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How Imagination Booms A Young Brain

Chinyere is a renowned teacher. she has taught for 10 years in basic school. she take great pleasure in developing children ability.

How Mondays always look like , some children feel weary


Nurturing minds at pre school is one of my memorable experience as a teacher. It is boring when handle them the adult way, but easier when you go the best play method. Simultaneously, I grabbed the sleeping dogs by the tail! It was wow!

We all never wanted to call it a day. What possibly could the magic be, nothing, just that I got their taste from their innocuous heart, that is as gentle as a dove. The brilliant ones took it as apparatus that mobilizes and spark up positive flames.

It was a simple question that spurred thought to action. Thinking and imagination are closely related; there is no hard and fast rule between them. Both involve the education of the mind. Imagination is the ability to form in the mind pictures of things that are not new but present to the sense or creative faculty of mind.

Unanimously, imagination is the power of forming mental images or other concepts. It promotes activeness, compile children to be lively. Children make use of intellectual and creative imaginations at the early age, listening to stories, and they reproduce them.


Question that says “what” sparkle up creative imagination.

That faithful morning, it seems like every Dick and Harry were creasing sad faces, I stood motionlessly for a while gazing at their unusual welcome greeting, thought of discovery solution surged like a ranging wave inside me.

It was so early to have dull impression about day class activities. I went around to pat them on their backs peck their chin, to cheer them up, our Monday mornings are often like waking up a just wed bride. Some activities carried out over the weekend, still fresh in their memory. However, I have to wake the flexibility spirit to progress for the day.

For I wouldn't like to waste my little period. Just in a twinkle the remedial question came and I hit it hard; "what do you do every morning ?

Suddenly ,their mind elude from wearily ,it was an interesting


Wake up activities


Beaming them with a smile, I saw minds searching facts, with eyes closed trying to put facts together, hmm mm some were moving their mouth like murmuring wave, some were writing on rough. Suddenly, the wearier faces all have disappeared.

Eagerness to give me the desired answers took over, they made up pictures of what usually happened every morning before they left for school. A child can make up in his mind a picture of things experienced in the past on his own. He knows what a day is and what life means.

Creative Imagination plays a considerable part in appreciation of the arts-music, sculpture, paintings, and literature. Without it, children would lack tone for aesthetic, and there would be no progress in science and art.

Creative Imagination is advantageous, especially in when trying to make a child to see reasons for responsiveness and accountability. It takes a creative mind nothing to adapt in trail times, A vibrant mind can turn difficulties to solution to unseen circumstance through his thinking ability.


Thus, real imagination is the ability to create pictures from the mind to look real.

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For instance, I asked what does your street look like? This question flashes the impression of his street in his mind, the ability to put the picture of his street proves his real imaginative skill at work.

This is when a child brings in his mind a picture he has experienced in the past. The response to the question will beam green light in his mind to think deeply in order to give excellent description of his street to make it appear real.

A child can make a mental image of what he has learned in school, at home, in the neighborhood, even the person he met on his way. Deploying real imaginative skill in a child can make his subconscious mind ever ready to digest impromptu motions that may stand as a challenge to him.

Children brain are pure, imagination psych their mind. Compel them to action. Just like a toddler mimicking words, put through its paces to express what he has seen his mum or dad does,


Children should visualize concrete and abstract words, describe what they use, imagine what is going on as it is read in a story, Ability to synthesize proves his imaginative intellect is functioning.

Intellectual imagination is organizing of pictures of things and scenes he has not seen. Children between the ages of 5-10 can create stories and travel records. If a child is able to make up stories about animals having king, cloud talking, car flying in the sky etc. is a signal that his intellectual ability is functional. Without intellectual imaginations, children would almost be drifting about.

They would not learn anything from reading or description. They would know less, their brain IQ will be unsatisfactory. This is where spelling bee is very necessary.

Question, like : spell the word “environment” and give its meaning? It is highly important aid in flash cards. Spelling bees work enormously in children. It is utilized when considering and developing ideas from different point of view. They conceptualize the semblance of each word and associate it with its meaning.

A child can attend and hark back to any word or picture. Understanding assists the clearness of the images and hence the memory. Nothing should therefore be taught by heart which is not understood.

It's therefore of the greatest importance that the first presentation of any subject should be made clearly, accurately and as vividly as possible. If it is desired to lead one's image or idea to re-call another, They should be taught as frequently as possible.

Using stage drama to illustrate intellectual imagination



when someone gives you a gift, what must you say?

Answer to the question above trigger emotion, happiness precisely. This is the basis of moral education and is very important. It helps to develop sense of sympathy, without emotional imagination children would be cruel, bully and self-centered. There would be a continual quarrelling, which may result in no feeling for others.

Moreover, this imagination is vital in life of every growing child for safety of future society. Children deserve to be loved and cared for. It reflects in their behaviors. Showing love and care to a child determines how he behaves outside his home or school. He will transfer love he receives to others.

These are magic words for children emotional development :

  • am sorry,
  • please,
  • excuse me,
  • thank you and pardon me.

This word sorry” helps a child to have feeling of sympathy for each other, when he grows up he will embrace the behavior of making people around him feel counted

If a child can't use the word please” he can't associate well with others, even his

age mate will avoid him.

If a child can't use the word excuse me”, he will end up fighting and picking quarrel with everyone in the street.

A child who can't say thank you” he will lose favor of receiving from people. He should understand the importance of appreciation.

Every growing child should ask for pardon, for any act of disobedience.



Imagination is exactly as real as you accept it to be. As long as we keep on using it, we keep on making it real and strengthening our believes in its delusion. In a nutshell, there are four forms of imagination disposable in childhood brain development. They are:

  • creative imagination
  • real imagination
  • intellectual imagination
  • emotional imagination

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Chinyere Okoye

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