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How to Find out How Old You Really Look. 5 Online and 5 Offline Tips

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Age is just a number. Just like the number 13. But how lucky or unlucky are you ageing compared to how old you look?

If you need proof or are just curious about how old you or someone you know looks, then help is to hand

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The sand timer of life flows faster and slower for some people
  • Video - living with Progeria - documentary
  • How can I tell how old I look? 5 online tips / apps
  • How can I tell how old I look? 5 offline tips
  • Tips 10 Foods that make you look 10 years younger
  • 5 Famous 'Ageing' Quotes
  • Video - Maisie Peters - Stay Young
  • Lastly


When people reveal their age to others, some normal responses would be, "you don't look it", or "you look much younger," and the conversation would quickly move on. If you looked much younger than your age, they would stop what they were doing and respond with, "you're lying", or "I don't believe you!" and ask you what your secret is to looking so young.

The reality is everyone (most people) older wants to look younger, or at least not older than their age — and apart from a baby, who doesn't want to look younger.


Unfortunately, asking fellow humans (strangers, friends and family) how old we look won't respond truthfully to questions like, "does my bum look big in this"? Or, "how old do you think I look"? Because most people (the majority) lie by underestimating people's age for fear of hurting them or giving them a complex, especially if you overestimate their age by too many years.

Some people need to look younger or fabricate their age to access clubs with age restrictions. Watch adults-only films, or buy smokes and alcohol. For others (babies), their age can be calculated to the exact month.

The sand timer of life flows faster and slower for some people


Some people think they look younger than their age because they've compared themselves with people of the same age who look much older than they are as a result of their harsh life - mental health or drug addiction.

Some people look much older due medical disprders and syndromes.

'Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health condition that makes people obsessed with their appearance. They will constantly worry about any imperfection to their body, which can lead to frowns, worry and stress lines.

Many people are suffering from 'Peter Pan syndrome' and do not want to look or act old — physically and emotionally.

Because we can all slow down or even accelerate the ageing process through our lifestyle choices — Such as regular exercising and eating healthily to help keep us looking younger for our age. However, some people are genetically lucky — others are not so lucky when it comes to looking their age.

'Werner syndrome' and 'Cockayne syndrome' are genetic disorders in which patients have premature ageing features. 'Progeria' (Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome) is another type of 'progeroid syndrome' that causes victims to age faster than usual. (as shown in the video below)

Video - Living With Progeria - Documentary

The other things that make us age faster are unhealthy eating, smoking, alcohol, sleep deprivation, sun exposure, lack of exercise, frowning and other wrinkles caused by our facial expressions such as stress, worry, anguish and anger.

Also, no one is an exact age. Similar to the police who give estimated age descriptions of wanted suspects, such as, "they are in their early 20s" or "late '50s" because no one older than a 5-year-old will look their exact age, and the older we get, the higher our age gap will be.

The people who already know they look much younger than their age are the ones who are constantly required to provide proof of their age every time they attempt to enter clubs or buy cigs or alcohol. Annoying, but a great compliment and enough reassurance to know they look much younger than their age.

How Can I Tell How Old I look? 5 Online Tips

When I used to use the 'Yahoo Chat fight rooms' (that no longer exists), that was the best place for people to be brutally honest with their opinions. They would tell exactly how you looked. And how ugly you were — which is not that difficult when hiding behind a keyboard. That was where I discovered some home truths and the reasons why people can hate you or take an instant dislike to you.

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Using those chat rooms confirmed (without me even asking) that I looked much younger than I was. And also confirmed by using my other "Online" and "Offline" tips below.


Asking strangers in a chat room involves the video chat and instant messaging clients (PalTalk or Camfrog) and some bribery or financial persuasion.

Find a chat room that is not too busy (with your webcam on), then when you feel comfortable, type or speak in the room to get the attention of other users who will now be viewing your webcam.

Then, when you're ready, say, "I am willing to send anyone in this room (what you can afford) cash right now into anyone's PayPal account if anyone can predict my age, with one guess each".

Have something to hand to prove your age if they get it wrong. If you don't offer a financial incentive, they will probably be nice and underestimate your age.

Tip; Being rude to people will help them be more honest with you, especially if you tell users they look much older than their age (which can be seen by their screen name), bearing in mind users use any age they like. You can always apologise afterwards and tell them it was for "research and experimental reasons".

Continued: Online Tips

The following apps are intended for entertainment purposes only. When I experimented with the following apps, my age increased by five years with stubble — decreased four years when I wore a hat, and decreased five years when I was smiling. Now I will be wearing a hat, without stubble, and smiling more.

How to use these apps to make you appear younger. Men can find out how older or younger they look with or without facial hair. With or without wearing a hat, spectacles or smile. And how a smile or change of facial expression can significantly change our appearance. Women can see how old they look with or without make-up or change of hairstyle, etc.

How Can I Tell How Old I look? 5 Online Apps

  • 1.How Old Do I Look, app? This app scans & does face analysis to find out your age, using advanced AI technology to guess how old you look. How pretty do you look, feature?. Google Store.
  • 2.The True Age App asks hundreds of thousands of random people who will guess the age of a picture you upload. It also has a fun age game. Google Play.
  • 3. Old Do I Look? Check the age you look. Make yourself old or swap your gender. Plus, a celebrity look-alike feature. This app is free to download and contains subscription options for unlimited use. Apple Store.
  • 4. How Old Am I? Interact and socialise with other users while guessing ages. Apple Store.
  • 5.How Old Do I Look 'Instagram's' filter has been popular with many famous people and celebrities, however, the filter is more for fun purposes than scientific, especially when it said I looked 25 years younger! Note; ensure you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version. Search for the Instagram username, 'ferdaysss' the creator of the app — once you find his profile, tap on the smiley face icon above his Instagram posts to bring up all the filters he has created to access the filter.

If you want to 'look much younger' than your age, tell people you are much older than you actually are. It always works for receiving great compliments, but not so much if people believe you

How Can I Tell How Old I look? 5 Offline Tips

  • 6. When you're next out and about or abroad, or preferably where no one knows you, and you're small-talking to shop assistants (male & female / young & old), or even at the bus or train stop. Then without telling them your age, say, "hi, I am desperately looking to date this much older person I've been communicating with online, and they want me to send a picture. Do you think I could get away with giving my real age"? (then lie by giving an age that is many years older than your age) and wait for a response. If they immediately say no, slowly reduce the years until they say yes.

Don't forget to tell them (along the lines of) "I would respect your honesty," "it's hard to offend me", "don't worry, you will never see me again," and "you will be helping me find love."

  • 6a. The next person you approach, repeat the above (1) step, but change one thing. "Hi, I am desperately looking to date this much younger person, and they want me to send a picture of me. How young you think I could get away with?", then continue the above procedure.
  • 7. School children won't mind being honest or offending, especially for the chance of winning a fiver. So the next time you see a small group of schoolchildren or older students, tell them you will give them £1, £2 or £5 (whatever you can afford) if they correctly guess your age (have ID and money to hand). So far, I've never rewarded anyone I have asked.

If you want to 'appear much older' than your age. Instead of telling people your age in 'years', give your age in the amount of 'decades' you've lived in. Try it. You'll be amazed when you add them up.

Continued; Offline Tips

  • 8. School Uniform: if you're in your late teens or twenties and think you still look like a teenager, try this. Ask to borrow a suitable size School uniform from a friend and see how possible or impossible it is to buy alcohol or cigarettes. If the shopkeeper refuses, that's a great compliment and proof you look younger. But If they laugh in your face, that should be conclusive.
  • 9. When the next person asks you for your age, tell them an age that ridiculously overestimates your age and see how they react. For example, if you're 20, tell them you're 40. If you're 40, say you're 60. And If they immediately laugh at you or say, "Yeah, right", reply with, "only joking", then change the year to a 10-year difference instead of 20 and wait for their responses.
  • 10. Fake Birthday Badges; Buy a few 'birthday badges' (of different milestones) and wear one at a time in public (preferably on public transport or in a restaurant). Then see how many strangers will ask you what your secret is to looking so young. Or observe how many strangers are staring at you and your badge in disbelief.

10 Foods That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

If you're 31, 61 or 91 and don't like revealing your age, and simply tell everyone you're "21 again".

5 Famous 'Ageing' Quotes

  • "Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been"—Jimmy Buffett.
  • "We are always the same age inside"—Gertrude Stein.
  • "As we grow old, the beauty steals inward"—Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • ''It's not how old you are, it is how you are old''—Jules Renard.
  • ''Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young''—Coco Chanel.

Video - Maisie Peters - Stay Young


How old you look depends on the year born and your life experiences. As stated at the outset, everyone wants to look younger than they are.

Chasing the look of youth can damage your internal value as whole, integrated, self-and other-aware humans.

Looking younger than you are is one thing, but real inner youthfulness and beauty is within us all.

So, how old do you look? You are a gorgeous 30-, 60, 90-year-old whose grace, calm, focus, and success give you a glow that no 20-, 50, or 80--year-old could never match..

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