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How to Kill Army Ants Without Using Kerosene

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Have you ever woken up from a deep sweet sleep in pain because something bit you? You wake up wondering what is happening. On switching on the lights and pulling back the covers, you find army ants all over your house. An army ant bit is so painful that sleep disappears immediately. One has to wake up to deal with the danger.

Army ants attack at night or early in the morning and sometimes appear during the day. An army ant infestation can be one of the most disturbing things to encounter during the night. The magnitude of their attack at night in the house can be immense and causes an alarm. They can affect even people with previous experience of such an occurrence. They attack in such huge numbers that it can be difficult for a person to have a ready solution to the situation. There are many DIY solutions proposed to handle the threat. However, each comes with its consequences and does not provide an effective solution to the problem.

Nevertheless, there is an easy way that most people are unaware of that can handle the situation leading to zero damage and discomfort. A person can go back to sleep within a short period. Most DIY solutions call for using gasoline, kerosene, and other strong-smelling petroleum products to help with the situation. Nevertheless, the use of petroleum products can be dangerous and cause a lot of discomfort because of the strong-smelling fumes of the products.

The fumes from kerosene linger in a household for weeks rendering the house uncomfortable. The fumes can also affect other items like clothes, utensils, and food products. Petroleum products are dangerous for people with health conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory issues.

They can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation because the smell does not go away quickly. There is also a risk of the house catching fire if a person lights a match accidentally. The situation can be dangerous with children in the house as their behavior is unpredictable. However, in most cases, people do not have any other choice but to use the products because they are readily available and claim to provide an immediate answer.

However, there is an easy solution to the problem. The simple way to handle the situation is to spray insecticide. A person can use insecticide that will kill some of the army ants because after all the ants are insects. On killing some of the ants, the rest of the colony receives a pheromone message that there is a danger. Army ants tend to stay away from threats and go back the way they came. The process of applying an insecticide is easy and efficient as it solves the problem at hand. The ants can disappear within 20 to 30 minutes. The use of spray insecticide is more effective and easier that using petroleum products.

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A person needs to know the best kind of insecticide to use when applying to kill army ants. The application of insecticide indoors can cause health problems to individuals that use it. An individual must know the rate at which the insecticide will disperse to ensure the safety of the occupants in the house.

Army ants can be huge nuisances if left on their own to roam about in the home. They take over the entire household and make themselves at home. They are capable of boring into the ground and making huge holes around the house where they can stay for long periods leading to problems for homeowners from time to time. An individual should always have insecticide because army ants can reemerge at the beginning of the rainy season or when looking for food. There are cases where the ants might attack early in the morning and come back at night. It is also cheaper and safer to have insecticides instead of kerosene.

It is crucial to stay prepared all the time because there is a likelihood if you have dealt with the problem, it might reoccur. A person should be ready all the time. Garbage with meat products attracts army ants. Other food items might attract them and even pet food. The beauty of using insecticides is that a person can spray directly into the garbage can and kill many army ants, which will minimize the problem.

Army ants tend to attack in large swarms to get enough food for their large colonies. There are cases where people find huge holes around their homes with many colonies of ants. A point to note is that one should not overspray the household with insecticide. An individual should spray at the beginning of the ant line where there are few ants. The army ants might create different paths in the house. Therefore, an individual should look for the different pathways and then spray at the start of each line. Spraying insecticide at the beginning of a line ensures that the ants have time to escape and will have an escape route.

It is essential to have an escape path for the ants to ensure that the army ants do not scatter all over the house and later cause problems. The use of insecticide to chase ants away might sound weird. However, it is something learned from experience. It causes minimal issues in its application and can be life-saving because of its simplicity and the time taken to eradicate big colonies of ants from a house. It is a great DIY trick.

In Conclusion

An army ant infestation can be a nuisance in the house. They attack at odd hours in the night and can cause a lot of discomfort to people who want to sleep. They can be an enormous problem at the beginning of the rainy season. Although they are beneficial in indicating the rain might be near, army ants can cause a lot of discomfort and destruction in the household.

The traditional method of using kerosene to fight the ants is ineffective in many cases and can cause respiratory problems. The intense odor from the petroleum product does disappear quickly. Therefore, people should use insecticides. The method of using an insecticide is effective and quick to use. It can eliminate the problem within minutes. Even if the army ants reappear, one can drive them away effortlessly.

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