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Hollow Earth, No Fly Zones, Polar Openings and 'Science'

Cut-Away View Of Hollow Earth

This cut-away view of our planet shows the interior sun and continents inside our planet.

This cut-away view of our planet shows the interior sun and continents inside our planet.

Hollow Earth

The subject of Hollow Earth is fascinating and based on what we are taught in school, very confusing. In this article Hollow Earth, No Fly Zones (NFZ), Polar Openings and 'Science', I hope to shed a little light on the subject that have many people wondering why the public isn't aware of this topic.

First of all the subject of Hollow Earth has been around since the beginning of recorded history, is mentioned in the Bible, ancient manuscripts, the Sumerian clay tablets and the myths and legends of a dozen ancient cultures throughout the world. This topic is nothing new but maybe to the reader, as our World's Governments have remained silent on the subject and have even censored some scientific data that would reveal the true nature of our planet and the other planets in our solar system.

Many people that become aware of the subject usually have the same questions concerning knowledge about Hollow Earth.

"If our planet is truly hollow and there exists inside it a land inhabited by humans with advanced spiritual practices and technology, why wouldn't we have known about by now?"

This is a very good question but is easily answered.

Because, the humans that inhabit the inside of our planet live a life free from health concerns such as diseases, living to be thousands of year old, are spiritually advanced, do not have 'jobs' and have technology thousands of years more advanced than what we have on the surface, our Governments fear and rightfully so, that the public would not only demand trade negotiations but would migrate en masse to our hollow interior.

This would bring about the downfall of our very economic structure that enslaves the billions of humans that live on the surface to work for a very small percentage of the rich elite. Billionaires want to remain Billionaires and enjoy their privileged, special lifestyles, they don't want the playing field to be leveled, in which everybody enjoys the same privileges.

Now this may seem cruel and unfair but in reality is the truth, even the World's Governments would not be able continue to exist in their present state if, free energy and transportation was provided by the state, advanced health care practices eliminated diseases, technology and spiritual practices eliminated warfare, food and water was free, pollution was eliminated and crime and drugs were non-existent.

Our Governments would be out of business if these types of problems were eliminated from our society.

Now while I may not be able to prove to you that this Shangri-La exist within the interior of our planet, I can provide you with enough 'evidence', information that isn't disputed, scientific 'data', resources and books to allow you to make an informed decision as to the veracity of the Hollow Earth concept.

Even then, many of you will choose not to accept this as it will create cognitive dissonance in your lives. Be that as it may, I will have planted a seed, so that when the truth is revealed and it will in our lifetimes, you may not be so overwhelmed by the truth.

Must See Video of Hollow Earth Concept

No Fly Zone (Black Hole)

The black hole indicates where satellites are unable to retrieve data and fly over due to orbital restrictions or what is known as the No Fly Zone.

The black hole indicates where satellites are unable to retrieve data and fly over due to orbital restrictions or what is known as the No Fly Zone.

William Burrows

ICESAT Black Hole at True North Pole

This image shows how ICESAT captures the network of satellites that criss-cross the globe leaving a black hole of information retrieval at the true North Pole.

This image shows how ICESAT captures the network of satellites that criss-cross the globe leaving a black hole of information retrieval at the true North Pole.

No Fly Zones (NFZ)

One of the many aspects of the Hollow Earth concept that confuses many people is the No Fly Zones created by the major Nations of our world over the Poles of our planet, mostly the North Pole but the South Pole as well. When we hear the term No Fly Zone, we automatically assume that it refers to airplanes, it does in a way but the term was not created to describe restrictions for airplanes.

The term was first introduced in the 50s by the United States Air Force to describe a region of our planet that could not be traversed by satellites, as it caused them to crash. The first six Polar orbiting satellites crashed and or disappeared after flying over the region that qualifies as true Polar North.

The Air Force and Military quickly learned that to prevent losing their satellites they had to make sure they did not fly over this region of our planet as it confused the sensors the satellites used to determine and maintain their orbits.

What this has created in numerous satellite images is a black dot indicating the true North Pole of our planet. This black dot, that routinely shows up in images, is not mentioned or talked about with the accompanying photographs and data but in essence shows where satellites are not receiving any data to define an image. (see attached photograph)

As I mentioned, airplanes are also restricted from flying over this region because it confuses their navigation sensors but also because on a rare clear day it would reveal to the pilots and any passengers the Polar Opening at the North Pole. If you want to keep the Hollow Earth concept a secret, the less people that know about it, the better.

During the Cold War farce, created by both the United States and Russia as a way of increasing the size and money spent on their respective militaries, instituting a No Fly Zone over the North Pole was easily justified as a National Defense measure. However since the Cold War ended in the 90s these same restrictions apply, with no reasonable explanation offered.

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Again, because the Hollow Earth concept is a closely guarded secret with National Security implications behind it, these No Fly Zone restrictions and regulations for airplanes military and commercial are classified and by rule not open to the public.

Since I know several retired Air Force pilots and commercial airline pilots, I have asked them about these restrictions and received very vague and elusive explanations to my inquiries, usually accompanied by a smile.

These are exactly the kinds answers that inspire me to research and write articles such as this one Hollow Earth, No Fly Zones (NFZ), Polar Openings and 'Science'.

Polar Opening Antarctica

HL Tau B is a Forming Proto-Planet

This forming Proto-Planet shows the vortex nature of how planets form from centrifugal force and gravity.

This forming Proto-Planet shows the vortex nature of how planets form from centrifugal force and gravity.

Saturn's Polar Opening

These Hubble Space Telescope images show clear auroras emanating from the Southern Polar Openings.

These Hubble Space Telescope images show clear auroras emanating from the Southern Polar Openings.

This image displays both North and South auroras from Saturn's Poles.

This image displays both North and South auroras from Saturn's Poles.

This image shows an actual depression from the Polar Opening where the aurora or inner sunlight originates.

This image shows an actual depression from the Polar Opening where the aurora or inner sunlight originates.

Mars North Polar Opening

This Hubble Space Telescope image clearly shows the Polar Opening, although NASA describes this as a huge crater that just happens to be located at the North Pole.

This Hubble Space Telescope image clearly shows the Polar Opening, although NASA describes this as a huge crater that just happens to be located at the North Pole.

Titan Polar Opening

Notice the similar feature that shows up on many other planets, as well as Earth, in photographs of planetary poles.

Notice the similar feature that shows up on many other planets, as well as Earth, in photographs of planetary poles.

Polar Openings

There is an awful lot of information concerning the Polar Openings not just on Earth but all the planets in our solar system, so I will try to be brief. There are many theories and ideas about how planets form however the one that makes the most sense to me and is described in laymen's terms is by Marshal B. Gardner in His book Journey To The Earth's Interior, written in 1915.

Marshal, whom is not a scientist, describes how Nebula create planets from collapsing stars that collect the matter of space, gas and dust around them in a huge bubble. As the star in the middle of the Nebula collapses it collects the gas and debris of space around it in a huge bubble and over time this bubble through centrifugal force and gravity creates two vortexes at either poles.

In nature the most common vortexes are hurricanes, tornadoes and whirlpools and the one thing they all have in common is an opening in the middle or eye. These two vortexes at both poles meet in the middle of the collapsing star (picture water going down a drain) and expand outwards towards the inside of the bubble of gas, this creates two polar openings at the North and South poles.

Over millions of years, depending on the nature of the material the bubble is composed of determines what kind of planet it will be, it forms a hard outer surface or crust. Some scientist and astronomers are now re-evaluating their ideas and concepts of the nature of all planets and believe that even the gas giants, Saturn and Jupiter, in our own solar system have a surface crust with a hollow interior.

This concept is common in nature, an egg, a seed or even a simple cell are good examples, both have hard outer shells or walls with the life on the inside, why should planets be any different?

If you consider a planet a 'seed for life' with the interior sun/star as the seed and the crust or surface mantel as the hard outer shell, it makes a lot of sense.

Here are some examples of recent discoveries on the planets in our solar system showing evidence of Polar Openings, keep in mind that this topic is still under National Security mandates and astronomers and scientist are forbidden from speaking about it publicly.

  • According to NASA, CICLOPS, ESA and the JPL there is a huge hurricane/cyclone the size of the Earth over the South Pole of Saturn, complete with a rotating vortex. This storm has scientist baffled as to why it isn't moving beyond the pole and is remaining stationary.
  • Venus has permanent vortices at both poles even though the atmosphere only takes four Earth days to circumnavigate the planet. When you consider that one complete rotation of Venus takes 243 Earth days and that winds on the surface of Venus are routinely clocked at 200 meters per second, these permanent vortices seem quite odd, unless of course the planet has two Polar Openings.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope took pictures of Mars North Pole in 1996 and 97 showing an ice cap and Polar Opening. While the ice caps have been known to the public since 1969 when the Mariner 7 took photos revealing them. They didn't show the depressions in the Hubble photos, complete with what NASA claims are ice clouds around the interior of the opening.
  • Saturn's gigantic moon, known as Titan shows from photos taken in 2009 by the Cassini Space Probe what is described as the reflection from a huge lake at its North Pole. However when compared to other planets that shows a similar feature at their respective poles, it becomes obvious that this maybe just an alternative explanation for a Polar Opening. (see attached photo)

These are just four examples of what appears to be Polar Openings at the North and South Poles of planets/moons in our solar system and should provide even skeptical readers food for thought concerning the true nature of how planets are formed.

If these anomalies were much different in appearance, I would be skeptical too but they are remarkably similar to the Polar Openings shown here on Earth in the three videos I have provided and is just one of many reason why articles like this one Hollow Earth, No Fly Zones (NFZ), Polar Openings and 'Science' are so important!

Polar Radius of Earth

This diagram is based on known scientific data, created by a retired intelligence officer (DOD) and Hollow Earth proponent.

This diagram is based on known scientific data, created by a retired intelligence officer (DOD) and Hollow Earth proponent.

  • Hollow Earth Theory, The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time or is it?
    The author 's view of the possibility that our planet is hollow. Books that refer to the concept and related material on the subject. Includes video and website links.
  • Agartha Land of Love
    Agartha is the main continent inside the Earth, where over 120 cities and towns exist and are the original inhabitants of Hollow Earth. Come explore the Land of Love with me in this exciting article.
  • Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth
    The Hollow Earth concept has remained the most closely guarded secret to the true nature of our existence on planet Earth for thousands of years, read this article to learn WHY?
  • Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - The Hollow Earth
    This article closely mirrors what is described here but goes into a much more detailed description of the Hollow Earth theory and expands on topics not mentioned in my article.

Cleft Ion Fountain

This image depicts the Cleft Ion Fountain recently discovered by NASA.

This image depicts the Cleft Ion Fountain recently discovered by NASA.

The 'Science' of Hollow Earth

I don't subscribe to the theme that gives such prevalence to the idea that 'science' is the end all of knowledge and ideas, as it fails to take paranormal, spiritual and consciousness concepts into consideration.

'Science' is a branch of systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

I have observed over and over again that information, recorded data and observations through experimentation can lead to a distortion of the facts by leaving out pertinent knowledge that doesn't fit the hypothesis or theory postulated by 'science'. In other words often 'scientist' mold the observed and recorded data to achieve the results they want.

Then when information is gained to disprove their 'scientific' theories or ideas, their egos and reputations prevent them from admitting a mistake was made in their thinking or accumulated data. The 'scientific' community is a tightly knit group of intellectuals that rarely admit when they are wrong.

Being wrong prevents more people from recognizing the truth than any other reason known to mankind.

All that being said, often 'scientist will create data to suit the people that are paying their bills, this is only natural, after all what do they care if the public is misinformed, as long as they still get their money.

The Brontosaurus Hoax is a perfect example of this.

Many well known 'scientist' have postulated the theory of our Earth being hollow, from Albert Einstein to Sir Edmund Halley. Two famed mathematicians Leonard Euler and John Leslie also postulated the Hollow Earth theory.

Recent discoveries made by NASA show that the Aurora Borealis is actually plasma energy returning to the Earth from an Ion Fountain discharged from the Earth's Poles. Known as the Cleft Ion Fountain, NASA has launched the CAPER (Cleft Accelerated Plasma Experimental Rocket) probe to study this phenomenon which has their 'scientist' baffled.

Many explorers such as Admiral Byrd, whom flew over both the North and South Poles, have expanded on the Hollow Earth theory. There is no shortage of information both 'scientific' and speculative about the concept of our planet being hollow with an interior sun.

Many, many writers have created works of 'fiction' to support this idea such as Jules Verne's famous Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Other noted works such as Phantom of the Poles by William Reed, The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton and The Smokey God by Timothy Beckley all are written as the truth but are so fantastic that many people have a hard time accepting the veracity of the information.

Let's not forget that this topic is part of many Government's National Security mandates that prevent astronomers, 'scientists' and explorers from even talking about it and you begin to see why this subject has been censored from the public, ridiculed by Governments and not taught in our education system.

Then if you take into consideration that author's often have their books banned, such as Marshall Gardner's Journey To The Earth's Interior and Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelled backwards) by John Uri Lloyd, then it becomes obvious that it isn't even a profitable enterprise for researchers and writers to engage in.

It is important to understand that often 'scientist', writers, researchers and government insiders (whistle blowers) will publish 'fictitious' books that describe information that is either classified or controversial to avoid 'scientific' review and introduce to the public strange phenomenon or ideas. This is routinely done in the movie industry as well and such notable cases are Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Steven Spielberg and pertaining to this article Journey to the Center of the Earth that has been remade many times.

Because of the nature of the information often times the writers cannot find publishers willing to give these ideas merit and consideration and must use the internet to publish their work. Such is the case with Genesis For a New Space Age by John B. Leith and The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky, both of which can be read at Scribd.

Being able to write articles like Hollow Earth, No Fly Zones (NFZ), Polar Openings and 'Science' is the reason I became a writer in my spare time and I applaud Hub Pages for giving me the opportunity to share this information with you.


This illustration shows an artist depiction of what our inner Earth may look like.

This illustration shows an artist depiction of what our inner Earth may look like.

Dananda or Duat


I have provided enough information, links and resource material to keep even the mildly curious busy for sometime however what I would like to make clear is there are literally millions of other sources of information on this topic. When you Google Hollow Earth, you will receive over 10 million hits from the internet alone, this shows that quite a few people are interested in the Hollow Earth concept.

While 'science' may not openly acknowledge and accept the premise as true, I hope that I have shown they maybe being prevented by the Government's of the World.

There are many more topics that show the veracity of the Hollow Earth concept such as the recently discovered Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam which actually has a jungle ecosystem growing inside it and can hold a half mile block of 40 storied sky-scrapers.

There are numerous myths and legends that support the Hollow Earth concept and dozens of channeled books describing our inner Earth, most notably the books by Dianne Robbins.

Many secret societies base their teachings and wisdom from the Hollow Earth mystery. The Rosicrucians described it as the acronym VITRIOL, which translates to 'VISTA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INYENES OMNIA LAPIDEM,' or 'In the interior of the earth is hidden the true MYSTERY'

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Hindus, Chinese, Tibetans, Native Americans and even the Australian Aborigines have many stories of this mysterious land and its inhabitants.

My own personal concept is that the interior Sun, or Smokey God as the Aghartians (main continent in Hollow Earth) call it, is actually the heart and soul of our planet. It creates the life that lives in Gaia and on the surface and it is where our souls return when we die. I feel that our planet is a living breathing sentient being and that we are killing it by not living in harmony with it.

I hope this article Hollow Earth, No Fly Zones (NFZ), Polar Openings and 'Science', has provided my readers with enough information to explore this topic on their own and perhaps even write about what they believe to be true.

© 2014 somethgblue


Jason Horne on October 26, 2015:

I know we live in a giant lie. I eventually started to ask not what they lied about, but what didn't they lie about. I have found that they have lied about EVERYTHING. Nothing in this world works the way people think it does. It is lies wrapped inside of lies and then turned inside out and wrapped in even more lies. When thinking about Hollow Earth, I thought, everything is made primarily of empty space. Everything is hollow.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on October 26, 2015:

Fixer, Jason has some really good articles and a unique way of writing them, it will not be a waste of your time to check them out, they are really good.

Brian from Northern Ireland sometimes feels like Earth on October 26, 2015:

Investigate more Jason the information is there avoid the disinformation and false trails that hide truth. You will reach the point like Sherlock did then you will see the big lie that we all live in today. Become.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on October 26, 2015:

When I first Googled the subject in 2008 I got a little over 3 million hits and then wrote an article about it, not this one, now when you Google it you will get over 20 million hits. Since then I have read many books on the subject some that are over 150 years old. President Lincoln was organizing an expedition to the opening in the Arctic right before he was killed.

The book Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelled backwards) is a really good book about JP Morgan's ancestor that goes to Hollow Earth. Genesis For A New Space Age that can be read for free on Scrbd. is another that reveals what our Government knows about the Hollow Earth subject. Edward Bulwer writes the book The Coming Race about the Vril civilization in Hollow Earth, the civilization the Nazi Vril Society based their secret society on. Marshal B. Gardner wrote two books on the subject that describe the Nebula Theory of planet creation called Journey To The Earth's Interior, part one and two.

Every planet in the Universe is hollow and many photos of planets in our solar system show the openings but claim they are polar ice, which is partially true.

The owner of this website is an U.S. ex-intelligence officer that reveals a lot about Hollow Earth.

Here is another whistleblower site

My favorite line is . . . "You can lead a horse to water but you can't teach it to play tennis."

Jason Horne on October 26, 2015:

A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open. Those with closed minds cannot comprehend that their minds are not working. This is why we cannot convince anyone of anything. You can lead a person to knowledge, but you cannot make them think. I have heard of Hollow Earth before, but only very briefly. This is my first bit of exploration into the subject. Einstein said, "Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance." I also know that just when we think we have something figured out that is when it is time to have another look. Having something completely figured out is only an indicator that we have no idea in the world what we are talking about. I do not know yet what I think concerning Hollow Earth, but I appreciate the article. Interesting subject and this article seems to have been a good starting point into this concept. Hollow Earth seems to be consistent with other things that I am aware of and looks like it might fit into an overall picture of things. As of now, I have no opinion on the subject other than it is very interesting, totally possible, and absolutely worth further exploration.

Brian from Northern Ireland sometimes feels like Earth on September 23, 2015:

Information is the key to truth, look within dont fear what you may find, read between all the disinformation you see. (you may see yourself and how you are now) beleive that you as one can make the difference for all !

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 23, 2014:

I'm not trying to convince you of anything merely clarifying my position. See here is the crux of the situation, I'm not here on this planet, in this incarnation to prove anything. I am here to plant a seed, what happens to that seed of information after the seed is planted, is not my concern.

If at some point that seed of knowledge begins to sprout so be it, if it lays dormant in the minds of other humans for eternity, that is fine also.

Once the seed has been planted, the sprouting of the seed is more dependent on the fertility of the mind it is planted in, than any other factor.

You can't change what people think, only they can do that. However if new information is provided in the soil of a fertile mind searching and open to new ideas, concepts and perception then that seed has a chance to grow.

Only you can change your perception so as to allow that 1+1=0, 2 and 3, I can't do that for you. In my world all possibilities are true, because I am open enough to explore those possibilities. Learning to change your perception isn't easy and certainly isn't for the timid and meek.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it walk across it, they have to know that they can do it and that takes an altering of most folks perception.

The fear of being 'wrong' prevents more people from recognizing the truth than any other factor and that is through conditioning. However if you learn to overcome that fear of being wrong, start thinking with your heart (that most people 'think' has no intelligence) and consider that the truth is a matter of perception, only then will the seed grow.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on December 23, 2014:

But, I "know" this and you "know" that. I "know" 1+1 =2 because I can prove it and you "know" 1+1=3 via astral projection. Which one of us is right? Both of us or neither of us because Joe over there "knows" 1+1=0?

What you are trying to convince me of simply defies logic.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 23, 2014:

Unless you're a cybernetic organism, I suspect you have heart, what pumps the lifeblood through your body?

Without a doubt you are a soul, the body is just a vessel, an avatar if you will, a puppet on a string if you prefer. The soul is whom you are, the EGO which most people identify with is just the software created by your brain (Operating System) base on culminated experience in this lifetime.

Knowledge is much different than proof, let's get our terminology straight so we can have a meaningful conversation.

Try astral projection and then you will no longer have a need for 'proof', anyone can do it . . . if they have the eggs, it requires some courage.

Again Knowledge is a far different animal than your hallowed proof, why do you think 'science' stays away from esoteric investigation. Why do so many 'scientist refuse to explain quantum mechanics with the public or investigate anything they cannot observe, record or analyze, not because they can't but because, they recognize the connection, the key to true knowledge.

I either know or don't know, I do not believe!

Etymology will explain this, BE defines a thing or person that exists; LIE is defined as a falsehood or deception; VE is the suffix meaning the 'state of'.

Put them all together and you have 'accepting the existence of a falsehood or deception', I do not accept false information I either know or don't know.

I do this by thinking with my heart, learn how to do it and you will never fall into the mental trap of seeking proof.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on December 22, 2014:

Those. alternatives to the Big Bang Theory, that aren't religious in nature, I would like to see.

It would seem to me, if nothing is proven, because it is for suckers, then there is no knowledge whatsoever, just conjecture.

How do you know there is a soul. or a heart, isn't that just conjecture since it can't be proven to exist? You can't tell me you "know" it exists because you can pluck it out of the body and look at it; that would be proof, which is a fools paradise, and can't happen.

Since you negate empirical evidence as well, you, by definition negate knowledge by observation and experiment, do you agree?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 22, 2014:

Well for one, I don't buy into the Big Bang Theory, so disproving a concept I don't accept seems a little like mental masturbation and somewhat pointless. However I can supply you with plenty of alternative theories and knowledge for you to consider.

Since I have no desire to prove or disprove anything, as I consider 'proof' a concept of conditioning, a concept that has been linked to 'science' as a means to keep the sheep chasing their tails, then I see no point in the exercise.

Proof is for suckers incapable or unwilling to think for themselves. the truth lies in your heart, the soul knows the truth, the mind can be changed and the ego can be rewritten.

Empirical evidence is based on science that has never left the planet it was created on, your are trying to convince someone you understand the Universe and yet can't figure out how to leave the planet you live on, gimme a break.

That's like claiming your an expert on horse riding without ever having seen a horse, let alone ridden one.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 22, 2014:

Do you believe the Brontosaurs was a real animal, they have a skeleton in the Smithsonian Institute?

Short answer it is not. Total Hoax!

Seems you mind is already closed.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on December 22, 2014:

The science has been verified empirically countless times. No need to provide those links. The ones I would be interested in are competing theories on the big bang theory, what came a nanosecond afterwards,dark matter, dark energy, and what came before; 99% of the rest has been proven by experiment over and over again. Now if you have links to something more current that can prove everyone of those experiments were wrong or the evidence falsified, including the ones I did in physics class, then those I would be interested in.

But to me, believing that "one Admiral" was able to censor scientific equations that I read in textbooks today is like believing in the tooth fairy.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 22, 2014:

Unless of course the science your math is based on is faulty or misleading, on purpose of course. In the mid 1800s an American Admiral (forget his name) decided to censor some of the Newtonian math the public would be privy too.

Since then many of the theories and 'scientific' data mathematicians and others have based their theories on have been censored as well, even Einstien had his work censored. This has lead to some creative math to compensate for this incomplete information.

I can provide you some links to studies done by several major Universities that show that what the public has been taught about gravity in Universities and colleges throughout America is wrong based on incomplete information that is known by a select few.

What it shows is that many mathematicians have been using the wrong data to determine how our solar system and Earth works, fascinating stuff but once you do the research you begin to see that all areas of research have been altered to mislead the public.

However most people that have closed mind refuse to look past their own self imposed limitations based on what they already perceive as the truth . . . shall I find the links for you or is it a waste of time?

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on December 21, 2014:

Very interesting and even more well written (poor wording, but I think you get my drift). I don't buy it for an instant. For example, take gravity. The gravitational attraction is proportional between the product of two masses divided by the square of the distance between their centers. The force of gravity on earth is a known, empirically determined quantity. From it, the mass of the earth can be determined.

One definition of mass is quantity and type of atoms that take up a given space. For example, if I had a cubic meter of carbon atoms, its mass would be about 1200 kg, a little more than a ton. So, when one does the math, the mass of the Earth must be around 6 X 10^24 kg. The known volume of Earth is 1 X 10^12km^3. The mass of iron is 1600 and nickel, which make up most of the the Earths interior is between 5000 and 8000 kg/m^3 or 5 - 8 X 10^12/km^3.

Doing the math means the mass of the Earth is definitely between 5 and 8 X 10^24 kg of solid material. If it weren't solid, i.e., hollow, then the mass couldn't be that large and the gravitational pull on our bodies would not be what we observe.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 21, 2014:

Yes, much like stories that some of the Native Americans and Aztecs could not 'see' the ships of the European explorers when they first arrived on their shores, they had no context in which to quantify their experience of vision.

I suspect it is much like how some people see a UFO and others don't see it or see it as a light in the sky. You have to be willing to be exposed to the information to accept it.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on December 21, 2014:

I have never doubted the possibilities that our planet might be hollow and have people living in our inner Earth, but not from our third dimensional perspective as it is today. Some of us will be able to see the inner Earth people if they would choose to explore our polluted 3D reality, but most people on Earth will not. It's like why some African and other primitive tribes have no third dimensional vision as such. They cannot comprehend or calculate the movement or speed of any form of transport coming towards them. That is the best explanation I can come up with when it comes to seeing. Great post.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 11, 2014:

Their technology is at least a thousand years more advanced than our, one child from the Vril could eliminate all of the billions of people on the surface in a week without breaking a sweat, so we wouldn't stand a chance if they wanted the surface of Earth for theirs.

Debra Allen from West Virginia on December 11, 2014:

You bet I believe in this. The Bible talks of the Inner Earth and the Vikings taught about a land that was like the summer and was right in the middle of the ice. Many other cultures have information about this too. Hitler's New Berlin was supposedly in the Hollow Earth.

Supposedly I read somewhere they those people or beings will start emerging in 2022 or something like that. I hope they all do not get wiped out by our very nastly military or anyone elses for that matter.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 03, 2014:

I have friend that is an expert in remote viewing and he says that is the best way to visit, as all the borders have been closed at this time due to the chaos and mayhem that is occurring world wide, no one is allowed in and only a few are allowed out.

They (Hollow Earth Inhabitants) are waiting for the surface dwellers, 'us', to create a new paradigm through spiritual living which was supposed to begin in 2012 but due to the Dark Cabal and their various schemes, hasn't really prospered.

My understanding is that they have already moved on to the 5th dimensional plane and are waiting for us there. That until we Ascend en masse, there can be no exchange of people, ideas and technology.

This article was really to describe what the 'no fly zones' represent but considering the vast amount of material on the Hollow Earth subject it is difficult to stop there.

Sarah on December 03, 2014:

Thank you so much for your article! I have heard most of what you had written but learned some too. Very well written and informative. The interior sounds like a wondrous place and I would love to visit someday. It truly resonates with me. Thanks again!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 12, 2014:

There is a recent discovery of an ancient portal uncovered beneath the pyramid/sphinx which will allow those with the knowledge to unlock and access humanities ability to move to the next level of human evolution.

This portal is being kept a secret from the public but the Dark Cabal knows that it exists, just not how to access it. It's secrets are being guarded until those with the knowledge are given the chance to unlock the secrets and free humanity.

We must begin to gain knowledge of it, research it, write about it and demand that the public be made aware of it. It could be the key to Ascension.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on November 12, 2014:

Fantastic article and I loved watching that last video. Its well past midnight so I have to get to bed, but I will do some more research on this topic. I feel that Mars is hollow and we might soon hear more about that. Must be off now...

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 10, 2014:

There are literally hundreds of stories about Hollow Earth civilizations, many good books on the subject , even the Nazis based most of their esoteric knowledge on the Vril, described in The Coming Race by Bulwer-Lytton.

Thanks for reading and becoming a fan, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Karthik Kashyap from India on November 10, 2014:

Very interesting article. I have heard the various theories about the underworld civilizations. But you never know which one is the truth (though I believe that there are ancient civilizations below our earth's surface).

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 09, 2014:

The common believe for surface crust according to Hollow Earth theorists is anywhere from 400 to 800 miles thick with the center of gravity being somewhere in the middle.

Two sources that mention it in detail is the link to Truth is Stranger Than Fiction above and the Etidorhpa book by John Uri Lloyd. However their was a study done in the 70s that concluding Earth's center of gravity was 400 miles above the Earth's surface . . . so we have are choices on whom we should believe.

Thanks for reading as this is a subject I really enjoying researching.

Caleb DRC on November 09, 2014:

I voted interesting, useful and awesome( because you did such a good job on this hub).

I read an article many years ago about how much pressure is in the center of the earth; it was enormous. I admit I has a problem with it. Pressure is caused by gravity, in this case. At the surface we have the entire earth pulling us toward the center; however, being in the center is a different perspective. The entire earth is surrounding one; therefore, there should be equal pull from all sides. In other words one should be weightless in the center.

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