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How and Why It Works

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From the lunar eclipse to the solar flare, from the falling rain to the shaking ground, from the blossoming flowers to the browning leaves, from contagious diseases to terminal illness, from crying babies to forgetful old age, by understanding how it works, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge - Astrology and Physics, Meteorology and Geology, Botany and Agriculture, Medicine and Physiology, Biology and Sociology – enabling us to create a man-made world where we can live a life of our choosing not at the mercy of Nature.

After understanding How It Works, we can start pondering Why It Works. From the Universe, the galaxies, to the stars; from our solar system, planets, to our Earth; from the oceans, land, and to the air; all of them work separately yet in tandem to lay the foundation for the emergence of life and the eventual intelligent being, us, who are equipped with the faculties to explore the answers to How and Why It Works.

Author's work

Author's work


The Universe came into existence through a process called the Big Bang that we can explain by the use of Quantum Mechanics. The formation of the galaxies and the birth and death of Stars can be explained by Cosmology. The motion of the planets around the burning Sun can be explained by Physics. Earth's continents, oceans, mountains, and Great Plains can be explained by Geology. The rain, thunderstorm, hurricane, and climates can be explained by Metrology.

All inanimate matters are made of the same microscopic chemical elements of different quality and composition that can be explained by Chemistry. Life started when inorganic compounds changed into organic compounds that are the building block of DNA; the process can be explained by Organic Chemistry.

DNA is the building block of living cells and how a single cell evolved from bacteria, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, to primates can be explained by Evolutionary Theory and Biology. The journey from primate to man can be explained by Archeology and Anthropology.


The human body is the most complex living entity on Earth; we have developed the following knowledge to understand how it works:

1) Anatomy explains what is inside the human body, its structure, and how it is put together,

2) Biology explains the processes that keep the human body alive and regenerate,

3) Dermatology explains the vital role that the skin plays in protecting the human body from diseases,

4) Cardiology explains how the heart controls the blood circulation of the human body,

5) Physiology explains the functions of every part of the human body,

6) Urology explains the importance of urine and how it is discharged from the human body, etc.

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To keep billions of people alive in good health, well-fed, and safe from natural disasters is a complex job. We have developed the following knowledge to make it work:

1) Politics explains how the government provides social services, builds roads and bridges, and defends its people against outside invasion,

2) Economics explains how business coordinates the optimal use of manpower, manufacturing, and natural resources to provide the material and physical needs of the people,

3) Education explains how schools are set up to teach the knowledge of How It Work, etc.


We have come a long way from the times when our ancestors roamed under the hot African savanna looking for food like any other hungry animals. Today, after reaping the results of understanding How Does It Work, we can relax comfortably in an environmentally controlled room to find the answers to the question Why Does It Work. We all know how a car, chess, and computer work because we created and built them ourselves and we also understand why they work the way they do:

1) The car helps us go places with minimum effort and time,

2) Chess is played by us as a hobby among friends and in competition to challenge our analytical and strategic abilities,

3) A computer can solve complex problems at lightning speed; process, store, and analyzes information that makes the library obsolete.

We did not create the Universe, galaxies, solar system, Earth, and chemical elements. Even though we know how they work, we can only guess why they work. We understand that:

1) Everything that happens in the Universe is regulated, controlled, guided by a set of invisible physical laws,

2) The 94 chemical elements we identified on Earth make life possible. They are in turn all made of atoms and electrons which can be found in the stars and galaxies,

3) It takes a perfect combination of conditions for the process of life to start and then to evolve from the simplest single-celled living organism to the unimaginably complex human beings. In the solar system, Earth is the only planet that happens to possess such conditions,

We, human beings, are the only living things on Earth endowed with the physical and mental capabilities to understand how it all works and to reach out to the other intelligent beings that may exist on the planets of faraway solar systems located in faraway galaxies. One day, we may also find out why the Universe is created. But, will the subject ever be able to find out the purpose of its creator? We created the car/chess/computer to make our life easier and more enjoyable. Can that also be the reason Why It Works?

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