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How Putin Could Change the World

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Ever since Russia's Putin invaded Ukraine, a sovereign country recognized as such in February 2022, the world's players have taken sides. For Putin, it was unexpected that the NATO countries would coalesce into such a formidable force. He expected it would shatter it as countries looked after themselves rather than as a collection of countries. He was shocked that his actions of invading Ukraine would actually have the impact it did with NATO expansion along its borders (Finland and Sweden). Now, even the country he desperately did not want to in NATO, Ukraine, is probably going to join after showing their military prowess against a blundering Russian force that greatly outnumbered them.

Ever since the start, he has casually threatened to use nuclear weapons on Ukraine or against NATO. These threats are taken with some seriousness, yet, there is no real urgency or plan to deal with it should it actually happen.

For now, Putin is bluffing. Well, at least we think he is. Just maybe, it is actually being planned as a last resort weapon. The most recent threats that Putin has stated in speeches are that such weapons could and would be used on the arrogant USA at Miami or in Texas or anywhere he wants. He calls America a failing dynasty among other things.

For a second, think of the worldwide ramifications if just one such attack occurs upon the USA, or NATO country, or Ukraine. The financial markets would go into panic mode as people sell off their investments for cash. Banks may have a run of their money as people out of fear close accounts for cash. Gold and silver would soar in value. The NATO countries would look to America for its reaction and whether it would retaliate. If there was no retaliation, the signal sent would be that Putin was correct, that America is too afraid to use just one and is a paper tiger. If there is retaliation, the threat of escalation increases and spreading. Even the one attack would cause so much world mayhem, a new world order of some sort might ensure similar to what is now with countries either with Russia\China or against them. Some would try to play both sides, like Turkey is doing now regarding Ukraine.

The devastation of just one nuclear attack would be immense wherever it happens and long lasting changing the local landscape for a long time.

Bible followers of the End Times know that something will cause a worldwide panic and collapse of economic systems. They know that Russia will be the bad actor and that America will have a minor role as the European Union of NATO countries become a single entity and military force. This force and Russia will face off several times before the Armageddon battle.

Many thought that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was the start of the beginning. What it did was to act as a catalyst to make NATO countries see that the threat is real and could happen anytime. They saw for the first time Putin is a real threat willing to take crazy actions to create a "Greater Russia" like in old times. They also saw America act with a lot of hesitancy for some time in helping Ukraine and being afraid to push back against Russia because of nuclear threats.

Even after several months, America still acts reluctantly with weapon shipments and still refuses to use the USN in the Black Sea to escort Ukraine ships carrying grain. Tons and tons of grains are rotting and no one in the West is doing anything. Afraid of Russian ships. Ukraine could export all this grain but Russia prevents it and also steals it for revenue. The USN and NATO ships could force their way to Odessa in a defiant show of force, yet they are afraid.

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If the Ukraine war can solidify NATO countries like never before to act as one force, imagine what would happen if Putin used one nuke.

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