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How to Determine How Many Liquid Gallons Fit in a Box Or Rectangular Container


Introduction - Determining Liquid Gallons in a Box or Rectangular Container

Hi! Do you want to determine the amount of gallons in a container? This article is to help you calculate liguid gallons in a container. Rectangular or square containers such as boxes, tanks, fish tanks, aquariums, rectangular pools, etc are the focus here.

Step 1

The first step in determining the amount of gallons your container will hold is to measure the inside length, width and height of your container in inches. If you are not going to fill your container to the top, measure the height in inches only to the point you are going to fill the container.

Measure Inside Length of Box

Measure Inside Length of Box

Measure Inside Width of Box

Measure Inside Width of Box

Measure Height of Box (or Height to where you plan to fill the liquid)

Measure Height of Box (or Height to where you plan to fill the liquid)

Step 2

Multiply the length x height x width. This will give you your cubic inches.

Just a Side Note......

If you want to determine the amount of DRY gallons (powder, dirt, dry chemicals, etc) in a container, you have the wrong article.  Fear not though, click on my link below and it will lead you to the right article.

Otherwise, skip down to Step 3 below.

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Use Your Cell Phone For Conversions

Step 3

Divide this amount by 231 and that amount will be your liquid gallon capacity in your container.

Please keep in mind that you have only determined the amount of gallons that can fit in the container. This calculation will not tell you if your container can handle the weight of that many gallons. You'll need to do more research on your own container labeling or manual for weight capacity.

I hope this article helped you to learn how to determine gallons in a container.

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Jaclyn on November 03, 2011:

Thanks, this is extremely helpful. We believe a vendor has been over charging us in our solvent tanks and now we can figure it out.

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