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The Risks of Partying Hard in College


HL Keeley has received a Bachelors degree in middle grade education. She is currently teaching middle school.


Going off to college, you are given more freedoms especially when you live on campus. No more sneaking out to parties and trying to get home before your alarm switches on. No more febreezing your room to hide the cigarette you were just smoking on your windowsill.

You are now on your own, in essence. The only person you really should tell that you are going to party is your roommate, but you do not even have to tell them.

One of the many things I have witnessed in college is the downfall of the party people. The people who go out mostly every night during the week. Most of the people who will not return for their second semester of freshman year are some of those people.

How do you make it to your second semester? Does this mean I can never party?

This article will answer those two questions and more that many freshman do not think about coming into college.



The whole reason you are at college is so that you have a career, not a job. You do not want to be working at the part-time job you had after school every day during high school. You want the money! $$$$$

Well in order to graduate, it is like high school in which you need good grades. Unlike high school, you fail a semester you are either on suspension or expulsion. If you plan on partying all the time and not caring about studying, then go do this before the tuition bills comes. Take the money you were going to pay first tuition with and flush it down the toilet. Then go to wear sewage sorting station and find that money. When you find the money light it on fire. Collect the ashes go to campus. Find the tallest building and release the ashes into the air. That is basically what you are doing by failing a semester.

Partying can play a part in this downfall. You go to your first college party at a friend's friend's sister's big's cousin's ex-boyfriend's brother's boyfriend's apartment. It is so much fun and a Friday! You make friends with a lot of upperclassmen who LOVE to party. They party every night and are able to have good grades! So you party every night with them. You forgot a paper. No big deal, you will do good on the next test. You skipped seven classes because eight am is too early and you were hungover. No big deal, teacher doesn't take attendance. One of the seven classes had a presentation in it. No big deal, I'll get a doctor's note. The infirmary will not give you one unless you were actually sick. Hmmm, I will make a fake one! Yeah well your professor actually checks up on it. Oh, problem.

The problem started when you started making excuses. A lot of students go through a semester like this, but with alcohol included it is really hard to make the grades higher. Also, it is not one class you are doing bad in. It is ALL your classes. You neglect homework to go party. Papers are worth as much as tests. You also do not get little homework grades to boost your grade. Your grade is based on tests, papers, and presentations which have around the same weight. You miss one, your grade most likely dropped a letter grade down.

Academics come first! If you have a paper due in a week and have not started, you cannot party. You have a test that you have not started studying for in about a week, you cannot party.

On the priority scale, academics is first.


ID Check

Many college parties now come with ID checks. This is there for many reasons, but the main reason for the party host is: supplying alcohol to a minor is a crime!

Not only do you get busted for drinking underage, but the host of the party gets in more trouble even if they did not hand you the drink.

Many freshman going to a party do not even think about the chances of a party getting busted. This is college after all, of course we are partying! Unless you are under the age of 21, you cannot drink even if you are in college.

The school only gets involved if it becomes a problem. For instance, drinking in a "dry" dorm. A "dry" dorm is usually where underage students reside. "Dry" means no alcohol. When your grades are failing, the school counselor can arrange a meeting. Most likely, the school will not even care.

You are not exempt from class because you were in a holding cell. This happens especially on "dry" campuses.

As stated previously, you are going to college for a career. If your record has underage drinking or your Facebook has pictures of you drinking and the time stamp is before you turn twenty-one, you might not get hired, especially if it is on Facebook. Facebook will kill your chances at a career because if your employer can find it, so can a potential client.

If academics is not a good enough reason to not party every night, maybe being ARRESTED will. I mean who is going to bail you out, your new best friend? Oh wait, he is in the cell next to you.


Health Effects

Freshman 15 can be because of fast food and junk food, but it is also can be a part of alcohol consumption. Don't forget the health risks in future!

  • Arthritis: Increases risk of gouty arthritis
  • Cancer: Increases the risk of cancer in the liver, pancreas, rectum, breast, mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Causes physical and behavioral abnormalities in the fetus
  • Heart Disease: Raises blood pressure, blood lipids and the risk of stroke and heart disease in heavy drinkers. Heart disease is generally lower in light to moderate drinkers.
  • Hyperglycermia: Raises blood glucose
  • Hypoglycemia: Lowers blood glucose, especially for people with diabetes
  • Kidney Disease: Enlarges the kidneys, alters hormone functions, and increases the risk of kidney failure
  • Liver Disease: Causes fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis
  • Malnutrition: Increases the risk of protein-energy malnutrition,; low intakes of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6 and riboflavin, and impaired absorption of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and zinc.
  • Nervous Disorders: Causes neuropathy and dementia; impairs balance and memory
  • Obesity: Increases energy intake, but not a primary cause of obesity
  • Psychological disturbances: Causes depression, anxiety and insomnia


In college though, the worst is going to class with a hangover. One because you feel terrible and have to sit in a fluorescent lit room listening to your teacher lecture at you. Two because everyone knows you are hung over. At least you are not the guy in the back of class really high.


So Basically You are Saying: Don't Party

I am not saying don't party or have fun! As long as you stay on top of your school work and be smart, you will be fine in college. There are people who party every night and make decent grades. But why settle for decent? College is already going to be a lot of work and a big change. Alcohol will not help the situation.

When you are 21, go all out if you want! But before then, party smart. If you are going to a party at a place that ALWAYS gets busted, that is not smart. If you are going to a party with just friends, that's smart.

Parties are not always alcohol either. There is dancing. Maybe going to a party sober will show you what you look like drunk. Parties with a lot of people are most likely not as fun as you think it is when sober.

Tips to Remember at a Party

  • If you have an open cup, hold the cup so that your hand is covering it. Do not put your cup down and unattended. If you do, get a new drink!
  • Go home with the people you came with. ALL OF THEM! Do not let your friends go home with someone you do not know, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE DRUNK!
  • Always have a DD, "designated driver." This position is usually no fun when everyone is drinking and the person likes to drink. DDs usually should be someone who does not like to drink, but likes parties. Also, had a DFDD, "designated friend for designated driver." Usually this person does not like to drink as well. The DD will not feel excluded and have fun.
  • If you cannot walk in your shoes, you have had too much to drink, especially if they are flip flops.
  • Would you make out with him/her sober? If the answer is no, well the drunk answer should be no as well. Especially if they push for more.
  • Biggest question I ask someone before they leave to go have a make out session. "Do you want kids?" This usually turns them off from making out for the rest of the night.

College Websites about Partying Smart


swilliams on June 24, 2014:

What a great article for young men and women who are heading off to college. You are really providing truthful information that is helpful for our young adults! Great job! Voted up!

HL Keeley (author) from Charlotte, NC on August 04, 2012:

Thank you. Too many students fall into this trap. The incoming freshman have asked me many questions about balancing partying and schoolwork. I told them you don't. Partying and schoolwork are not equal. First work then play.

Gianandrea Maoli from South Carolina on August 03, 2012:

Heather, I've been out of college since I graduated in 2003. I have to say there's a lot of good sense in here that applied even back in my time. When college students go off on their own out of their parents' care, there's a real danger that they will go on a power trip and think they are untouchable...then reality hits them really hard in the face and all that over-partying costs them a degree and sometimes their freedom. Good sense writing! Enjoyed it!

rOBERT hEWETT SR. from Louisville, Kentucky on July 28, 2012:

Very well done Heather. A granddaughter who was a star in highschool in every way became an absolute party girl her first two years in college. Fortunately, she changed for her last two years and is now headed to grad school, but she could have had many more choices if her focus had been right in her first two years. I worked my way through highschool and college and was never a part of the party crowd, but I would not have been a big time party man anyway. Great writing, keep it flowing.

Joshua Zerbini from Pennsylvania on July 27, 2012:


Very informative hub and relevant as well! So many college kids these days are stupid, lack for better words and don't take care of themselves! Thanks for sharing!

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