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How to Finish Your BA in Two Years

As a Master's student and veteran teacher, I have had many experiences conversing with and observing school leaders.

How to Finish Your BA in Two Years

You may be considering a degree and wondering if you can complete it sooner, rather than later. Life happens around us. So many people overlook, skip, and do not consider a degree because it takes so much time and funds. I was in the same boat and can tell you this: It IS possible.

In this article, we are first going to cover a few general questions. Afterward, I will share five essential strategies that will allow you to both manage life and kick butt in school.

Let’s dive in!

Is It Possible?

It is! I finished my Bachelor’s degree in just twenty-four months. That included student teaching. I didn’t have an associate degree, so basically, I completed the whole 4-5 years of school in just two years. I was set to finish within 18 months. However, I couldn’t complete student teaching over the summer.

Many of my colleagues have also accomplished this same feat. We all worked hard and had to make some sacrifices. In the end, it is all worth it.

Why Try to Finish in Half The Time?

There are many reasons to pursue a degree at a quicker rate. What is your reason? Are you trying to save cash, jump into your dream career, or learn a new skill? Finishing in half the time is not an easy task.

There are, however several strategies that can keep you going and moving towards the horizon:

1. Choose A Flexible School

It is important that you focus on what you want to accomplish. Answer the question:

Why do I want to go to school?

There are many colleges and universities that offer, “work at your pace” programs.

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Once you know what area you want to study, you can narrow these schools down. When looking for a college or university, try to find one that is competency-based. These colleges will allow you to test out of some classes if you have enough background knowledge and skills. As a result, you may not have to bother with many of the basic Math, English, and Science courses.

2. Set Goals

So many students get burnt out during the first six months of higher education. Make sure to set short term goals that are attainable. These goals will be the rungs on the ladder of success. Try using a calendar to mark when you would like to get certain assignments or classes done. Make sure to keep yourself accountable to these goals. You may even consider awarding yourself in one way or another for each goal accomplished. Remember, once you accomplish a goal, don’t forget to set a new one.

3. Prioritize

Everyone has stuff they, “do” each day. In order to get your degree in a timely manner, you may need to eliminate or lessen these activities. I had to remove video gaming, movies, time with friends, time with family, etc., in order to accomplish my goals. It was brutal. I remember my back being sore from sitting at the computer almost 6 hours a day after coming home from work. But as I said before, it was all worth it. Think about your daily routine. What are some of the unnecessary activities that you will eliminate when you begin school?

Stay Organized

Keeping your workplace organized and free of distractions will help you focus. Make yourself a schedule. Knowing what you are supposed to be doing and when will help you accomplish your goals and save time. Let your family and friends know when you will be studying. This will also take care of a few distractions. You can do this!

4. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is just as important as keeping yourself organized.

All of your hard work deserves a reward. Make sure to recognize your own hard work by doing something you love or playing a board game with your family and friends. Taking a break can mean something different for every individual. For me, it’s curling up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and an audiobook (doing school on the computer all day makes me feel like listening to something exciting). For you, it might be taking a long walk, reading a book, going to the gym, or hanging out with friends. Whatever it is, make sure to take a little time to let loose and take a break once in a while. Remember, step away when you get frustrated, then come back when you are able to focus.

Final Words

This is the start of a new adventure. Please take some time to consider the above. I believe that anyone can get a bachelor’s degree in 24 months. The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

I have included a few helpful links and a poll. I hope you find them helpful.

Thank you kindly, Mrs. Hurtado


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