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Hospice Is Sometimes Necessary

I have had to have both of my parents on hospice care at the end of their life as well as my best friend’s mother. I hope this helps others.

Sun Shining Through Clouds

Sun Shining Through Clouds

A Choice For End-of-Life Care

Some of us will have to make the choice for a loved one to have Hospice care or not. It is not a decision most of us take pleasure in making. We have to decide when to let our loved one go and if to continue medical treatment or not. Here is a link to a website that will hopefully be a help in making that decision,

It is definitely helpful if there is a Living Will or DNR already in place. If there isn’t, you will want to look into having one. If at all possible, try to know your loved one’s wishes before they get to this point in life.

Here is a link to a website that can help with information on Setting up a Living Will; This website can also help with setting up power of attorney. This will designate who is in charge of making decisions legally for the loved one in question and will determine who is primarily responsible for overseeing their care.

This website,, gives more information about a DNR.

I would also suggest to setting up funeral plans if you haven’t already. A funeral pre-need is so very helpful in times like these. Here is a link for more information about final expense and pre-needs,

Dad and mom in nursing home on their 50th wedding anniversary

Dad and mom in nursing home on their 50th wedding anniversary

My Personal Experience with Hospice

My first experience with hospice was with my best friend’s mom. She was actually placed in a Hospice facility. The location was private and secure. We created a password for friends and family to get into the building. There was a large sitting room with a place to shower, eat, rest, and do laundry if you were staying with a loved one. The rooms were comfortable and nice. There was even a courtyard and small chapel, just about anything you would want or need for end-of-life care.

Staying in the Hospice facility is one option until the time of passing, but there are other options too. It is especially nice if you are able to keep your loved one in their own home and familiar surroundings while on Hospice care.

I, personally, am so very glad that my parents were on hospice at the time of their deaths. It is actually helpful to know you aren’t going through the struggle alone. Both of my parents were living in a nursing home when their time of pass came. It was like having a patient care advocate who could coordinate care between me and the nursing home. They helped me make decisions on rather they should go to the hospital for care or not. Keep in mind if they went to the hospital, they would have to be taken off Hospice care for the duration of their stay in the hospital.

Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made, and they are there to help. They also had a chaplain available for spiritual support. They followed up even after my loved ones were gone to make sure I was okay. They provided literature and walked me through what to expect as my loved ones went through the dying process.

I hope this is a help to others going through the process of letting a loved one go and caring for them. Sometimes it is necessary to make a difficult choice for those we love. May God bless you and your family.

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