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How to Help Others When You Have No Money

How to Help Others When You Have No Money?

Lend a helping hand

Lend a helping hand

Acts of Kindness are Priceless

When you think of helping others or of giving, do you immediately think that means you have to donate money?

There are other ways to contribute to the well-being of others that don't cost a cent. Many times, acts of kindness are more personal and worth far more to the recipients than a donation to your local charity. Sharing of yourself and your time can make a difference to someone who needs it, especially around holiday times.

So, come on folks. It costs you nothing but a little time to help someone in need . Heck, you may find you like practising random acts of kindness so much that you start doing them for people who aren't in need - just because it makes you feel good. Everybody benefits - there are no losers.

Here Are a Few Ideas About How to Help Others When You Have No Money

Some of these suggestions you've seen before and a few you may not have thought of. This list may even inspire you to come up with some new ways of helping others.

Article Marketing

I know a couple of people who are just getting started in new businesses and have little (no) operating capital. One is my youngest daughter, Lisa, and this sentence is her plug. If you are interested in the Galvanic Spa or any of the other incredible NuSkin products, just let me know.

Not being in a position to offer financial backing, I tried to think of other ways to help. Both of these entrepreneurs believe in what they're doing and they have my moral support but I wanted to do more, if I could. The only thing that I could think of was article marketing. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

Of course, it doesn't have to be a friend or relative's business that you run an article marketing campaign for. It could be a cause or charity you believe in, too. Maintain their email list, write and/or send out their newsletter for them if they don't want articles. It doesn't matter as long as it's wanted and it helps.


When I wrote this section, I had Hubbers in mind, I think. You need to be able to write effectively for this idea to be a genuine help.


Naturally, you need to get permission to do this. If you can write reasonably well, you're not likely to get turned down. The most notable thing that I have run into is product/company legalities. My daughter's company has strict legal rules about what can and cannot be advertised and written about. If you run into something similar, just be sure of what you can and cannot do before beginning. Then, it's all good.

Yard Maintenance

This idea can be a family affair, which is a great way to instill in children the great feeling that comes from helping others. You can clean off cars or shovel snow and salt walkways in winter; mow the lawn in summer; rake leaves in autumn. There is almost always yard work that needs doing. Cleaning out the eaves trough, taking the garbage out or bringing the cans back in, weeding and watering.

Yard Maintenance is easy enough for able bodied people to do but for the elderly or ill, these tasks can seem monumentally impossible.


Usually, if you clear snow from someone's driveway, nobody cares if you ask first, they just love you. However, you may want to check in with the homeowner before doing some of the other types of tasks. Please put a little thought into this before going up and knocking on the door. Don't make the person feel like a charity case. Keep the tone light, tell them that since your doing yours (eaves, lawn, whatever), why don't you do theirs as well at the same time. Another consideration to keep in mind with the elderly - if they don't know what you're up to, you may scare them.


You may want to use your own tools rather than risk breaking the homeowner's and having to replace something. Also, don't assume that the homeowner's insurance is going to cover you if you injure yourself. That's not cricket. If you're volunteering (and especially if they didn't ask you) then don't expect to collect on their insurance. That's like suing somebody else for something you did and I will hunt you down. Don't get me started.

Reach Out

It costs nothing to call and just ask someone how they're doing. Your call may be the only one that they've received all week or all month. If you know someone who needs a shoulder, you can be that friend. If the other person has a computer, you can also email, send ecards and jokes. Anything to help them maintain human contact and lighten how they feel. Help them to laugh and feel that somebody cares. It costs zero dollars but is priceless.


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