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How to Work From Home as a Teacher Through VIPKID

L C David has been a teacher for over 12 years. She recently started teaching for VIPKID and found it to be a dream job!

Teaching for VIPKID can give teachers options and flexibility.

Teaching for VIPKID can give teachers options and flexibility.

Sometimes, things that sound too good to be true are actually possible. That's what I thought when I first heard about VIPKID. There was no way that this company could be paying upwards of $22 an hour for teachers to work with students in China, teaching them how to speak and read English.

At first, I ignored the job, continuing my search for good telecommute options. Then I heard that a friend applied, was hired, and started working there. She loved the job. She referred another friend who was also hired. Both of them indicated that the interview process was rigorous, but that once through that, teaching these young kids was truly the most rewarding job they had ever had.


VIPKID is an educational company that connects North American, English-speaking teachers with Chinese students from Beijing and surrounding areas. The platform allows the student and teacher to see each other via a video and to share a mutual PowerPoint that contains the pre-scripted lesson for the day.

The students who take lessons from VIPKID have varying levels of English experience and are looking to perfect their speaking skills through practice with a native speaker.

The program is immersive, meaning that the teacher is speaking only English and uses TPR (Total Physical Response) to communicate with learners. For example, if a student is just beginning to learn English and you want her to repeat a word, you would say the word, and then put your hand to your ear in order for her to understand that she needs to repeat what she hears.

Students can use the TPR cues to begin to unravel the mysteries of the English language and become fluent speakers.

What Are the Basic Qualifications?

As of publication time, the basic qualifications for teaching at VIPKID are as follows:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • An American or Canadian residency
  • One year teaching experience or more

Obviously, if you have a higher education degree and if you have a teaching certificate, this can be looked at more favorably. Your degree does not need to be in English, the English language, or education in order to apply.

Peak hours vary based on your time zone. For an idea, you can find out how many hours time difference there is between where you live and where Beijing time is. (Use a search engine such a Google and type "What time is it in Beijing?")

Peak hours for most students are during the weekday evenings (after school) and for most waking hours on the weekends. Some teachers work the minimum each week, and some teach 10 hours a day. The amount of time you want to commit is up to you. It can truly work as a part-time job on weekends or mornings before going to your main line of work!

What Is the Pay Rate?

The pay rate varies based on your experience and your performance during your initial interview. Most teachers make $7–9 dollars per class, which means a minimum of $14–18 an hour. There are also monthly bonuses and incentives that are easy to earn, making your base pay rate per hour two or more dollars above your initial rate.

How Do I Apply?

Applying only takes a few moments. When I decided to apply, I told myself that I had nothing more to lose than a few minutes of my time filling out the information.

Do you think you have what it takes to teach children on the other side of the world?

What is the interview process like at VIPKID?

What is the interview process like at VIPKID?

I've Been Accepted for an Interview—Now What?

Once you've been accepted for an interview, I would suggest a few basic items to give you an edge during the interview process.

These items will make you stand out during the interview

Items SuggestedDescription

PC or laptop with internet access

This needs to be current machine. Apple or PC work but I have noticed that those who use Macbooks seem to have more tech issues.

Headphones with a microphone

Find a comfortable pair. These will be imperative for use during the classroom and cuts down on background noise.

Bright orange t-shirt

The official colors and uniform are bright orange (safety orange).

Small white board

I found mine at a dollar store in the teacher supply section.

ABC Flashcards

I also found large ABC flashcards in the dollar store. Also found at most teacher supply stores or online.


This isn't a must at first but puppets and other props help to engage the student and keep them interested and learning.

The Interview Process

I won't lie, the interview process is rigorous, and you need to bring your "A" game to each step. You'll give a teaching demo based on materials provided as well as talk with the interviewer about your experiences teaching.

If the interviewer feels that you have potential, they will make you a base pay offer (remember that offer is per class).

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Then you will move on to the teaching practicums.

New Certification Center

New! Now your mock class is a total of 25 minutes with 10 minutes of teaching time and then feedback from the mentor. The process is called certification. You can certify for levels two/three, four/five, or interactive level two.

This part was the hardest for me. I needed to sing, make gestures, and be the same teacher that I would be for an 8-year-old student, but the person sitting across from me was an adult (and fellow teacher).

Before the practicum, you will be given a series of training videos to watch. Whatever you do, watch them all. Take notes. Understand how the job works, the teaching expectations, and how to use props and give rewards. I was so exhausted by the end of the videos, but I'm glad I watched them. They helped me to understand what the job entailed and what I needed to do during the practicum interviews.

You have unlimited attempts to pass your certification. However, no one wants to be stuck in an endless loop. Listen carefully to what your mentor is advising, implement the tips, and keep an open mind.

Pretty soon, you'll be certified and opening your schedule.

Bonus Tip: Attend a Coaching Session

To set yourself up for success during your certifications, attend a coaching day in a city near you.

There is also a two-hour online coaching class. Email the application address to find out if you are eligible to attend it.

Applicants who attend a coaching class have a much higher chance of passing their certifications.

Getting Your First Class

Once you have passed at least one certification, you are almost ready to set up your schedule and teach your first class. It's important to follow all the guidelines, including setting up your profile, banking information, tax information (they will send you a 1099 at the end of the year if you are American) and watch the remaining training videos. You will also need to submit a background check.

Once your teaching profile is set up, you will be able to go into the schedule and open up your availability for the coming few weeks.

Sometimes teachers get booked right away. Sometimes it takes awhile to build up a full schedule.

Either way, your first few classes will likely be nerve-wracking. But you will quickly find that the students are sweet and fun and full of energy. The time in the classroom flies by, and after a few classes under your belt, you'll begin to relax. And that's when you start to realize this could be the most fun job that you've ever had.

My Experience Teaching at VIPKID

I have been teaching at VIPKID since September 2016. I can truly say that the experience has been life-changing and amazing. I really believe that they have found the future of not just English education, but education in general. Even though the curriculum is pre-written (another plus, no lesson planning), each student is different. As a teacher, working with the student one-on-one, you can adjust the lessons to their level, pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, and truly watch the learning process unfold.

My students are a joy to teach. It's truly a job where you say, "Yes, I get to teach this morning!"

If you are interested in VIPKID, I encourage you to apply. It may just change your life for the better!

If you have a question, scroll down to the comments section, and I'll do my best to answer it.

VIPKid Is a Great Work-From-Home Job

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© 2017 L C David

Have a question about working for VIPKID? Post here, and I'll do my best to answer it!

Emily on November 28, 2017:

Does teaching at VIPKID allow me to keep my teaching certificate?

L C David (author) from Florida on September 22, 2017:

I'm sorry you had this experience Lauren. I have now been with VIPKid for over a year, and I can assure you that they value their teachers very much. The interview process is where you can talk to people that are with the company. It is a very large company and they have thousands of teachers and thousands more that apply each month. There are also some Facebook groups specifically for applicants where questions can be answered by real teachers.

As for the approach to education, it's the opposite of assembly line. Each class is personal, one-on-one with a student. Each student has their own personality as does the teacher. Many teachers have regular students that they see weekly or more. They develop relationships with the students and the families. I find their approach to education to be revolutionary and potentially a game-changer.

Again, I'm sorry you were frustrated. There is an email link on this article. Please feel free to email with questions and I will try to answer them for you. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Lauren Henry on September 22, 2017:

I would have liked to work for this company, but I found them completely unresponsive to my questions and concerns during the recruitment process. I sent at least a half-dozen emails to the company, but only got responses to two. The person who responded said that the company wasn't set up to communicate with me one-to-one. For an internet-based company to say that is ludicrous. If they treated me like that when they were trying to entice me to join them, I hated to imagine how they'd treat me later on. They seem to take an assembly-line approach to education. Teachers are interchangeable cogs in their machine. Personally, I am not a cog.

L C David (author) from Florida on June 15, 2017:

If you have an American bank you can most likely be paid through direct deposit and avoid the wire transfer fee.

Dayna on June 15, 2017:

Does VIPKid pay you through a wire transfer or a direct deposit? I can't get a clear answer from the company! Thank you!

L C David (author) from Florida on April 17, 2017:

Hi Sandi. If you mean will they hire Australians, I believe that the answer is no. However, if you are an American or Canadian living in Australia that might be a consideration. However, you can always apply with your information and location and find out. Good luck!

Sandi on April 17, 2017:

Is this service available in Australia?

L C David (author) from Florida on January 26, 2017:

No, it's not available in reverse but hopefully one day!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on January 26, 2017:

What a wonderful way to earn a living! And all from the comforts of home. Is this service available to people living in America who need to learn English?

L C David (author) from Florida on January 22, 2017:

Hi Shelley. It's likely that nothing is wrong. For some they are booked solid from the start. For some it takes time. Try making a new introduction video or changing your profile pictures. I was slow at first too and it has built up over time. There are students out there that are a good fit for you, they just have to find you. It is Chinese New Year and students are traveling right now. Everyone's bookings will pick back up over the next few weeks!

shelley on January 22, 2017:


I started teaching at VIPKID in december, I taught nine classes. Since then no one has signed up for me and I lost two followers. What is wrong?

L C David (author) from Florida on January 13, 2017:

Thanks! The company is making a push to hire more teachers in 2017 as they continue to grow. I love working there so much and was hoping sharing this opportunity will let others know about it.

Karen Hellier from Georgia on January 12, 2017:

Wow, this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work from home and has teaching experience. Thanks for sharing this info. Great hub.

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