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How To Improve Concentration Like a Monk, No Easy, One-Day Trick

This article will help you to build un-breakable focus in your life to help you achieve everything you want.

Growing up, my teachers used to yell at me for not concentrating in the class. In my defense, I will blame to my Monkey mind which keeps on jumping from one place to another. Hence, when my teachers were busy in teaching, I used to think about “how much fun it would be to play with my friends after class. I am sure it sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it?

However, now things have started getting worst for our generation due to various social media platforms and smart devices which are designed to distract us from our real goal. Your social media feed is customized by the algorithm so that you can find what you love and spend even more time on those platforms.

And among all this haphazard, our work suffers because even after keeping the phone away, you think about your phone/past/future rather than concentrating on what you are doing in the moment.

Although, we all know how important it is to stay concentrated but none of us know how to do it because guess what? Your and my parents/teachers asked us to concentrate but they never teach us how to do it.

Hence, there are 2 reasons why we are so bad at concentrating: -

1. We are not taught how to concentrate and

2. We don’t practice concentration: Most of the people go on YouTube, search about how to stay concentrated, learn about it and feel satisfy. You become good at concentration not by learning about it but why practicing it every single day.

How To Improve Concentration:

We humans are blessed with “monkey mind” which has the power to travel from the speed of light. At one moment you are worrying about one thing and the other moment you end up creating 10 more problems in your mind. Hence, to stay concentrated, you have to learn how to control your mind and you can do so only if you know how your mind works.

“If you don’t know how something works, you will never be able to control it. That’s why the foremost thing is to understand how your mind functions.”


Let’s see how your mind works:

You must have heard from people saying that your mind is distracted, right? But the truth is your mind can never be distracted. You must be thinking that I am lost but here is the thing:

We have 2 things that leads us:

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1. Awareness: Awareness is like the ball of light which travels from one place to another. Hence, when people say your brain is distracted, it means your awareness, the ball of light is jumping from one place to another in your mind.

2. Brain: The second thing is our brain which does the work of thinking. Our brain has multiple blocks in it like anger, sadness, happiness, sex, food and many others. And your awareness keeps on traveling from one block to another. When your awareness enters in one particular block, stays there for an extended period we call it concentration.

“Concentration is the ability to keep your awareness on one thing for an extended period of time”

This doesn’t end here. Although now you know why you are not able to concentrate, what concentration really means and why those stupid modern techniques of staying concentrated don’t last long. Now, the question is how to keep the ball of light or awareness at one particular point? How can you stop it from traveling here and there?

I already mentioned in the title that there is no one day technique so my answer would be PRACTICE.

According to the law of practice, we become good at what we practice over an extended period of time and sadly, you and I have been practicing distraction. We never forced our awareness to focus on one thing and that is why by now, we all are expert in distraction.

If you want to master concentration, you have to practice it. When I say practice concentration, I don’t mean that focus on your work only but I mean gaining control over your brain so that you can move your ability to bring back your awareness to one area whenever it tries to jump to another.

“Concentration is your ability to consciously choose to move awareness from one area of mind to another”

When you are practicing concentration, you need to learn to gain mastery over your awareness. Think about your awareness as the ball of light that you can catch and force it to bring back to the area of your mind where you want to.

In real life, when you apply this concept, your brain will still be jumping from thing to another but now that you know how your brain works, you have to pull it back to one specific area. Your awareness/ball of light will drip away again and again and you will have to bring it back every time. And just as I said it can’t happen in day one but with practice for an extended period of time, you will become the master of your brain and your concentration power will increase one day.

At the end, I would like to clarify that you should not only practice concentration while working but also when you are eating your food, enjoying with your family, talking with your friends, reading, or using your phone. You can’t expect to gain control over your brain when you are letting it wander freely other than when you are working. Because when you are using your phone but thinking about how much work you have to do, your brain is playing again and your awareness is traveling without your permission. And the more time you spend mindlessly and letting your awareness travel from one area to another, you are practicing distraction. Hence, you have to learn to practice concentration throughout the day.

Besides, when you keep your awareness at one thing at a time, you get to enjoy that one thing fully and you get to immerse in the experience.

Practice concentration daily in everything that you do and let the power of your brain unfold.

Dandapani - More than a Monk

Dandapani - More than a Monk


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