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Higher Dimensions and Human Origins--11

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 11: Truth of the Great Flood

The 6th human civilization began about 75,000 years ago. About 30,000 years ago, the population on the Blue-planet increased and expanded to almost all habitable space of the Blue-planet. At that time, the Candle-planet people came to the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet with the desire to learn PVED from the Kunlun Palace. Since the Candle-planet people took refuge in the underground space 65 million years ago, they had developed a highly developed human civilization including agricultural civilization. The Candle-planet people had always eaten rice, wheat and milk as their main food. At the time they came to the Blue-planet, the Candle-planet people had a lifespan of only about 1,200 years.

Part II: The Underground Space Destroyed by Devils

After the Candle-planet people came to the Blue-planet, they were gradually made aware of it by the devils and Lord Tongtian. They knew that there were people living in the underground space of the Candle-planet and an advanced human civilization had developed. That brought back memories of how their devils had been defeated by the Candle-planet people 62 million years ago. It stirred the devils' angry memories up. These devils vowed to destroy all the Candle-planet people. The devils transformed themselves into the appearances of the Candle-planet people by the thousand-faced magic. And then they went to the underground space of the Candle-planet by the spaceships of the Candle-planet People. By this way, the devils knew the information and the entrance to the underground space of the Candle-planet.

Gradually, more and more devils turned into the appearances of the Candle-planet people and entered the underground space of the Candle-planet. They manipulated the government and society of the Candle-planet people, stirring up conflicts between different nations, trying to make wars between different nations. Since the devils didn't want to take the responsibility to destroy the Candle-planet people, they tried to make the Candle-planet people self-destructed.

About 13,000 years ago, wars finally broke out in the underground space of the Candle-planet. Many Candle-planet people came to the Blue-planet one after another to escape the war. They brought all their technology and culture on the Candle-planet to the Blue-planet, including their religion and practice method of PVED. The devils repeated their old tricks. They turned into the kings and generals of the different nations of the Candle-planet people to give orders, gradually pushing the war to an unmanageable point. Finally, nuclear wars broke out in the underground space of the Candle-planet, destroying the underground space of the Candle-planet.

During the war, many people of the 4-dimensional space of the Candle-planet were lucky to escape and came to the Blue-planet before the nuclear wars broke out. They opened up a 4-dimensional space in the underground of the Blue-planet and hid in it. The 4-dimensional underground space is located in the west of the highest plateau and close to the country that the Candle-planet people themselves had established. The legends of later generations referred to this 4-dimensional space as fragrant heaven.

The news of the destruction of the Candle-planet's underground space caused great grief and concern of the Candle-planet people living on the Blue-planet. Some of the Candle-planet people had increased superpowers after living on the Blue-planet for a long time. Using supernature powers, they traced the past and saw the cause of what happened about the Candle-planet's underground space. They recognized the thousand-faced magic of the devils and knew that it was the devils who destroyed the underground space of the Candle-planet. Many Candle-planet people found out the same reason. They reported the discovery to their king on the Blue-planet. The king of the Candle-planet people angrily started a war against the entire devil clan, the Gong-gong clan.

Part III: Truth of the Great Flood

As a result, about 12,900 years ago, the devils were defeated in the war. Many devils and evil monsters were killed by the Candle-planet People. Seeing that there were very few devils and evil monsters survived, Lord Tongtian broke down. He thought that all their plans to destroy the Blue-planet people were hopeless. He desperately took out the nuclear weapons of the Jooya people and aimed them at the Ceiling Star.

He was going to shoot down and shatter the Ceiling Star, so that all the Blue-planet people and the Candle-planet people would be destroyed and disappear. All the people and divine immortals of Ceiling Star were defenseless. Under the intense attack of a large number of nuclear weapons, nearly half area of the Ceiling Star's exterior was hit by the nuclear weapons. If the Ceiling Star were natural satellite, it would probably have been shattered into several pieces under the attack. But it was a man-made spaceship inside the Ceiling Star. The spaceship has a very hard shell and buries deep under rocks and land. So, although nearly half area of the Ceiling Star's exterior was hit, the spaceship inside was not damaged.

The two divine immortals Xi-Sun and Xi-Moon inside the Ceiling Star immediately piloted the spaceship to change its orbit and dramatically flew away from the Blue-planet. The Ceiling Star flew away and stopped at an altitude where the nuclear weapons of Lord Tongtian could not reach.

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Because the Ceiling Star suddenly flight away from the Blue-planet, it caused the violent shaking of the Blue-planet and the tilting of the axis of the Blue-planet. Volcanoes, tsunamis, and great floods suddenly erupted. In an instant, the great flood came overwhelmingly at the Blue-planet. The Blue-planet people desperately fleeing for their lives, desperately ran for the hills.

To prevent people from escaping to higher dimensional spaces, Lord Tongtian attacked and shattered the Tower of Heaven, Jianmu Tree in Fusang Kingdom, with nuclear weapons. Lord Tongtian also used nuclear weapons to sink the island near the equator where Yateland kingdom was first established. The island had the most advanced technology and equipment of the Blue-planet people.

The Blue-planet people saw the end of the world. Almost 99% of the Blue-planet people were destroyed. Only a very few people who lived in the high mountains were lucky to survive. Some people of the northern region of Yateland kingdom survived by taking flying saucers into the subterranean space through the entrance of the north pole of the Blue-planet.

Part IV: Nuwa Mended the Ceiling Star

With such a great event happening, Nuwa, the female leader of the 5th dimension of the Blue-planet, led their space fleet to fly to the Ceiling Star to check out the situation and help the Ceiling Star people to repair the shell of the Ceiling Star. The Space Fleet hidden in the asteroid belt next to Mu Star also sends spacecrafts to assist in repairing the Ceiling Star. With everyone's cooperation, the shell of the Ceiling Star was soon repaired. However, the repaired parts were not as shiny as before and could not reflect the sunlight as efficiently as before. Moreover, the glassy rocks by the nuclear attack can still be seen on the Ceiling Star.

The Ceiling Star could not go back to its original orbit and altitude. It could not stay within the range where nuclear weapons can attack anymore. After precise calculations, the two divine immortals, Xi-Sun and Xi-Moon, chose to keep the Ceiling Star at an altitude, where it was about the size of the sun when people see it from the Blue-planet. From then on, there was a Moon appeared above the Blue-planet, as well as the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

On the other hand, Heavenly Emperors Xi-Hong and Xi-Jun took Lord Tongtian away and locked him in the deepest hell, where Lord Tongtian had been tortured every day and never allowed to leave the Hell. To clarify, the hell is not set in the 3-dimensional space.

Part V: Changes after the Great Flood

The 6th human civilization on the Blue-planet was thus completely destroyed. Because of the violent shaking of the Blue-planet, the landscape of the Blue-planet was changed dramatically. Leemolia island was flung to the south pole of the Blue-planet and eventually became a glacier-covered no-man's land. A part of Leemolia island was flung northward away and hit the highest plateau of the Blue-planet, which abruptly lifting the peaks on the side of the plateau. Some islands of Yateland Kingdom were flung to the northeastern and slammed into the western side of the largest continent on the Blue-planet and merged with the largest continent. Some other islands of Yateland Kingdom sank into the sea. The Mu-continent drifted from the northern hemisphere of the Blue-planet to the southern hemisphere along with Penglai Fairyland.

After the Great Flood, the devils and evil monsters of the Gong-gong Clan that had taken refuge in the constellation Leorion returned to the Blue-planet. They overran Leemolia island and lives in the 4-dimensional space of the South Pole. The devils that had taken refuge in the constellation Leorion also later returned to Penglai Fairyland and occupied the 4-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. That caused the disasters of the 7th human civilization. During the 7th human civilization, Human beings was completely controlled by the devils without realizing it.

Since all technology and civilization was destroyed by the Great Flood, human beings lost all the previous technology and civilization after the Great Flood. Because of the departure of the Ceiling Star, the energy of the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet plummeted, and people's superpowers gradually disappeared, and the Blue-planet people gradually forgot everything that they had before. After losing their super-sensory abilities, people became ignorant of anything and could only pursue their immediate needs to eat and survive. In order to preserve the previous history, people relied on their sporadic memories and made-up stories of the major events of the past to pass down. As the stories were passed down over time, some of them were altered. But people remembered the leaders who helped the Blue-planet people and made significant contributions to the development of human beings, calling them Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

Part VI: Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors

Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were the Western Queen Mother and the East King God, the leaders of the 8th dimension who guided human to do the PVED; Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun who was the leader of the 6th dimension; Eden Nuwa, the leader of the 5th dimension; Taihao Fuxi who was the leader of the 4th dimension; Emperors Yan and Huang who were the leaders of the 3rd dimension; and the witch doctor, Shen-nong, who was the leader of the Barworm Kingdom.

Because of the significant contribution in helping to repair the Ceiling Star, Eden Nuwa, the female leader of the 5th dimension, was more revered than the male leader of the 5th dimension, Eden Fuxi. Eden Nuwa was chosen to be one of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. Here, Emperor Yan and Emperor Yellow are the general terms for the multi-generational continuity, and there were many generations who were Emperor Yan and Emperor Yellow before the Great Flood.

In short, Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors can be summarized as follows.

Three Sovereigns: Western Queen Mother, East King God, and Heavenly Emperor Xi-Jun.
Five Emperors: Eden Nuwa, Taihao Fuxi, Witch Doctor Shen-nong, Emperor Yan and Emperor Yellow.

The photon immortals in the Ceiling Star are then called Taiyin Star Sovereigns or Old Taiyin by later generations. When people do the PVED, it relies heavily on the high-energy subtle matter emitted by the photon immortals in the Ceiling Star. So, when people do the PVED, they need to meditate the moonlight to take in the high-energy subtle matter therein.

Part VII: Definitions of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

The X-aliens found that according to the religious divisions of the Candle-planet people,

(1) The masses of energy and consciousness in the dark matter spaces would be Buddhas. That means supernatural Gods in the dark matter spaces without physical body are Buddhas.

(2) The light beings or Photon Immortals in the 9th to 11th dimensions are non-retrograde Sages that belong to the 8th land Bodhisattvas and above.

(3) The Divine Immortals in 7th and 8th dimensions would belong to the 7th land Bodhisattvas, and they only drink water for living and eat nothing.

(4) The people in the 6-dimensional space are Arhats by Buddhism.

The religion of the Candle-planet People later flourished on the Blue-planet, and that occurred during the 7th human civilization.

Stay tuned for the second part of the novel,
"The Devils and the 7th Human Civilization".

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