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How to Attempt Urdu Paper Effectively


Boards in Pakistan focus a lot on the format in exams. How can students attempt their Urdu paper to get the best marks?


Preparing for Your Urdu Exam

As a student studying for Pakistani boards of education like Federal, Lahore, Gujranwala, and Rawalpindi board in 9th class can be difficult. Urdu is not an easy language, and there are many rules that you have to keep in mind. Aside from the complexity of the language itself, the syllabus for the subject is quite lengthy.

Even after you have prepared successfully, there arises the problem of actually attempting your exam successfully.

Here are 8 tips on how to best attempt your Urdu paper effectively:

  1. Practice writing Urdu as much as possible before your exam. One of the most major things about this language is your ability to write in it. Make sure that you will not make any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors when you attempt your Urdu exam.

  2. Use past papers to prepare. Whether you prefer them solved or unsolved, preparing according to them or model papers will let you get an idea of what is expected from you in your exam and the type of questions that will appear.

  3. When you have your question paper, read over it once thoroughly. Make sure that you understand all the questions, decide which ones will you answer and how you plan to solve each of them.

  4. Make your paper presentable. Presentation matters a lot, especially in Urdu papers. Try to write very neatly, use the correct punctuation marks, and make your headings prominent but neat.

  5. Word count. The common concept is that the longer your answers, the more marks you will get. This is a myth. Your answers should always adhere to the word limit.

  6. Keep the marks of each question in mind and answer according to it with relevant details. Do not give unnecessary information, and don’t write an essay-length answer for a 5-mark question.

  7. Use vocabulary that makes sense and don’t throw in words you barely know the meaning of. It is best to memorize keywords beforehand, and practice your vocabulary throughout the year.

Complete your paper with time in your hands. Save 15 minutes to recheck your answers, and to touch-up on the headings and other presentation elements. Your paper represents a part of your personality -- it should be impressive.