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How to Determine If You Need a Lawyer

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A common misconception is that you only need a lawyer when you get into trouble; this is not the case. You could save yourself a lot of trouble if you got a lawyer before entering into the transactions in the first place.

Several legal issues require a lawyer. Legal representation is needed not just in criminal representations but also across several fields and transactions that we do every day.

A lawyer can help you with the legal issue before and after these issues arises.

You may consider hiring a lawyer when you are about to start a business, enter into a contract with someone, buying or selling a property, writing a will, been wrongfully terminated at work, accused of a crime, sued in a civil action, suffered an injury etc.

Lawyers don’t only help you out of a legal issue but can also help you anticipate, avoid or prevent legal problems.

There are several situations where you would require an attorney and here are some situations where it is necessary to seek the assistance of a lawyer:

a. Drafting a will, contract, estate plan, and trust and interpreting legal documents.

b. Accident that results in personal injury, property damage or loss.

c. Incorporation and formation of a business.

d. Filing a petition, divorce, child custody dispute or civil action.

e. The purchase or sale of real estate or a business.

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f. Harassment or Discrimination at work or a job.

g. A tax problem, an arrest or questioning by law enforcement officials, accused or charged with an offence etc.

In the above situations mentioned, a lawyer would assess the legal issues involved and advise you from the start on the best legal course of action and if it is worth the while. Your lawyer would tell you if it is unlikely that the suit, claim or business would succeed, or if legal action would be necessary and assess how you would be protected in ensuring the best possible legal outcome.

Selecting the Right Attorney for You

After you have identified the fact that you need an attorney, another hurdle you would have to overcome is deciding on which attorney you should hire.

Much like hiring a contractor or an accountant, you should approach this carefully because you are hiring an attorney whom you would entrust with confidential information and trust to give you the best legal advice and guide for your situation. In choosing an attorney, there are several aspects you should consider, from qualifications and cost to the location and area of law, you need to hire an attorney that is experienced and suited for your legal situation.

Here are some important considerations to guide you in selecting the best attorney for your legal situation;

1. Area of law and Qualification

While it is true that lawyers are well versed in every aspect of the law, the profession is a very large field, and so Lawyers tend to specialize in certain areas of law. You must find an attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced in your legal situation. You would find that there are accident and personal injury attorney, real estate attorney, family, immigration, intellectual property, criminal, employment, bankruptcy, or civil rights lawyers.

Some Attorneys are experienced and well versed in a wide range of situations; they are referred to as general practice attorneys.

2. Location

The Laws of every state vary; this means that it is crucial to find an attorney that is familiar with the area and knows the region's legal requirement. For example, if you suffer a personal injury in Yakima, or the liable party or insurance company is in Yakima, it would be best to contact a personal injury lawyer Yakima who is well versed in the legal practice of the region and knows the best processes to file the best claim for you. Same for when you are migrating, you need to contact an immigration lawyer in the country and even region. If you are migrating to Yakima WA, you should find an immigration attorney Yakima WA to help with the process if that is where you intend to migrate.

3. Experience

In addition to getting a specialised lawyer in the specific area of law and is also practising in the region, you should choose an experienced attorney in similar cases. You can find information on and attorneys practice history by going through their firm website, asking them about it or researching online. This will give you an insight into their practice and if they would be suited for your situation.

4. Communication and Compatibility

Compatibility is essential to work with an attorney with whom you are compatible, who listens to you, communicates well with you, dedicates time to your case, understands your situation and explains the processes and steps to be taken. A diligent lawyer who has your best interest at heart and exercises good judgment would be thorough and dedicated to your case. This is a valuable asset to your situation.

In addition to the above, other things to consider while hiring an attorney includes, cost, you have to know if you can afford the attorney or if their billing is within your budget. Finding a lawyer that fits your budget, needs, and has your best interest and welfare would lead to trust and a smooth case.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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