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How to Study Like a Topper?

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Want to study like a topper

Want to study like a topper


This article of mine is dedicated to the student community. They are the future of any country. They have the power to change the economy, society, and culture. As a student, our priority should be to work hard and learn as much as possible. It is essential that we pass with good marks and grades.

But there are many students who are suffering from many negative emotions in their life especially related to study. I also understand that our education system needs to change. There is an urgent need for a more practical approach. We need practically oriented courses and more emphasis should be given on how to start our own business and succeed in life as a human being.

In this article, I am going to share some tricks and tips to study like a topper and how to succeed in life. Remember, these tricks and tips are my personal opinions. So, let’s get started.

It Is All About Mindset And Goals

To get good marks in exams is like a battle and we need to learn the art of war. We need to prepare ourselves mentally. There is a saying that winning in life and career is all about mindset. Whatever stage your child is right now, you make sure that he becomes mentally strong. This is the beginning of everything.

Let’s talk about how we can study well? The first thing which we have to learn is that if you want to achieve anything in life then we have to set goals. And we need to have some burning desire to succeed.

After we have set our goals then we have to make plans as to how we are going to achieve those goals. Because goals are useless unless you start taking actions.

Study the most difficult subjects first

Study the most difficult subjects first

Study The Most Difficult Subjects First

We all know there are a large number of students who are not so confident in all subjects. They always perform well in some subjects and get low marks in others.

For such students, I like to advise that it is always important to give priority to such subjects. Once you will able to understand and perform better in those subjects then you will have less tension.

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It is important that you devote at least five solid hours on such subjects. Then I am sure miracles will definitely happen.

Learn To Stay Focused

After mindset, goals, and plans, the next most important aspects are learning how to stay focused and dedicated towards goals. And in today’s busy time managing this task for students is getting difficult.

Well, for this I have some solutions. First of all, they have to learn to stay away from social media accounts unless they are trying to build some business out of it. And to achieve this try to keep your mobile in the silent or airplane mode. Also, learn to stay away from watching any useless television serials.

It will be better if you handover your mobile to parents during study time. Also, it has been observed that if you study in particular hours every day then your concentration will be strong and high. By doing so you will build your habits and successful students are results of their daily habits.

Learn To Write A Diary

Learn to write a page daily. In this process, you can write about your thoughts, progress you are making each day, and what goals you want to achieve.

Praise yourself that you are doing well in life and study. If you keep on doing such things then soon or later your powerful subconscious mind will going to accept those impressions and then magic will happen.

Also, make sure that you revisit your old notes and read them often and you will be surprised that you have so many good qualities inside you. And this will boost your morale.

Eat Healthy And Sleep Well

To achieve success in life it is important that we stay fit and healthy. As a student, you can learn some meditation techniques which can help to develop concentration and stay calm.

We need to consume better healthy nutrients. It is also important that we learn not only how to stay active and fit but we also need to understand that we need to take proper sleep. Unless and until we will not get the proper rest we will not able to perform well the next day.


In this article, I could have shared other information like take tuition, study day and night or study in a group or do self-study, etc. But I am sure you know about these tricks and tips and you might be using them now and then. So, I shared those techniques which are more essential for your success as a student. And that’s why I kept mindset and goals as the first priority. Once we can take care of this, rest things will smoothly follow.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma

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