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How the Mayan Apocalypse Nearly Came to Be

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Kukulkan pyramid at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.

Kukulkan pyramid at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.

The Mayan Prophecy

According to the Mayan prophecies, the apocalypse or the end of the world would be on December 21, 2012. When that date came to pass and nothing happened, Dr John Carlson from the Center of Archeoastronomy came out saying it was a misconception from the very beginning. However, according to new information the Mayan Apocalypse prediction came close to being fulfilled – too close for comfort.

Rocket-scientist David Adair said on July 23, 2012 the Earth had a near collision with three coronal mass ejection (CME); which he describes as “a ball of plasma the size and weight of Mount Everest”.

This is corroborated by the Washington Post, who said there were two giant balls of plasma ejected by the sun which narrowly missed the Earth on July 23, 2012. If it had hit, it would have caused a catastrophe. While the number of plasma balls vary from what Adair is saying, there is a general consensus that there was a near miss.

Interestingly, if the plasma balls had arrived a week earlier then it would have collided with the Earth. Daniel Baker, a physicist at the University of Colorado said if the solar eruptions had occurred a week earlier then we would have been in the line of fire.

Adair said that if the Earth had collided with these plasma balls then it would have taken 6 months for the full devastating effects to take place. This would have meant the end of humanity on December 24, 2012 - and the Mayan's would have been right.

According to his hypothesis, the first hit would destroy the Van Allen radiation belt, the second would destroy the upper atmosphere and the final wave would cascade down on the Earth and burn everything – apocalypse.

Another interesting fact is that the information was only published in 2014. This is 2 years after near miss that could have sent the world back to the 18th century or worse. You have got to wonder why?

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A little about David Adair, rocket scientist and UFO researcher

David Adair, controversial rocket scientist and former NASA employee.

David Adair, controversial rocket scientist and former NASA employee.

Adair is a rocket-scientist and UFO research who used to work for NASA. He is the president of Intersect Inc, a space technology consulting agency, and claims to have worked on secret projects in Area 51 – and met and seen alien technology.

The 7 Mayan Prophecies

There are 7 Mayan Prophecies with the first predicting the end of the world. However, some people argue that the prophecy was misinterpreted. Yucatan Today states that the first prophecy really spoke about transformation and evolution into a higher level of being.

The other 6 prophecies also talks about how humanity is destroying the Earth. Interesting that human society is only beginning to understand its own destructive nature.

In a nutshell, the prophecies go as follow:

  1. The sun will receive a synchronous beam from the center of the galaxy with which a new cycle will begin.
  2. Physical transformations in the sun will alter human behavior.
  3. The logic of man will increase the temperature of the Earth and create climatic and geological imbalances.
  4. A heat wave will provoke the melting of the polar ice.
  5. This prediction comes with the condition that if we do not synchronize our behavior with nature and galaxy before 2012 we will see the dnewecline of our civilization.
  6. The appearance of a comet will bring sudden changes to our environment.
  7. The final prediction is a message of hope, that through a voluntary effort to achieve harmony with the galaxy, we will be able to develop new sense into the functioning of the galaxy.

We came close to Apocalypse

While the Mayan predictions did not come true, most civilizations and humanity came close to the end in 2012. However, the issue now is why people were never made aware of this potential threat until a few years later.

The Mayans may have been wrong (by a week) but the close realization of their prediction should make us take note of their other prediction. This was only the first - there are six more!

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