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How to Improve the Reading Performance of the Learners Today

All learners posses various skills in different areas. As they enter the school, teachers are expected to develop these skills so that they can function accordingly. These skills are basically refer to reading, writing, and numeracy. These skills help the learners to become productive and successful individuals in their future. Once the learners acquired these skills, there are great chances that all their plans, ambitions, and dreams in life will be achieved.

The ways of acquiring these skills differ from one learner to another. The learners today have their own ways to learn a skill, a concept, or anything they want. Through this, their basic skills are gradually develop that lead them to become better individuals in the community.

Readiness is an edge in performing varied tasks in life and in everything that we do. If one is ready, it only means that one can do things with all his or her best. The same thing when one deals about reading. It all start with the readiness of an individual to read. If an individual is ready, it is easy to learn the mechanics and ways in reading. Moreover, readiness is an advantage in everything. As a matter of fact, a kindergarten learner is being taught of the basics in reading. These include the reading awareness, reading readiness, and combining sounds to form a word. Thus, upon entering grade one class, a learner is expected to be ready in reading because he or she has already acquired the basics skills.

Reading skill is one of the most important skills that an individual must acquire. Through reading, it helps the individuals to understand all the printed letters and symbols around us. It serves as a benefit with other people because being a reader means one step higher to those who are considered non-readers.

Reading is an advantage in performing varied tasks in everyday living. A preschooler is being taught of the primary skills in reading. These include the reading awareness and reading readiness. The teachers assure the parents that after their preschool, they are already acquired the primary skills in reading. It is a fact that a child’s reading skills are important to their success in school for they learn the content of their lesson, the proper ways of delivering ideas, and the best means in interacting with others. Furthermore, reading is considered fun and imaginative time for children that opens the doors to all kinds of new worlds for their age level.

Reading performance or fluent oral reading performance can be improved through regular practice in reading. It is proper that learners join the various reading program of the school in order to enhance their reading prowess. Most of the time, the school provides reading activities that use memorable phrases with sound effects and added gestures. There are times that best readers demonstrate their ways of reading passages with appropriate expressions for the purpose of showing them the proper ways of reading.

Learning to read is a challenging chapter in the lives of many learners. This becomes more complicated because of the various approaches and strategies being used by the teachers. Without specific and effective reading strategies, many learners will not progress in reading. Most of them will become struggling readers and they will be left behind when they are unable to acquire the necessary skills appropriate to their grade levels. Moreover, the passion in reading must come from the learners. They must understand the value of being a good reader in order for them to become more motivated and more inspired in improving their reading skills.

Learning how to read rely most of the time with the parents guidance and assistance at home during the early years of their children. The fact remains that everything starts at home. At the early age of the children, they are expected to be exposed with the various reading readiness skills that really contribute to make these children ready to become readers. Moreover, it is included in the duties and responsibilities of the parents to provide support and assistance to their children in order for them to have a better life. Therefore, parents are expected to involve themselves in various reading activities to improve the reading performance of their children.

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On the same note, parents are the first teacher of every child in a family. This is the main reason why parents are very important in the development of the potentials and skills of every child especially in reading. Furthermore, it is observed that during the first stage in the formal schooling of the children, parents are always at the side of their children. It is expected then that they are providing the necessary assistance in everything they do. It is considered as an engagement that they need to accomplish as parents to their children.

Additionally, parents play a vital role in the development of various skills of their children. It is expected that they are providing their children with the basic information that are contributory in the improvement of the language, literacy, and numeracy skills of the children. Their role cannot be replaced because as they enter their first year of formal schooling, these skills are the focus of their lessons in the school.

There are many things to consider to improve the reading performance of the learners. It is advised that the five key factors must work together. These are the teacher factors, parent factors, school factors, learner factors, and peer factors. For sure, there will be no more non-readers in the class once the collaboration of the five key factors realize.

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