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How To Be A Yaletown Yuppie

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Yaletown is a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood that sits along the southeast border of downtown, directly adjacent to the seawall. Its history dates back to the very late 1800's, when the CP Rail finally extended its service from the 'Yale' settlement to this area. With beginnings as a heavily industrial and warehouse district, Yaletown still maintains many of its historic brick warehouse buildings. During Expo '86, the neighbourhood boomed and began development into what is now a high end and expensive residential and lightly commercial neighbourhood full of high-rises warehouse loft conversions, coffee shops and restaurants.

Warehouses in Yaletown, ca. 191-?

Warehouses in Yaletown, ca. 191-?

1. Live in a small apartment that is way above your budget

1 bedroom Yaletown apartments can range anywhere from $1500 per month to over $4000 per month. On a single income in a city where the majority of its inhabitants work in the hospitality industry, these rent prices are highly unattainable. If you want to successfully fit in with the Yaletown crowd, then you better be sure to spend at least half your salary on rent so that you don't have enough cash left over to actually enjoy living in the vibrant neighbourhood you live in. Go big or go home... or in this case, go home or go big.

2. Yoga - Yoga - Yoga

Every Yaletown Yuppie practices yoga, whether it's attending a hot yoga class every afternoon or simply just wandering around the streets fully decked out yoga wear (it still counts, you know). If 'Namaste' isn't part of your daily language, then you can't consider yourself as part of the Yuppie crowd. There are a seemingly endless amount of yoga studios in the area, with classes ranging from high-energy power yoga to slow and relaxing flow yoga, there is something for everyone... and with a wardrobe that must consist of at least 25 different yoga outfits, you'll be sure to fit in! Namaste.

3. Never take your dog out without his jacket

This rule is of utmost importance, as your dog will never fit in unless he's sporting the latest fashions from one of the many doggy-oriented boutique shops in the neighbourhood. Every Yaletown Yuppie must have a small lap dog with a wardrobe that rivals any human. In rainy Vancouver, doggy clothes may range anything from strap on umbrellas and rain jackets, booties, or even little hats. Coordination is key, as you don't want to stand out due to the fact that your dogs outfit doesn't match your own. How embarrassing!

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4. Never - EVER - be seen without your phone

In a day and age when social interaction happens predominantly through screens, you don't want to give the impression that you aren't 'with' the times. You must always make sure your iPhone (or blackberry or android phone, if you must - but they're definitely not as socially acceptable as the newest iPhone) is visible in your hands at all times, and you should make a conscious effort to always be texting or talking on your phone while outside. Otherwise, how will anyone know you have friends?

5. Accessories, Baby!

Yoga Moms are all the rage right now, and every trendy yoga mom knows the importance of coordinating your baby gear with your outfit. If your high fashion stroller doesn't match the colours of your jacket, when you run the risk of looking tacky and uncool. Other baby gear you must consciously coordinate may include blankets, baby clothing and diaper bags. Don't have a baby? That's ok, your dog will be more than happy to ride around all day in your stroller.


Eight (author) on February 23, 2013:

I find it an exciting place to live - but the reputation does seem to be quite well known. The rent IS quite ridiculous... but as of yet, no extensive yoga wardrobe or doggy strollers for me :) Thanks for the comment!

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on February 23, 2013:

Thanks for the entertaining look at Yaletown! You've described the atmosphere very well. I enjoy exploring the area. It's an interesting place to take a walk.

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