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How Progressive Education Ruined Our Schools

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


Public School Ideology

Secular Humanism is the official name for Atheism/Socialism, the predominant philosophy of America's education establishment. Every day, we send our most precious gift to public schools, our children, to be 'educated.'

Joe Larson wrote in the Eagle Forum, "Test scores have been declining for decades, as the numbers of children who cannot read continue to increase. Although earth worship, paganism, and the occult flourish in public schools, the Greatest Story Ever Told, based on the greatest book ever written," which tells of the greatest teacher who ever lived, is not used or even allowed.



Socialism was invented by Satan and propagated by his mouthpieces. One of his first worker bees was Robert Owen (1771-1858) of Britain, who proclaimed that all man's problems stemmed from Christianity. Owen thought up the idea of brainwashing children's minds with socialism and anti-Christianity through a national system of secular schools. He and his followers secretly went to work to persuade public opinion that the state should educate children at taxpayer expense.

The State would take over many functions of the Church in Europe and America in the 20th century. Governments would first restrict and then eliminate the Christian point of view in social services, most notably in education, which had long been a religious endeavor.

Horace Mann

Horace Mann

Horace Mann

Horace Mann (1796-1859) was the ‘Father of Public Education’ in America. He worked tirelessly to convince legislators and the public of the need for universal public schools. But, as historian George Marsden notes, "Mann emphasized the religious and moral dimensions of the common schools. He insisted on the importance of daily reading of the Bible, devotional exercises, and the constant inculcation of the precepts of Christian morality in all schools.”

Mann declared, "To civilize the nation, what should be taught to public school pupils was the ultimate triumph of all-glorious Christianity.”

McGuffey's Readers

McGuffey's Readers

McGuffey's Readers

McGuffey's Readers textbooks were the backbone of American schools between 1836 and 1960. One hundred twenty million were sold during that period, ranking third in sales among all books, trailing only the Bible and the Dictionary. Thirty thousand copies are still bought each year for private schools and homeschooling. Education included as its most crucial component the teaching of moral and spiritual values.

William Holmes McGuffey’s twin loves were education and the Gospel. He stressed, “The Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ are not only basic but absolute.”

McGuffey Readers taught children about the Creator, Divine Providence, the sinfulness of man, and salvation as available only through Christ. The public schools replaced the McGuffey Readers in the 1960s with secular humanist textbooks. At that time, American schools were acknowledged worldwide as the best in the world. Now we rank near the bottom of developed nations.

The government schools successfully expunged God. They now do the Devil's work by blowing out the light of belief in God among the young. That is why they should not have a financial monopoly over the educational dollars of parents.

John Dewey

John Dewey

John Dewey

‘The Father of Modern Education’ is John Dewey (1859-1952). Dewey was the leader of the teacher's union, an Atheist, socialist, and co-author of the Humanist Manifesto, which calls for Secular Humanism to become the new religion of America.

The Humanist Manifesto was designed to replace "the fables of Christianity," which the manifesto calls “powerless, insignificant, and backward.” It specifically states there is no God; rejects the supernatural; deifies science; and declares that religious worship and churches should be eliminated. Dewey also belonged to 15 communist front organizations.

John Dewey was unquestionably the single person in United States history who most determined the direction of our public education system. He set the curriculum of government schools for generations. Dewey, profoundly influenced as he was by Darwinism, put godless Humanism at the center of American education. John Dewey may have shaped more American minds than any other individual.

Because of his 'work,' by the 1970s, virtually every textbook in America was scrubbed clean of any positive mention of Jesus, God, the Christian Church, the Holy Bible, or God's moral laws. It is because of him that our schools went downhill, not based on the needs, talents, abilities, and gifts of our children, and not to promote academic excellence or build character, but as laboratories of social engineering; to create an unwise, unintelligent, ungodly social consciousness, thereby to mold future society according to Satan's vision.

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We can see the results: children who grow up to glorify sexual perversions, support socialism, and disdain God their Creator. Johnny may not be able to read, but he can use a condom.

Dewey's mentor was G. Stanley Hall, a Darwinist and Atheist. Hall believed in selective breeding, forced sterilization, and prohibiting charity for the poor, the sick, or the disabled, so they would die off sooner and not produce offspring. He had the same view of those with emotional problems, mental illness, or mental retardation. Hall was a doctor of psychology who invented our very idea of 'adolescence.' To him, Jesus was a fraud, and God is not there.

After visiting the Soviet Union, Dewey wrote six articles on the "wonders" of Soviet education. He admired the Soviet Union, which instituted his teaching plans before America.

The John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont explains that the overarching goal was to destroy American culture by undermining its belief in individualism, capitalism, and traditional values, particularly Christian morals. The progressive educational philosophy consists of these fundamental beliefs: An absolute faith in science and the Theory of Evolution; an idea that children can be taught very much like animals utilizing behavioral psychology; a conviction that there is no place for Christianity in education; and traditional values are an obstacle to social progress that had to be removed.

Dewey sought to spread his ‘progressive’ ideas through the American Public School System. The schoolhouse was to replace family and church at the center of a child's life during their formative years. He explained that his plan must be put into action in small steps not to raise alarms. Educators must trick Parents and taxpayers, or they would put a stop to it. But in the long run, schools would reject biblical morality, shun God and Jesus, abhor the Founding Fathers, and paint an awful, dishonest picture of America to schoolchildren.

Dewey alleged that modern science had destroyed the ancient view that the universe has a purpose. Science is the only means to truth, and its facts are subject to change, so, therefore, there is no such thing as objective truth—all truth is relative and changeable, in his view. According to him, "The Universe is self-existing and not created. The nature of the universe depicted by modern science makes unacceptable any supernatural. Man is at last aware that he is alone."

The fact that worship is a worldwide phenomenon makes it a vital part of humankind. But Dewey sneered at religious people as misguided simpletons. He believed that educators could train the little people to let go of their beliefs, habits, thoughts, desires, customs, and social institutions with his guidance. His goal was to use the schools to undermine faith in God and diminish confidence in the American Way.

His strategy involved first indoctrinating America’s schoolteachers. For that purpose, Dewey founded the Columbia University Teachers College, right next door to his partners at the Frankfort School. It became the model for teachers colleges across America. The Frankfort School also provided the philosophy for the National Education Association (teachers union), spearheaded by Dewey.

Through Dewey’s Teachers College, he taught the professors who would train America's teachers. Thus the goals of public education have been radically transformed—intentionally perverted—by progressives over the past fifty years. Every public school teacher in America must be trained and certified by a teachers' college. Therefore, the way to brainwash millions of Americans is to proselytize those who will teach children in the schools.

John Dewey also founded the American Association of University Professors. Today it has 47,000 members. The AAUP was explicitly formed as a progressive movement that had the goal of defeating religion in the name of a new god named science. The AAUP wanted the Creator eliminated from universities, American culture, and the public square. In 1988, the AAUP declared that Christian schools and colleges forfeit the right to represent themselves as "authentic" seats of higher learning.


Compulsory Attendance

It was not until 1918 that the government made going to school mandatory in America. Not long after that, we see godless progressives infiltrate the education establishment to brainwash our children. Today, the schools have lost their primary mission: to transmit knowledge, wisdom, morality, and civic virtue. That mission was drowned in a morass of social engineering designed to level everyone down.

By the 1920s, a movement had begun to cleanse the public schools of Christianity. The people in this movement claimed schools should be neutral about God. But the same group demanded the exclusive teaching of Evolution, inherent in an atheist worldview.

The public schools had been founded on the idea that virtually all Americans believed in the same truths. These truths rested on a Christian foundation. Progressive voices were clamoring for that to be set aside and teaching based solely on science. The schools had already taken over what had been the function of parents and churches in educating the young. Now progressives wanted schools to become America's new church of science.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1923 that one of the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution is "the power of parents to control their children's education." The Court reiterated that in 1972 and 2000: "It cannot now be doubted that the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children."

However, other court rulings have since undercut this fundamental right. The 2006 Fields v. Palmdale School Districtdecision proclaimed that regardless of what you want as a parent, government schools can teach your child “whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise.”

Another federal judge ruled that a school can force your child to watch a one-hour video that falsely presents as an indisputable fact that people who practice homosexual behaviors cannot help it because "they were born that way," and “there is nothing wrong with” sodomy.

A federal court would later decide that a father couldn’t prevent his child from being taught the glories of the homosexual lifestyle in kindergarten. Another federal judge ruled that schools can force children to attend a program advocatinghomosexual behaviors. That means that parents are losing the fight to be the moral educators of their children.


God Must Go

Before the 1960s, our courts had rarely considered cases about the First Amendment guarantee that We the People would always remain free to exercise our religious beliefs everywhere. The only restriction on religion was that the federal government could not establish a national church. There seemed to be no problems between Church and State. Lawsuits in the Sixties launched a new prohibition movement by Atheists to kick God out of the schools.

The Supreme Court declared God persona non grata in public schools. Since unelected judges booted God out of our schools, fewer Christians have chosen to go into the teaching profession. That was not the only reason. At the same time, the far left-wing extremist teachers' unions took control of the schools, thanks to new legislation by Democrats. They controlled the federal government entirely in the 1960s. Those twin terrors, combined with schools' federalization, have caused the quality of education to plummet.

Many conservative people do not believe in unions and do not wish to join one. As a result, more and more anti-Christian teachers, hard-core leftists, have moved into the field. Why did leftists want to gain control of schools? To make them better? No. They were already peerless on the planet. What was the problem with our schools then?

The problem was that Americans were conservative people who were proud of their country and their faith in God and of the free enterprise system that they rightly understood had made them the most privileged people who had ever lived. Still today, a significant majority of U.S. adults (71 percent) want schools to celebrate Christmas. Only 17 percent disagree. Seventy percent also believe religious symbols like crosses and Christmas nativity scenes should be allowed on public land. That is what leftists hate and want to kill.


Vanquishing Christianity

The most malicious ploy of the Devil was to take control of our education system. Every leftist propagandist knows the best way to take over a country is to brainwash the children. The idea is to make children accept atheism, socialism, and immorality. Karl Marx said, "We make war against all prevailing ideas of religion." Vladimir Lenin clarified, "Atheism is an integral part of socialism."

The godless have permeated our society with the myth that when you step on public property, you lose your constitutional right to your free exercise of religion. That is the opposite of the truth. But under this myth, our government schools generally forbid the mere mention of Jesus' Name as if it is obscene—while encouraging and celebrating real obscenity, such as sexual deviancy.

The ACLU intimidates government schools and municipalities by writing threatening letters that falsely announce a fictitious law demanding 'separation of church and state' has been broken. A threatened lawsuit will cost massive amounts of money to defend, money that is not in the budget. A decision is made that the best thing to do is just cry uncle.

To remake government schools into indoctrination centers for Secular Humanism, the Left had to get God out. It could only implement its plan using federal power because all the local school districts across our land would never agree. Every part of its program was opposed by 90% of American parents. We the People had to be disempowered for the sake of a leftist Utopia.


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