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Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth

Hollow Earth

All of the governments on the surface acknowledge that the Earth is hollow they just do not share this information with their citizens as it is considered a National Security Secret.

All of the governments on the surface acknowledge that the Earth is hollow they just do not share this information with their citizens as it is considered a National Security Secret.

Santa Claus

The legend or myth of Santa Claus has its origins from visitors from Hollow Earth exiting a Polar opening and bringing many wonderful and amazing gifts to the less developed surface races of humans.

These visitors used a flying sled or what we would call now a UFO to visit the surface of the planet. The Hyperboreans of ancient Greek mythology would fit our current description of Santa Claus very well.

Tall, large, bearded white men of the far North that live in a land of eternal spring, surrounded by mountains of ice and snow. This land was known to be the dwelling places of Nymphs or what we might call Elves. The whole story of Santa Claus could very well be an ancient racial memory of Hollow Earth visitors.


This book explains the strange disappearance of the statesman William Morgan in the early 1800s, after threatening to expose the secrets of the Freemasons in a book he was writing. He was arrested and released but soon afterwards completely vanished from the face of the Earth.

According to the book he travels to Hollow Earth through a cave that is part of Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, USA and along the way he learns many ancient secrets and the reasons they have been withheld from mankind for so long.

As he journey's through a land that time forgot the true nature of gravity is revealed, the history of the human race, the fate of Atlantis and the origins of the Freemasons and the reasons for their secrecy.

Hollow Earth Mysteries

Although I had heard of the Hollow Earth theory for many years, it wasn't until the last four years that I paid much attention to it. Now that I have researched it, read about it and investigated it, I've come to recognize the truth of this mystery. It explains so many mysteries about our planet and its history. In Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth I will share with my readers all the main points and mysteries I have learned while exploring this fascinating subject that has been censored from our mainstream education for so long.

"When our perception of something supernatural finally gives way to the natural, as it always does when something is fully understood, relief come to the mind and body as only continuous ignorance causes a disturbance. This is because it's too easy to apply the supernatural to matters we do not yet understand."

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

I will show how the Hollow Earth concept helps to explain many mysteries that mainstream science can't or won't touch, why it is important now to learn about our Hollow Earth and how it will affect the future of those that inhabit the surface.

What is important to recognize is that this theory is as old as human history and is part of the myth and legends of EVERY major civilization on this planet, from the Eskimos and Australian Aborigines to the American Indians, Romans, Greeks, Celts, Vikings, Hindus, Sumerians and the list goes on and on.

This concept explains where UFOs come from, the 13 Lost Tribes of Israel, the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, how the Freemasons gained their power and secrets and a whole host of other incredible mysteries that have puzzled mankind for centuries.

It gives us great insight into the exact location of The Garden of Eden, the story of Genesis and Adam and Eve and many other ancient legends and myths that have have remained a mystery for so long, here on the surface.

Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth will provide the food for thought necessary to clear up many scientific, astronomical and archeological mysteries that are just commonly held beliefs, theories and ideas made up by scientist, governments and archeologists to explain mysteries that defy logic and common sense in the absence of revealing the Hollow Earth concept to the public.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd, hero of WWII, flew two missions to both poles in the late 40s and 50s and kept a detailed diary of these events. He described many extinct animals and plants, open sea water and mountain ranges and large green valley's where none should exist. His plane was escorted to an ancient city where he met and talked to a race of humans, that warned him of dire consequences if the surface dwellers continued to use nuclear weapons and energy.

Make no mistake people this concept has been censored from our education for a reason, that goes well beyond the mere idea that our planet is hollow. Those in power have gained a lot of their secrets, technology and advancements by negotiating with the civilization of humans and extraterrestrials that live inside our planet.

Did you know that it is illegal to explore a cave in the United States without a Federal Agent present?

The United States Government is well aware that our planet is hollow and wish to keep this a secret from the public for as long as possible, that is why the Hollow Earth concept gets such bad publicity, much like the UFO mystery. For many years books about the Hollow Earth theory were simply banned in the United States, only in the last 100 years or so has this ban been lifted in favor of ridicule, derision and censorship.

In 1959 Ray Palmer, editor of Flying Saucer magazine tried to publish Admiral Byrd's diary in full, only to have all of the magazines, printing plates and delivery manifests confiscated by the US Government. If the Hollow Earth concept is just fantasy as scientist claim, why would our government go to such great lengths to censor this information from the public?

Where do you suppose the old saying of 'Down the Rabbit Hole of Knowledge' comes from? It is because the civilization that lives inside our planet is the original species on this planet and has a vast storehouse of knowledge that is thousands of years ahead of us in technology, spirituality, health care, social laws and living.

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But before I digress let's take a look at the Hollow Earth theory up close and what it really means that our Earth is hollow.

Hollow Dimensions

The dimensions are as natural as a seed or simple cell, a thick outer wall with life on the inside and a nucleus.

The dimensions are as natural as a seed or simple cell, a thick outer wall with life on the inside and a nucleus.

Marshall B. Gardner

Space Dust

A little known fact that most astronomers know but don't share with the public is that stars are actually the producers of space dust or the elements that make up the emptiness of space and that this space dust is actually DNA molecules that are instantly freeze dried by the vacuum of interstellar space left to drift endlessly. Some scientist believe that this is how life is formed on planets, when these DNA molecules come into contact with compatible atmospheres they then thaw and become the building blocks of life on that particular planet.

This is known as the Pamspermia Hypothesis of creation and includes comets or asteroids that impact planets as well after collecting this space dust in their travels through interstellar space.

However my belief is that the star on the inside of our planet is a living sentient being and it decides what kind of life to create on the planet that formed around it. My research has revealed that the human species has existed on and in this planet for over 4,500,000 million years. That the citizens of Lemuria and Atlantis moved into Hollow Earth approximately between 25,000 to 12,000 years ago after the collapse of their surface civilizations.

Mariana Stjerna

Dolores Cannon

Keepers of the Garden

This book reveals the ancient race of humanoids whose job it is to seed planets in this part of the Galaxy with life, to care for it, remove the weeds, nurture it and if need be exterminate it and start over. It details how life is grown elsewhere in controlled environments specifically designed for each planet and then transported in huge 'Arks' to various planets.

It explains how it has been necessary to reseed Earth at least three times in the past due to various infections and contaminations by various life forms and how our current race has been infected but was allowed to continue to exist as an experiment.

Because of outside influences certain modifications to the human race have been made to ensure that we develop naturally spiritually as well as physically. However it also explains that the time is drawing near where a reassessment will take place determining if the current race is worth saving, must be removed or if through spiritual ascension some are allowed to stay.

That is why the Hollow Earth inhabitants have been trying to educate our species indirectly in a spiritual manner in hopes that we can ascend spiritually to the point that many of us can be saved.

Hollow Earth Origins and Dimensions

The Hollow Earth or Nebulae Hypothesis postulated by among others but made popular by Marshall B. Gardener in his 1915 book Journey To The Earth's Interior explains how planets are formed through the rotation of gases around a collapsing star. Now perhaps a scientist or astronomer can explain it better than I but what I gleaned from the material is that as the star collapses it drags through gravity a vast amount of stellar material around it in a mass vortex.

This takes millions of years to happen but as this star continues to collapse it forms a bubble of gas and other elements around it, creating a huge vortex, much like water going down a drain it has openings in it on both poles of the bubble. As this bubble forms over a huge amount of time it begins to cool and solidify, forming a crust.

As the two vortexes reach the center where the star is, they expand to the inner surface of the bubble formed, to go around the star. See a little known idea about gravity, which mainstream science and education refuses to introduce to the public is that gravity repulses as well attracts. This concept which has been censored from the publics education is what keeps planets from being dragged into the Suns gravity well over billions of years and keeps everything in place.

Remember that every force or law in our Universe is made of three equal parts, positive, negative and neutral. Perhaps you have heard of the Holy Trinity?

Eventually the star retards its complete collapse, like a mini-sun and becomes stable. It then remains the nucleus of the planet forming and much like a simple cell has a nucleus with an outer wall around it. The bubble becomes the surface crust and eventually forms a thick outer shell, much like an egg, it protects the life that forms inside it.

The star or inner sun then becomes the living heart of the planet and life source of every living thing it chooses to create on the planet it has formed. This gives credence to the popular belief that our planet is a living sentient incarnation of Gods creation and that it is the reason we exist.

My own believe is that when we 'die' our souls return to what the Hollow Earth inhabitants call the 'Smoky God' or inner Sun, to learn from our recent life on the surface and when we are ready, reincarnate for another lesson.

If you think of the Earth as an egg, then it becomes easy to understand how life on this planet began. It then becomes clear why a seed or egg is formed the way it is, with a hard outer shell and life on the inside. What better way to protect life from the elements than to protect it with a hard outer shell. However because some planets form atmospheres life could exist on the outside, which of course lends itself to the saying "As Above, So Below"!

Of course as the hard outer crust forms from the rotating mass of elements it creates two openings at either poles. Now because the way our planet formed and the fact that Earth has a wobble too, which doesn't allow it to rotate perfectly, ice has formed around both of these inner Earth access points which makes travel to these openings somewhat problematic for a species unable to endure extreme temperatures.

The Hollow Earth concept postulates that the surface crust of our planet Earth is 400 to 800 miles, thicker at the equator and thinner at the poles. Considering our planet is 8,000 miles across (diameter) and research indicates the inner core or Sun has a 600 mile diameter, that leaves roughly 2,900 miles on either side of the Inner Sun or hollow area.

Many of the books and research I have done on this subject indicate that there is five times the amount of land mass on the inside than on the surface but that the main continent is known as Agartha. From my research I have learned that the North Pole opening is surrounded by open sea water and the South Pole opening is surrounded by ice and rock. However there are numerous tunnels leading from the inner Earth to the surface, some natural but most man made.

In the distant past these tunnels were used as common means of transportation to and from the surface but only in the last several thousand years have these tunnels been closed off from our two distinct civilizations that have taken widely diverse evolutionary paths. Because once the civilizations on the surface became a violent race that used warfare to settle their differences, it was then decided (through freedom of choice) by the original civilization on the inside of the planet to allow the surface dwellers to evolve on their own.

Hollow Earth Theory

Spiritual Juncture

The civilizations on the surface of our planet have now reached a critical juncture in our evolution. The forces of evil, what most people would call the Reptilians or Annunaki have been removed from the planet. These beings claimed to be the original sentient species of our planet but have manipulated human societies for untold thousands of years so that they may live as our 'Gods'. They literally fed off our emotional fear and to some degree the consumption of our flesh. They considered us nothing more than cattle, to be used as we use cattle for physical and spiritual nourishment.

Now that they have been forcibly removed it is up to us to throw off the yoke of ignorance and learn to live spiritual lives. In the beginning this will be difficult for us to do as we have been conditioned for thousands of years to settle our differences through bloodshed.

Because beings that exist in a higher vibrational frequencies, the 5th dimension (Inner Earth Inhabitants) they are forbidden by Universal Law to interfere with lower 3rd dimensional beings (surface dwellers) and they cannot directly influence our lives and development directly. This means that until we as a civilization outlaw warfare, greed and other vices and learn to live in service to others as a rule, they cannot help us achieve the spiritual enlightenment they already hold.

We only need the majority of humans on the surface to awaken spiritually for helped to be allowed to commence and that is all the Inner Earth inhabitants are waiting for and what The Powers That Be are desperately trying to prevent. The 100 Monkey Theory describes how once a majority of humans achieve a certain level of knowledge and spiritual development, that the affect then snowballs to the point that it becomes widely accepted as a whole.

However the Inner Earth civilizations can prevent us from destroying the planet, just not each other, that is why conventional warfare is allowed to continue and nuclear weapons have been disarmed. Because they are thousands of years ahead of us in technological terms they are able to use their aircraft, what we call UFOs to disarm our nuclear weapons.

This is the only reason nuclear warfare has not happened since the end of World War II, it has been tried many times by many different nations but every time the devices have been disarmed, sometimes in flight. Our governments know this to be true and with hold this information from the public, allowing us to think they still have some control and so they can continue to use nuclear energy to power cities and nations.

Aurelia Louise Jones

Atlantis and Lemuria

The civilization of Lemuria and Atlantis existed from 4,500,000 million years ago until relatively recent times 12,000 years ago or what our own historians would have us believe was the beginning of our own history. What lead to the downfall of these two great civilizations was a difference of opinion on how to treat the less developed original species or races that still populated the rest of the planet Earth, what we call the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals, which lead to a devastating conflict and ultimate annihilation of both races.

The Lemurian civilization which existed in the Pacific region of Earth and included the lands of what is now California to Australia to Japan and Hawaii, wished to allow the less civilized races to evolve on their own spiritual pace, without interference. Atlantis, which was basically a large island continent in what is now the Atlantic Ocean, wished to exploit the primitive human races and treat them as animals, slaves and guinea pigs for their experiments.

It seems the Atlantians wanted to rule the less developed races of man as their Gods and the Lemurians wanted to allow them to advance to their caliber of spiritual enlightenment on their own.

As a matter of fact there is much evidence that Atlantian scientist had already began to experiment on the less developed races by genetically manipulating them into hybrid half animal half humans and this has lead to the many ancient myths and legends of Minotaurs, Centaurs, Sphinx, Satyr, Harpy, Chimera, Griffin, Wyvern and Mermaids to name a few.

The Lemurian civilization strongly objected to this form of genetic manipulation of sentient beings and tried to put a stop too it, this lead to conflict and eventually war between these two technologically advanced civilizations. The weapons of choice by these advance humans not only destroyed the cities and people but the land beneath them as well. This is one of the reasons we have found very little traces of these two ancient civilizations.

There is much speculation as too where these two advanced civilizations originated from but my own research has lead me to believe that they both had colonized Earth from distant star systems and had existed peacefully on the planet for millions of years.

Realizing that both of their civilizations would destroy each other, some of the more sane and practical elements of both societies asked for and received asylum from the civilization of advanced beings (Original Humans) living on the inside of our planet or Hollow Earth, what many call the Keepers of the Garden. Of course the one stipulation is that they would have to cease hostilities and live peacefully.

The Lemurians, modified an already existing large natural cavern beneath Mount Shasta, California and named their city Telos. They hoped to relocate a 100,000 of their citizens to this city but were only able to get 10,000 safely inside before their continent sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean, 25,000 years ago. Remnants of this mighty civilization have been found off the coast of Japan and other areas of the Ring of Fire.

The Atlantian civilization survived for thousands of more years before the destruction of their continent succumbed to the waves almost 12,000 years ago. Many of their civilization migrated to other parts of the surface, relocating to ancient Egypt, India, Europe and even South America, however one contingent also found sanctuary inside Hollow Earth.

The influx of Atlantians into the less developed races of man on the surface can found in the architecture they helped create (Pyramids), the many secret societies they developed (Freemasons and Illuminati), the religions they started and the constant warfare they promoted. Over time they lost, not only their spiritual and technological advancements but their long lives as they integrated and mixed with the original species on this planet.

Both of the contingents of Lemuria and Atlantis, that retreated inside our planet and continued their spiritual way of life still remain living and many of these two races still exist some of these beings are over 30,000 years old. This is one of the main differences between our races, as those that promote and live spiritual lives are able to transcend the aging process.

Hollow Earth Openings

The Hollow Earth openings have been well documented by our governments but this information has been censored from the public.

The Hollow Earth openings have been well documented by our governments but this information has been censored from the public.

Dianne Robbins

Clayton Brough


What is important to recognize is the far reaching censorship, ridicule and scorn of this subject in our Fake Stream Media, education systems and the outright banning of books on the topic. Because this concept has been labelled as fantasy, myths and legends it is classified among such subjects as UFOs, aliens and pseudo-science.

However because through the overwhelming evidence, whistleblowers and channelers this theory or concept has gained widespread acceptance among the more enlightened members of our society. Many government documents reveal that the Hollow Earth concept is already a foregone conclusion and make no illusion to it but accept it as a fact.

Because it has now become so widely known, the only choice left to those that wish to keep it a secret is to deride, ridicule and blithely ignore it. This tactic only ensures that the enlightened members of our society will continue to explore it and reveal it to those supposedly reasonably informed majority or Sheeple as I prefer to label them.

The Hollow Earth theory explains a lot of the mysteries that most scientists won't touch but after you delve into it you will see how it explains many mysteries, legends and myths that hold a tantalizing bit of truth. The Aurora Borealis is easily explained as a reflection of the inner sun on our atmosphere. It explains where the inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis went to, it explains how we never see any UFOs leaving or entering our atmosphere from space.

Consider for a moment a civilization of humans without warfare for the last 12,000 years and where they would be spiritually and technologically. Longer life spans, no diseases, no starvation, everyone has a job, because they don't hunt animals the lion literally lies down with the lamb. No pollution, no oil based economy, no money, no prisons, no drugs.

We would consider it paradise and if we knew, everyone and their dog would try to immigrate there. However until we abolish war, we will not be getting an invitation and they have the means to prevent us from trying. The immigration issue is the reason that our governments have instituted a 'No-Fly Zone' over the Polar regions of our planet.

Considered for a moment the implications if the Hollow Earth concept were revealed today as not only the truth but that those that live there exist in a virtual paradise, live to be 30,000 years old, do not suffer from any diseases, do not want for anything, do not suffer from warfare or hunger, work only four (4) hours a day at any job they choose.

No Government on Earth could stop the mass migration to the polar openings to Hollow Earth, the public outcry would literally bring our civilization crashing to a halt!

Because Hollow Earth is reserved for the spiritually enlightened members of our planet very few people on the surface are ever invited to visit and even those that do go and come back are not believed when they describe their experience.

The Hollow Earth inhabitants have tried to intervene many times in the past but because only one nation has been willing to give up warfare they have not been given the opportunity to show us how we can live a spiritual existence.

The nation of Tibet is the only country that has not gone to war in over a thousand years and because of this they have been allowed to learn many of Hollow Earth's secrets.

This article Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth was designed and written to inspire my readers to research this fascinating subject on their own and ultimately decide for themselves the truth to the Hollow Earth concept.

Hollow Earth Theory

© 2013 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 13, 2016:

Have you read any of my hollow Earth articles?

On average the Earth's crust is 400 miles thick, thicker near the equator and thinner at the poles. It has many huge caverns inside it, the size of Texas and some even bigger but as you wrote above it is Hollow on the inside. The water doesn't stick to the inner surface due to centrifugal force but because of gravity.

There exists a zero point of gravity within every planet, so somewhere between the surface and the Inner Earth is the zero point and then it begins again. The Hollow Earth is affected by the same gravity we feel on the surface.

It has an inner light source or mini Sun, what many consider the heart of the planet, it has also been called The Smokey God. Some believe, as I do, that is where your soul ultimately ends up after you die, of course you spend some time evaluating your last incarnation with higher beings (angels if you will) before going back to the soul pool . . .

The air circulates much like it does on the surface without any weather and maintains a constant temperature of around 70 degrees.

Fluid does flow from the inside to outside and vise versa, the zero point gravity is basically half way between the interior surface and the outer surface.

See here is the thing if our planet was solid the centrifugal force alone would tear it apart, it would be too dense and its not, so it can't possibly be the way they teach us in school. Yes, the surface crust floats on a mantle of liquid molten rock but that is only one thin layer and is interspersed with other rock it isn't completely surrounding the planet.

The are hundreds of tunnels leading from the inside to the outside and one can use the polar entrances in the North you can sail or fly inside and never visually realize you have gone into a hole.

In the South you must travel through the Earth.

Once you look into all the links and read all of my articles you will have a better understanding but the science is valid, just difficult to initially grasp because we have always been taught otherwise.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on February 13, 2016:

Let me see if I have this. Let us use the example of a tennis ball, a hollow sphere. We drill holes in it N & S. Gravity holds the outer atmosphere in place as well as the inner atmosphere.

We spin the ball and place fluid in it. The fluid sticks to the inner walls due to centrifugal force. There is air between the interior wall and the center of the ball. It is dark because there is no light source.

1. Where does light come from, if any.

2. Is there air circulation?

3. How does one travel from the inner wall to the outer wall (500-800 miles)?

4. Why does not the fluid from the inside flow to the outside?

4. What is at the center?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 13, 2016:

Why doesn't our atmosphere escape into space?

The hollow Earth is inside our planet but the same atmospheric conditions exist, I'm not sure what you are asking?

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on February 13, 2016:

OK, why doesn't the air/atmosphere inside the hollow escape into space?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 12, 2016:

They do, the Inner or Hollow Earth has vast oceans bigger than on the surface., they also have about 4 to 5 times the land mass and rarely any kind of volcanic or tectonic stress. It is the ideal spot for life to develop, we have been taught the complete opposite of what is reality.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on February 12, 2016:

If the earth is hollow and filled with air, why don't the oceans flow into the hollow?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 07, 2014:

Your welcome Lindsey, sorry I'm just now getting back too you, I wasn't aware anyone else had commented.

When one begins to think with their heart and pay attention to their dreams synchronicity becomes a reality.

Once again proving you never know whom you may inspire with any given article or the sharing of knowledge.

Speaking of synchronicity, I'm currently reading a book called The Coming Race written by Edward Bulwer Lytton (in the early 1800s) in which it describes an American that while exploring a deep mine shaft, literally stumbles into a long lost race of man that sought refuge in the Earth after rising sea levels cover the surface thousands of years before Noah's flood.

He describes in great detail a civilization that has outgrown warfare, hunger, disease and government in favor of expanding the spiritual essence of their race through what they call Vril. This substance is what links all life together through a God consciousness and is the inspiration for the Nazi's Vril Society.

Vril is an extremely destructive force/element and can decimate anything by a mere thought however when used for spiritual peaceful purposes can create immortality, serenity and everlasting peace and harmony.

Obviously this race chose to use it for the latter, after recognizing when all had the power to destroy with a single thought, the awesome responsibility it created.

Lindsey N from Western New York on June 14, 2014:

I just started really delving into inner Earth research today as per a dream I had last night. It's so synchronistic that you made contact with me today and I came across your hubs! :)

We were meant to "cross paths" for very real reasons. Thank you for sharing this information, it was wonderful to read.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 13, 2014:

True, true however the point I wish to make is that ignorance dulls the wits and keeps mankind perpetually locked in a state of fear of the unknown.

Only by revealing our mysteries and allowing them to become common knowledge will the sheeple have any hope of accepting the truth of our existence. So while you and I may accept the truth behind these mysteries the common man doesn't even contemplate them, this prevents them from opening their minds to new ideas which will invariably lead to spiritual awakening.

Knowledge is the key to wisdom, so we must ever strive to gain it if we hope to live a spiritual existence.

jikwan on February 13, 2014:

first came across hollowearth concept reading lobsang rampa books

about 30 years ago. i read all his 20 odd books, so its not new to me

this maybe your passion but i must say it's a waste of time

i don't doubt its existence. its so heavily guarded and they don't want anything to do with us and nobody has had any success in communicating/living with them.....what's the use in further study and investigation?

and so what if millions of people know about it? millions or billions---what difference would it make?

they are inaccessible-much too far advanced. when i realized this i dropped the subject

if you enjoy your investigation----well, it aint going to harm anyone

go for it. but nothing will result

what progress have investigators made in the last 100 years? next to nothing!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 22, 2013:

Thanks, for the Wow, that is as good a compliment as ever. There is so much material now about the Hollow Earth theory that one could easily write a book on the subject, it would be nice to have all the references together in one compilation, food for thought.

Insane Mundane from Earth on December 22, 2013:

Wow! Excellent write-up about the Hollow Earth theory! There are a few tidbits here that I've never heard of, including the Santa Claus one. I'll need to go back over some of this later, when I get more time.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 21, 2013:

Thank you Nadine, I personally can't get enough Hollow Earth reading material and found some books I hadn't read before while researching this article and ordered them from Amazon as a Xmas present for myself.

Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon's work, I've only read Keepers of the Garden but plan to read more of her books, on the Convoluted Universe.

Well hope S.A. is treating you right, I really enjoy your work.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on December 21, 2013:

What a wonderful hub on this fascinating topic. I will have to read it over again ( its after midnight in Cape Town) and share the link to your pages on the hollow Earth theories on my Wordpress blog. Well done.

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