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How Will Employers Use The Covid-19 Vaccine?

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For the employer, the law is mostly on their side when it comes to creating a vaccine policy. This policy will have to make some choices with its workforce. One of the first issues to arise when the vaccines are available easily is, does a company or business mandate all its employees being vaccinated. Since the law IS on their side, one can easily see how this mandate will be used and the employee will not have much choice. In fact, the choice a business may give is that, get the vaccine or do not work here.

Businesses that wish to avoid this Draconian approach to its employees will probably use the incentive approach to get employee compliance. This will most likely come in the fashion as receiving a monetary bonus and\or additional vacation days if the employee elects to get the vaccine. This approach might be the most successful, but what if the employee has a valid reason based on medical or religious grounds? This is going to be a sticky situation to deal with or any other unforeseen exceptions in getting the vaccine injection.

Some businesses may not even care if their employees are vaccinated or not, but then, how is the Covid-19 virus being controlled? Will other vaccinated employees be unwilling to work with those not vaccinated and would the business reveal this to protect those in order to protect its workforce?

Besides all the above, will employees continue to mandate masks be worn since most vaccines require a second dose weeks later. As employees gossip, revealing whether they got the vaccinated or not, how will HR handles situations where a vaccinated employee is in the same department of one who refused? One can easily hear the arguments and how HR may turn to mandating vaccinations to avoid this. Will the business protect the rights of their employees or opt to just make a policy forcing its employees to get a vaccine or not work there (much like mask mandates many businesses employ. An employee has no choice if they wish to work there).

What about subtle discrimination issues? How? Whether a potential candidate applies for a job online or paper, a business can ask whether they have been vaccinated (much like schools do) and easily bypass them in job consideration if they have not. The business can state that it is simply part of the requirements, much like skills and experience. If a business does not ask this, during the oral interview, this may come up. If the answer was no and the reason given is one of mistrust of the vaccine itself (not religious or medical), this could be a mark against you when others have been vaccinated even if HR tells you otherwise. There would be no way to know. One might call this discrimination but it is not really as the business has a right to protect its workforce. Even a religious or medical reason for not taking the vaccine could be construed badly by HR. Again, it would never be known as HR would only tell you, "It was not a good it".

As one can see, the vaccine hold great promise but how businesses deal with issue and their employees or applicants is still undetermined.

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