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Ho'oponopono - the restoration of harmony

Role of Ho'oponopono In Life


The Meaning and Benifits of Ho'oponopono

Like humans and all other forms of life, the earth is also a vast life form that needs a level of continuity to survive. The normal temperature of the world gives the Earth a favorable atmosphere from which water remains in liquid form. Carbon dioxide collects some part of the infra red rays coming out of the earth and sends it back to the earth, which creates a green house effect. Carbon dioxide is exchanged between the atmosphere and the oceans and accumulates in large quantities in the oceans.The amount of salt found in the oceans and the water level have remained quite stable for thousands of millions of years, despite the extremely unusual weather. The amount of oxygen found in the atmosphere has also remained the same for millions of years. Earth gives us life, nourishes us, but how long it will be able to do so well is becoming a matter of concern.

Human error

In addition to natural disasters, humans have been persecuting the earth continuously. The use of fossil fuels that started with the industrial revolution has led to a rapid increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and some people believe that this is the reason behind the rise in the temperature of the Earth. Repeated nuclear tests have polluted not only the atmosphere but also the earth. Due to the deliberate use of resources, the forests are decreasing rapidly and the whole earth is getting badly affected. All these mistakes disturb the balance of the earth. In addition to this, the atmosphere, land and oceans are being polluted by nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl,

Three Mile Island and Fukushima. According to the announcement by the Government of Japan, the nuclear reactor number 1,2,3 of the Fukushima nuclear plant finally stopped on December 16, 2011. But this has not solved the issues of nuclear pollution. Even if radioactive leakage does not occur in future, the leakage that has been done till now will continue to perform radioactivity in semi-permanent form.

Although some anti-pollution efforts in Fukushima can be considered successful, it is limited to just the words of the definition as the radioactive leak has moved from one place to another. In other words, the radioactive elements have not disappeared, but have accumulated in some other place. Until the fatal effects of radioactive elements are completely eradicated so that they do not emit radioactive rays, the real solution cannot be reached.

Natural Disasters

The increasingly unusual weather cycle has attracted the attention of scientists for the past several years and continues to be the center of discussion among media and people around the world. The issue rose even faster in 2012. Heavy rainfall continued in the area called On the other hand, in June 2012 in the US, natural crises like massive forest fires, severe heat and devastating storms came one after the other in which people died.

On July 9, it was reported that America's average temperature last year was above the record level and it was the highest temperature recorded in the records since 1895. But more cannot be known about the recent climate changes by focusing only on the rise in temperature.

Unusually low temperatures were recorded in a large part of Alaska, Mongolia and Australia. On the other hand, unusually high temperatures were seen in southern Greenland, northern Russia and two-thirds of North America. Due to global warming, the frozen ice has melted heavily in the polar regions.

According to the investigation conducted in 2007, the level of the spread of snow area in the oceans has decreased by 40 percent in the last 30 years and in the summer of 2012 it has so far The lowest level was recorded.

In addition, it has been found that the thick layer of ice found in Greenland is melting in all parts of this island. In late October 2012, a large part of the eastern US was hit by a typhoon named Sandy. The media called it a tornado because it was very similar to a tornado. The destruction caused by Sandy caused nearly $ 200 billion in damage.

A single month later, Northern California, located on the western coastline, experienced severe thunderstorms several times within a week, causing at least 8 rivers to be at risk of flooding. Even 2013 has not been untouched by this growth. In January, there was a fierce mountain fire outbreak in Australia due to record level hot winds.

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According to the report published on November 1 by the government panel on climate change, scientists believe that there will be a significant increase in abnormal weather cycle in future. These scientists believe that events related to abnormal weather cycles like hot winds and floods will take an even more severe form.

The serious impact of the outbreak of these incidents will be further increased by the spread of cities and the increasing population growth. Whether we refer to these events as normal topical fluctuations or as indicators of significant changes in the Earth, it is clear in both cases that the Earth is currently experiencing large scale imbalances.

Time to connect your consciousness with the consciousness of the Earth

Now is the time that we should respect the fact that our consciousness of the earth is connected. According to noted Swiss psychiatrist Karl Jung, the subconscious consists of a personal subconscious of experiences experienced throughout the life span, and a deeper subconscious that extends from it. In other words, we are all connected, we are all one on a subconscious level. If it is accepted, then knowing your subconscious, many personal and world-class problems can be solved if they are not completely cured. This is where the utility of Ho'oponopono appears. I was first introduced to Ho'oponopono through Mr. Yukio Funai's Kritido Satya (Two Truths).

When I had read this book, I was not fully aware of the importance of Ho'oponopono and its unlimited possibilities. When a friend again attracted my attention in November 2011, I felt that I should take more interest in this subject. Then I bought another book called SITH Ho'oponopono:

The Way to Get Peace of Mind by Relieving the Suffering of Divines : The Way of the Divine Giving Up Suffering for Peace of Mind). The book is written by Mr. Masafumi Sakuraba and is based on an interview with his researcher Ihaleakala Hew Len. Ihaliyakala Hugh Lane has been involved in the spread of self-interviews by SITH (Self Identity Through Ho'oponopono) ie Ho'oponopono for a long time.

Restoration of harmony from Ho'oponopono In short,

Ho'oponopono has stood the test of time as a way of solving problems that is spreading rapidly in the world. Ho'oponopono is also the meaning of harmony in the country of Hawaii. While reading Mr. Sakuraba's book, I got a sudden inspiration that if we accept that our consciousness of earth is one and we are one and if we use Ho'oponopono on ourselves then its effect on the whole earth Will happen. Ho Ho'oponopono is a simple four step process that can be seen very easily. We only have four lines that reflect our intention, to speak or pronounce them as often as possible. These lines are: Thank you, I apologize, forgive me, I love you.

By this process, such things mentioned in the subconscious are not only reduced but also erased which could later take the form of problems. People all over the world have benefited greatly from this. We express our gratitude to the Earth and its remedies for using it on Mother Earth and on the basis of our subconsciousness to accept that we are responsible for whatever is happening in the world and forgiveness for our mistakes

They ask for forgiveness while asking. It is like praying. It is a way to bring a long-lasting restoration in the earth that we need desperately. If many people come with the same intention of bringing back the balance of the earth, the earth will surely hear and understand our message.

The balance will be replaced by harmony and the changes in the earth about which the predictions made about us will be Everyone has heard, even if we cannot stop, at least you will be able to do so. Ho'oponopono can be followed in the mind or by speaking. I follow this in the following way: Thank you, Great Mother Earth. I apologize. Please forgive me. I love you I urge everyone to join the people who have already come together in this same purpose. This is the shortest way to prevent future catastrophe by purifying and reviving Fukushima.

Thank you!

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