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How to Find out How Old You REALLY Look!

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Age is just a number. Just like the number 13, but how unlucky or lucky are you ageing compared to how old you look!

If you need proof or are just curious about how old you (or someone you know) looks, then help is to hand

When people reveal their age to others, the normal responses would be, "you don't look it", or "you look much younger" and the conversation would quickly move on. If you truly look much younger than your age, they would stop what they're doing, look you straight in the eyes and respond with, "you're lying", or "I don't believe you!" and ask what your secret is to looking so young.

Because everyone (most people) older wants to look younger, or at least, not look older than their age — and who doesn't want to look younger than they actually are!


Unfortunately, asking fellow humans (friends and family) how old we look, won't respond truthfully to questions such as, "does my bum look big in this"? Or, "how old do you think I look"? Because most people will lie by deliberately underestimating peoples ages, in fear of hurting them or giving them a complex, especially if you overestimate their age!

Some people in life need to look younger or fabricate their age to access privileges, normally reserved for adults, such as accessing clubs with age restrictions. Watching adults-only films, or buying smokes and alcohol.

For some people, their age is pretty obvious and can be calculated to the exact month! (image below).


The sand timer of life flows faster for some people

Then you get those people who think they look good or young for their age because they have compared themselves with other people of the same age — other people who look much older for their age. Because we all know that lifestyle choice, regular exercising and eating healthily will keep anyone looking younger by slowing down the ageing process. However, some people are just genetically born lucky.


Also, no-one is an 'exact' age. Similar to the police who give estimated age descriptions of wanted suspects, such as, they are in their "early 20s", "late '50s or early 60s" because no-one older than 10 will look their exact age, and the older we get, the more range our age gap will be.

How Can I Tell How Old I look? Online

When I used to use the 'Yahoo chat 'fight' rooms' which no longer exists, that was the best place for people to be brutally honest with their opinions. They would tell exactly how you looked, and how ugly you were — which is not that difficult when hiding behind a keyboard. That was where I discovered some real home-truths and the reasons why people can hate you or take an instant dislike to you.


The good news? it was confirmed on many occasions by fellow chatters (without me asking or paying) that I looked much younger than I actually was.

  • Ask strangers in a chat-room; This way involves (Paltalk or Camfrog) and some bribery, or 'financial persuasion'!. Find a room that is not too busy which you feel comfortable with, and they all speak your language, and type or speak in the room (with your webcam on) so everyone can see you and say, "I am willing to send anyone in this room, five or ten pounds (whatever you're willing to pay) right now into anyone's PayPal account if anyone can predict my age, with one guess each" Have something to hand to prove your age if they get it wrong. If you don't offer any money, they will probably underestimate your age, as to not offend.

Note; The Following Apps Don’t Tell You How Old You Are, But How Old You Look!

  • How old do I look? Upload a photo to the #HowOldRobot Machine learning tool at (how old do I look) to guess how old you look. This is very accurate, but, each time I took pictures of myself and uploaded them, my age was different. My age increased from my initial age by 6 years with stubble. Decreased 5 years when I wore a cap, and decreased 5 years when smiling, which means I will be wearing a cap, clean-shaven and smiling more!
  • The TrueAge App does not ask a computer (AI) to guess your age, instead, you ask hundreds or thousands of random people how old you look which I declined to use.
  • Instagram's 'How Old Do I Look' filter claims to reveal how old you look has been very popular with many famous people celebrities getting involved. However, the filter is more for fun purposes than scientific, especially when it says a 37-year-old man looks 6! Note; make sure you've updated your Instagram app to the latest version.

How Can I Tell How Old I look? Offline

  • When you're next shopping, probably where no-one knows you and approach shop assistants (male & female / young & old) at the bus/train stop. Then without telling them your age, say, "hi, I am desperately looking to date this much older person I've been communicating with online, and they want me to send a picture, do you think I could get away with giving my real age"? (then give an age which is many years older than your age) and wait for a response. If they immediately say no, slowly reduce the years in sections of 3, 5 or 10 years until they agree.
  • The next people you approach, repeat the above, but change one thing. This time, say "Hi, I am desperately looking to date this much younger person, and they want me to send a picture of me, how young do you think I could get away with?". Then continue the above procedure.

The above two tips will give you a benchmark to work with. Don't forget to tell them, along the lines of, "I would really respect your honesty, it's hard to offend me, and don't worry, you will never see me again".

  • School children won't mind being honest, or offending, especially for the chance of winning a fiver, so the next time you see a small group of Schoolchildren, not more than say, five pupils, and tell them you will give 5 pounds if they correctly guess your age (have ID and a fiver to hand).

The people who already know they look much younger than their age are the ones who are constantly required to provide 'proof of age' every time they try to buy smokes, alcohol or enter clubs. Annoying, yet a huge compliment and enough proof to know they look younger than their age.

  • Do you think you're young looking and need proof? Simply dress up in your child's school uniform. If it doesn't fit, ask to borrow one from their suitably sized school friend's uniform and see how easy or impossible it is to buy alcohol or cigarettes! If they refuse, that's a great compliment and proof. When they laugh in your face, that should be conclusive!

13 Foods To Avoid If You Want Younger Looking Skin

How to use these tools to make you appear younger

Now you've (hopefully) discovered or have a better idea of how young or old you look. Or an age you could now realistically get away with telling people if you lie about your age. But what can we learn from using these apps and techniques? We start experimenting to discover how different your age can be when using these online apps/filters by changing your appearance, as I did by smiling — wearing a cap, and shaving. Men can see how older or younger they look with or without a beard. Women can see how old they look with or without make-up, or change of hairstyle or spectacles.

Finally, it's all very well having a face much younger than your age, but not so much if your body looks and feels older, externally and internally.

Top Tips!

If you want to look much younger than your age! Tell people you are much older than you actually are. It always works!".

If you want to appear (sound) much older than your age! Instead of telling people your age in 'years', give your age in the amount of 'decades' you've lived in. Try it. You'll be shocked when you add them up!

Keep Young and Beautiful - Annie Lennox

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