are used to write reminder notes about upcoming events, for example, "Spirit Night Thursday at CC's Pizza" or "PTA Meeting Tuesday at 6pm." The peg board square is handy for school flyers or pictures. These types of boards can be found at super centers and office supply stores.

Back to School

Have fun setting up your own homework station and be sure to let the kids help out in selecting materials and putting it all together. Do your best to make homework a positive experience!

Where to Do Homework


Lindsey on July 26, 2016:

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I LOVE this idea! I was wondering where you got the dry erase boards and cork board? I've been trying to find some that match in size but I'm not having any luck.

Tamara14 on June 25, 2015:

Great ideas here Sarah. Not only is this useful for ongoing chores kids have but it's such a great way of teaching them order and working habits in a well kept environment. I know many adults who struggle with same issues they were having back while being kids, simply because no one showed them a better way.

Sarah Johnson (author) from Charleston, South Carolina on May 10, 2014:

Hi, Megan. The smaller pink one came from Target. I think the matching pink and green ones came from either Marshall's or TJ Maxx. That might not help you much bc they probably are no longer available. But, I would check those stores for something similar.

Megan on May 09, 2014:

Could you tell me where you got the bins with the papers in them. (Pink, green and other pink one) from your first photo up at top.

Sarah Johnson (author) from Charleston, South Carolina on July 24, 2012:

Thanks, Rebecca. It does help to keep all the school STUFF in one place!

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on July 24, 2012:

What a fabulous Hub! So very helpful for getting kids organized and in the mood for school. I am sure that it is a lot easier to motivate them to get their homework done and also to stay organized during the whole school year. I w=vote awesome, helpful and sharing all around.

Sarah Johnson (author) from Charleston, South Carolina on July 21, 2012:

Hi, K9. Thanks for stopping by the homework station!

India Arnold from Northern, California on July 21, 2012:

When kids have a designated homework area they are more apt to do that homework without all of the fuss. Your timing is spot-on and the ideas are outstanding. Everyone wants a space to call their own!


Sarah Johnson (author) from Charleston, South Carolina on July 12, 2012:

Hi, Robin. We all dread homework around here, but I am planning for this organized area to make things go more smoothly! I hope your school year will get a good start as well! Rumor has it that 4th grade sees a lot more homework!

Robin Edmondson from San Francisco on July 12, 2012:

This is great and perfect timing for our family. Our oldest is going into 4th and middle into 1st. We really need more of a designated space for homework. You've inspired me to work on our office and make it more of a homework space. We already have the dry erase calendar, but there's a lot more to add. Great tips and advice!

Sarah Johnson (author) from Charleston, South Carolina on July 08, 2012:

Thanks, teaches12345. Glad you liked this one - had a few friends tell me it was too early to think about homework and the school year! Hope you are having a great summer.

Dianna Mendez on July 08, 2012:

Voted this one way up! My mind feels so relaxed just looking at the organization to this space. It is appropriate for those student/child needs. Well done!

Sarah Johnson (author) from Charleston, South Carolina on July 06, 2012:

Hi, Teresa. You are right - adults could follow a similar plan. My desk is a mess, and I spend too much time looking for things that are buried.

Thanks, wrenfrost56!

wrenfrost56 from U.K. on July 06, 2012:

Excellent and useful ideas you have here, well set out and well written, with good pictures. Thank-you for sharing. :)

Teresa Coppens from Ontario, Canada on July 06, 2012:

Awesome idea CS. My kids are older and for the most part take care of themselves but some of your suggestions still apply and I can totally see using this set-up for having the extra materials around that don't come home because they got left in their locker etc. It would also be handy for leaving notes/reminders etc. I can also see using it for the adults in our home. My hubpages schedule could be managed much more neatly with a set up like this. Lots of applications apart from kids but so very important for families with multiple schedules to manage for school! voted up and sharing!!!!!

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