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How a Country Can Become a “balancer” in the World

How a Country can become a “Balancer” in the World


How a Country Can Become a “balancer” in the World

There are clear indications that can make a country to emerge as a “Balancer” of the world. The indications are not farfetched: a country must develop a home grown technology in the areas of weaponries, agriculture, manufacturing and science and technology. That makes a country to command respect among the Comity of Nations; It will make other countries to be afraid anytime its coughs others would catches cold. A nation that can feeds its citizenry conveniently and a nation that is ready to extend fellowships to those that needs assistance, especially giving out aids and also reforming damaging economies to have economic uplift. A country that can send drones, robots etc., to cause havoc in her control room, these are some of the features that determines a “Balancer” in today’s world. For example, the appearance of American intelligence alone fastened President Charles Taylor to leave power in Liberia and the utterances made by President George W. Bush that: “Taylor must Go”, quickened President Charles Taylor of Liberia to secure asylum in Nigeria. The American invasions on Iraq and Afghanistan shows the characteristics of a balancer. After the invasion, peace-making becomes the order of the day. This act is balancing of power. That is the reason United States of America is the one regulating the balance of Power in the world today. Some nations of the world had played the role of a “balancer” in the past before the United States of America are as follows: Britain , Russia, France, says Zakaria. And the funny thing is that they made the list of the “Group of Most Industrialized Nations” of the world otherwise known as “G8.” Therefore, for a nation to be a balancer you must be highly industrialized, says NewsAfrica Magazine.

Though, Balance of Power had made tremendous impact on the global stage, especially in the area of international peace, it has regulated global conflicts to some extent even though some people had an opposing opinion about it. But, the "Golden Age" is a fact whereby the world did not record any war for one hundred years therefore there was a complete peace.

According to sources, Britain had been maintaining the role as the balance of power or balancer in the past during when colonialism was the trend. Then, Britain was having the economic power or strength which made her to command respect in the world. As a balancer you must have an outstanding technological growth and Britain was then in charge of the seas and industries. During the height of Industrial Revolution, Britain was called, “the workshop of the world.” Because of the rapid developments the economy was recording then, just like the way China is being considered by the comity of nations. It is evident in the Commonwealth of Nations membership where member countries were ruled colonially by Britain.

For instance, no nation in Africa can afford to be a balancer on the global stage because we are still having the new model of colonialism which is now known as “Neo-Colonialism”. Africa is still ruled by the Western world through their international best practices and economic policies. The educational system that was given to us by the colonialists–had kept us in this way thus making us to have no scientific and technological knowledge which makes us to perpetually rely on them. Is it in oil drilling, agriculture, electricity etc., we are looking up to them. The Western Education that we had was to calculate market sales for the Europeans and keeping their trade invoices up to date, says Walter Rodney. A country like this cannot strive to be a balancer on the global stage. Africa is known as a third world Continent due to her underdevelopment status compared to other continents of the world. A continent that cannot feeds her people and the continent is blessed with material and non-material resources yet the people are still wallowing in abject poverty due to West's manipulations. A Continent as a whole that is suffering from unstable power supply with no reliable industrial activity; a continent where corruption is seen as a normal thing cannot assume the status of a balancer. So, no country of Africa is having that balancer prospects.

It is only an emerging country like China that can assume that title of Britain she was known with during the period of Industrial Revolution because her economic prospects are glaring in today’s world. China is having impressive economic indices in the world convincing everyone that she is next to America due to global superpower classification and ranking because China is now the largest producer of coal, steel and cement, the second largest consumer of energy and the third largest importer of crude oil. China’s rise to balance of power in the world is no longer a prediction, says Fareed Zakaria. China is in fact the world fastest growing largest economy, and the second largest holder of foreign exchange reserves, mainly in dollars. The Peoples’ Republic of China has the largest army which numbered 2.5 million men and the fourth largest defense budget in the (the budget keep rising by more than 10percent annually) world. China is the powerful new force in the world. The Economist Magazine 2005 says that China saved the world from global recession in 2000-1 as America’s stock market burst but what saved the world was because of the Chinese economic strength. Chinese products are of households because the world uses their products made from China and again many global companies have sited their manufacturing base in China due to cheap labour.

China has doctored a developmental strategy that had attracted almost the whole world to itself because of the economic policies being applied and numerous countries of the world are benefitting such. For instance, soft loans with almost zero percent and so many capital projects have been carried out, especially in Africa Chinese projects and products are too numerous to count. Projects like railways and others are visible in the Nigerian Federation. Even in Kenya a railway that links Nairobi to Mombasa too was constructed by the Chinese. Thus, the developmental strides had made countries of the world to deal with China because of the gains they can counts with their eyes and Nigeria is making moves to have currency swop with China. They don’t forcefully coerced nations like the way Americans did during the Iraqi invasion when President Bush of America said: “are you with us or against us.”

Conclusion, it’s only a country that has a strong economy in the areas military, science and technology etc., that can emerge as a “balancer” in the world. Records have shown that all the listed countries above that had become a balancer were powerful countries of the world during their reigns. The United States of America is the current balancer of the world because the country possessed what it takes to manage the role of a balance of power on the global stage.

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