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How to Conjugate Verbs in the Bengali Language

Learn Bengali Verb Conjugation

If you're trying to learn the Bengali (Bangla) language, verb conjugation may seem complicated at first. However, it isn't too difficult because it's based on a set of rules. These rules will take time to learn. But once you master them, you'll find conjugation much easier. Focus on one verb class at a time. Really master each one before going onto the next.

Bengali (Bangla) is the language of the country Bangladesh and East Bengal in India

Bengali (Bangla) is the language of the country Bangladesh and East Bengal in India

Learning Bengali Verb Classes

In Bengali, verbs typically come at the end of a sentence. There are five classes of Bengali verbs. The way you conjugate the verb depends on the class. The classes are

1. CVC, VC

2. CAC, AC

3. CA

4. CV,


You have to learn how to form the endings for each of these five classes. There are other verb forms to learn, like infinitives and imperatives. But the following rules will help with basic communications.

So, what does CVC mean? Or CA? CVC means Consonant Vowel Consonant. CA means Consonant with an -a ending.

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Kor is CVC because it consists of a consonant (k), vowel (o), consonant (r). Kha is CA because it has a consonant (kh) and an -a ending. In Bengali, kh is a single consonant sound. This is similar to digraphs (th, ch, wh) in English, where two letters make one sound.

CVC and VC Verbs

This is how you conjugate verbs with CVC endings. I'm going to use kor (do, make) and por (read, study) in these examples. These rules will also apply to VC verbs, such as uth (rise). As you will see, one set of rules can apply to numerous verbs.

English Bengali English Bengali 

I do, make 

ami kori 

I read, study 

ami pori 

You do, make 

tumi koro 

You read, study 

tumi poro 

He/she does, makes 

se kore 

He/she read, study 

 se pore

CA Verbs

These are the endings for verbs with a consonant and -a ending, such as ja (go) or kha (eat). Keep in mind that kh is a consonant in Bengali.

EnglishBengali EnglishBengali

I go

ami jai 

I eat 

ami khai

You go

 tumi jao

You eat 

tumi khao

He/she goes

se jay 

He/she eats 

se khay

CAC and AC Verbs

This is how you conjugate verbs with CAC and AC endings, such as jan (go) and bol (say).


I know

ami jani

I say

ami boli

You know

tumi jano

You say

tumi bôlo

He/she knows

se jane

He/she says

se bôle

Learn Bengali: Verb Tense Through English (1st person)

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