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Factors that Influenced Your Personality

The gender, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity all have a great influence on how we develop as persons. This is because these demographic factors have a great influence on our identity, how people view us, how we view ourselves, what is expected of us and how we socialize. Identity is how we psychologically relate to particular categories of the society (Frable, 1997). Just by our gender and race, there are certain factors that we are pre-exposed to and there are certain behaviors that are expected of us and others not expected of us. Just by my gender, being a lady, I am expected to be gentle, calm and to naturally avoid physical confrontations. Being a Christian adds even more expectations.

Our gender, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity will automatically influence those whom we choose to associate with. As birds of a feather flock together we will automatically seek to associate with those who belong to the same gender, racial, sexual orientation or ethnical group as we. This is due to the fact they members of a similar group will share the same culture and beliefs and this therefore makes association between member easy and with lesser chances of conflicts. Culture involves communication such as how people talk and also how one is supposed to behave and what is expected from each individual. It also gives one a sense of belonging and ownership of one's culture.

Being a female of the African American race, I associate mostly with other African Americans and this has influenced my way of talking, my behavior and how I associate with people of other races, gender and religion. Being a Christian further influences my beliefs which in turn influence my behavior as well as how I associate with other people. I find that I easily associate with Christians of other races and gender as opposed to non-Christians. This is due to the fact that there are beliefs and standards that we have in common as Christians. It is also important to note that social class also influences who I become. I mostly socialize with those whom I deem to be in the same social class as me because we engage in the same social activities as made possible by our financial abilities.

Being of a certain race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity influence the person one becomes by influencing an individual’s behavior, culture, expectations and preference in associating with others. How we associate with others influences how we become socialized further influencing out beliefs, behavior, culture and who we become as a person. All these factors have a great effect on who we perceive ourselves to be, what we think of our identity and who we become. If I am asked who I am, all these factors would greatly be reflected in my answer as they influence my identity. I will consider my race, gender and religion in my response.

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