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Tips on How to Increase Your Productivity in 3 Steps


Step 1 - Small gains makes the difference

Imagine that you have to study for an exam. You know that five hours a day is the least you need fully focusing on the task so that you can feel somewhat confident and perform well on the examination day. What do you think will make you better prepared, to study straight for five hours or instead, study for one hour five times a day? If the second choice is your answer then you are right. In fact, you can make even shorter sessions but more about that later.

We are all different and many of us may like to get things done straight away, being then able to fully unfocus and relax during those nice fun things. Though, as in the example above, five hours is a lot of time to focus on, and believe me when I say you most likely will not remain focused enough during this time no matter how hard you try to convince and motivate yourself. In fact, there is a high risk you start to procrastinate instead during longer sessions.

In today's world where we are almost always connected to the internet, we are constantly being confronted with all forms of distraction. Most of us have social media like Facebook and Instagram, most of us watch YouTube videos several times a day, and most of us read articles like for example this one right now. There is a lot going on that keeps our mind occupied and away from the things we really should do instead.

Therefore plan your sessions to the best ability and try to remain fully focused during these. Can you only achieve that for twenty, thirty minutes straight, or even less? That is completely fine. You are not weird at all. In fact, most of us cannot achieve sustained attention for a longer period than twenty minutes. Regarding children, it is even much less than that. See where I am trying to go with this? Of course, there are occasions when you need to focus on longer periods of time and it is good to be able to achieve that. However, if you do it too often tho, chances are you will find yourself struggling a lot and procrastination will take place instead.

Step 2 - Maximize your breaks and try to relax

I have made this mistake way too many times. You take your break sitting in the same position and surfing the internet. Unfortunately, that is not the right way to execute on your breaks and recover, not even the slightest. There is a huge risk involved that you start to experience procrastination instead and maybe even forget to do your next session at the scheduled time. As a result of that, your rhythm says goodbye to you and you start struggling even more to make it through your assessments before the deadline, that said if you have one.

We do most things online nowadays but that does not mean you need to have the same experience over and over again. Get up and get fresh - grab a snack, drink something, put on your favorite music, and simply try to relax for a moment. You can for example play a game or watch your favorite show. You can stand up and do some exercises so that your body feels good and recharged again. Open your window and get in some fresh air as that may also help you significantly.

All the mentioned above gives your brain valuable tools to refocus itself and grab some extra energy to then be able to deploy it on full concentration when so needed. Remember, as you always should try to maximize your productivity you as well should maximize your relaxation, or call it time off, and do something else instead. If you go wrong about this then it actually can totally destroy your pace.

Have in mind that if you manage to make your breaks funny and exciting you will gain much more energy from them and will then be able to do those things you need to.

Step 3 - Focus on your main goal and be grateful

Maybe you are currently struggling with a very difficult task at your college. The risks are you feel very stressed about it and as a result of that, you feel bad and worried. Maybe you even consider quitting if your results have not been as good as you yourself expected them to be. Even though you may feel disappointed right now, there are so many people out there who probably would dream of being in your place and living your life. There are a lot of people in the world without education possibilities because they lack either skills or resources to perceive their goals. Many of these are unhealthy individuals, those who cannot afford things that many of us takes for granted like for example food and clean water.

No matter how difficult things appear to be during this particular moment, if you have what you need to progress and move on, then keep aiming high and try to get on with it. In the end, you are doing it for a reason, am I right? Remember why you may struggle right now in your life. The actual reason behind it may be because you want to achieve something great and develop yourself further, but you face obstacles on your path and in order to move forward you need to tackle these first. Try to visualize the ideal vision where you have managed to make it through the challenges and achieved what you wanted so much. Does it feel good or at least slightly better? If that is the case then try to use and utilize it in your favor to become more productive.

This is just an example of mine, maybe it is a work task you struggle with or maybe it is your hobby you so much want to excel in that troubles you right now, but no matter what life throughs at you, always try to see the bigger picture if possible. It is very easy to start thinking how unlucky you are, but seeing it from a bigger perspective of being can actually help you a lot with staying positive instead and staying grateful for things you already have in your life.

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