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Homeschool Activities

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Homeschooling activities are fun, but it doesn't take long for little ones to get bored with everything. You can easily do all of the fun activities that you had planned for homeschool days in one day. You have so much time to spend with your children, but it can get boring rather quickly. Coming up with a homeschool schedule (as long as you're not unschooling) and using these awesome homeschool ideas will guarantee that your days are packed with educational and fun activities.


Homeschool Projects

There are quite a few benefits to taking your kids out of public schools and homeschooling them. Not only do you have time for lots of fun, but you also have time for plenty of projects!

Paper Mache

Paper mache is a classic school activity that everyone will enjoy. You'll find paper mache activities in most private schools, and this project won't cost homeschool parents an arm and a leg. Create a classic volcano or make planets that they can hang from the ceiling.

Head off to your local dollar store and pick up plenty of canvas and paint. Then, create a personal art gallery for the dining room! You can focus on landscape or abstract paintings. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach your little one about different styles of art or famous artists too!

Make a Scrapbook

This should be a fun book that you both contribute to! Help your little one make their own scrapbook to give to a loved one. Make sure that you include lovely messages inside! Another great idea is to document all of the great things that you do together. This can even be used as your portfolio for the year!


Free Homeschool Ideas

Homeschooling doesn't come with funding the way that public schools do. Things can get expensive rather quickly, so free homeschool activities are always a great idea. These are some of the best free ideas you can use for your homeschool kids.

Free Homeschool Printables

You can complete a quick online search to find free printables online. It doesn't matter whether you're working on math skills or reading skills, you can find anything for your little ones grade level. However, you need to keep in mind that even though most homeschoolers don't use grades, most printables are categorized by grade level.

Bike Rides

Riding bikes is a great way to get some exercise! Simply head out for a bike ride around the block to enjoy physical education for the day. this is a wonderful way to have homeschool gym class.

Head to the Library

Go on a family trip to the library. Your little one can check out their favorite books, and some libraries offer educational programs that make great classes for homeschoolers. You can also participate in a story time! The library is a great resource for every homeschool mom.

Go to the Park

Any type of outdoor activity is a great idea for homeschooled students. Children need to play outside and have fun! Explore different parks in your area, and make sure to include plenty of outside time in your daily homeschool schedule.


If you've already been to the park a million times, head to your local start park inside. Nature reserves are a great place for homeschooled students to learn about nature, making this a wonderful science activity!

Virtual Field Trips

Tons of places, such as museums and zoos, offer virtual field trips. Homeschooled students can learn about everything from animals to agriculture!

Listen to Classical Music

Not only is classical music good for your brain, but it also offers a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about different cultures. Homeschooled students can learn about different composers and various types of music from YouTube.


Although I'm not a huge fan of YouTube, it does offer several educational programs on every subject you can imagine. Some families include the use of technology in their daily homeschool schedule.

Wii Fit

This is a great way to get in your gym time, and have some fun! If you're looking for some new activities, consider picking up an older edition Wii and a Wii fit. It can help the entire family stay in shape.

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Educational Activities

Free printables and worksheets are great, but your little one can only do so many worksheets before they will get tired of them. Keep these educational homeschool ideas in mind to keep your little ones engaged.

Foreign Language

Learning a new language is a great activity for kids. You can find courses for children free or cheap and may get a discount because you homeschool. Another great idea is to start watching shows in a foreign language to help little ones pick up on it.

Board Games

Playing your kid's favorite games is a wonderful way to teach them new things! These learning activities will help children learn to share and take turns. They'll learn good sportsmanship if they lose.

When you introduce card games children can learn to identify numbers. Make sure that you include these in your education schedule to keep your little one learning. Pick up a deck of cards the next time that you're out.


Take the entire family on a camping trip and consider some homeschool camping ideas! Go for a nature walk. Bring along some fun homeschool activities, such as coloring books or art activities. This is a great time to teach your little one to fish or have fun swimming. Camping offers plenty of adventures for homeschool families!

Nature Walks

Nature walks provide a chance for homeschool fun, homeschool gym class and science class. Your little one can learn about nature and science as they ask questions. This is a great time for little ones to learn about everything from trees and plants to how clouds are formed or where rain comes from!


Coloring is a great way to help children work on their fine motor skills. They will learn how to color inside of the lines, which is a necessary skill for children to learn how to write when they begin language arts later on down the road.


Including outings into your daily homeschool schedule is a great way to engage your little one in learning, and you can both have fun. Instead of being at home all day, consider including museum trips. Children's museums offer plenty of interactive exhibits to help little ones learn. Art museums offer a great opportunity for kids to learn to appreciate art, too!


Cheap Activities for Kids

If you're trying to find budget friendly homeschool ideas for kids, this is the perfect list for you. These activities will help you find cheap things to do with your kids that you both will love!

Extracurricular Activities

Some homeschool moms will find that their children can participate in sports with public or private schools. If not, consider checking out local organizations, such as the YMCA. You can enroll your children in classes from basketball to tumbling or dancing.

Join a Local Homeschool Organization

Local homeschool organizations will offer fun opportunities for your little one. You can join a co-op that offers educational opportunities. There are also plenty of recess and playgroups that you can join to help socialize your homeschooled kids. Keep in mind that every homeschool organization is different, so it's important to ask questions before joining.

Pick Up a Deck of Cards

Teaching your little one the joys of playing classic card games is a great idea. The older your little one gets, the more games they'll be able to play. My teenager still loves playing board games together.


It's important to remember that everything in life is a learning experience. You are constantly surrounded by learning opportunities. Get your little one in the kitchen to learn about water vapor when water boils. You can use measuring cups to learn about fractions. This is also a great time for your little one to learn about kitchen safety. Have some fun with homeschool by simply baking cookies.

Get Creative

Break out the art supplies and let your creativity flow! Enjoy painting projects or head outside to color with chalk. Browse through your local dollar store selection for cheap art supplies and let your little one come up with some creative ideas.

Paint Faces

This is a great art activity that children of all ages can enjoy. They sell face paint crayons online that you can use to color your little ones face to make it look like a tiger or a fairy!

Plant a Few Seeds

You don't need expensive garden equipment to plant a few seeds in indoor pots. Simply get seeds for a few small flowers and plant them inside. Place them on a windowsill that gets plenty of light to watch them grow! This is a great science project.

Writing Letters

This is a wonderful to encourage children to write! They can learn the components of a sentence and proper grammar, such as where to use capital letters and how to put punctuation at the end of a sentence.


Consider Homeschool Units

Instead of random activities, consider doing units much like they do in school. This can be a lot of fun, even if you're unschooling. For example, learn about Egypt. Then, build a paper mache pyramid or learn how to write your name in hieroglyphics. A schedule can come in handy for this idea, but you can also play it by ear, doing activities that your little one is interested in. Use this list of activities and tailor them to cover diverse interests to create your own homeschool units!

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