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Higher Dimensions and Human Origins --09

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 9: Fifth and Sixth Human Civilizations

Part I: The 5th Human Civilization

About 300,000 years ago, the 5th human civilization on the Blue-planet began. After the violent geological movements, the Blue-planet gradually regained its good ecology. The nationals of the two kingdoms, Yateland Kingdom and Leemolia Kingdom, returned to live in their original places. However, this time, the nationals of the Barworm Kingdom did not return to live in the 3-dimensional space. Only a few people from the Barworm Kingdom who were married to the Leemolia returned to the 3-dimensional space with their families and lived in the original Leemolia Kingdom.

There was a legend that there were two branches of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, one is in the mainland of Leemolia, the other is in Barworm Kingdom. In fact, the people of Barworm Kingdom are the descendants of the people of the 5th dimension and the Leemolia people in the 3rd dimension. The people of the 5th dimension often came to be kings of Barworm Kingdom to guide people's life. At the beginning of the 5th civilization, the lifespan of the people of Barworm Kingdom was about 48,000 years.

During the 5th Human Civilization, as the population grew, Leemolia Kingdom expanded to the continent of Ahuriga, located to the west of the island of Leemolia, and they occupied the entire continent of Ahuriga. The Leemolia people focused on a lifestyle of love and harmony. In addition to do PVED to get dimensional elevation, they devoted much effort to the arts and literature such as music, painting, literature, poetry, architecture, and sculpture. Yateland Kingdom under the leadership of Yan Emperor also grew in population dramatically. Yateland Kingdom grew from a single island near the equator to ten islands spanning the Yateland Sea. It stretched from near the equator to near the Arctic Circle. The Yateland people focused on rational thinking and democratic development. They had a highly developed technological civilization. All electrical energy came from wireless transmission and were able to travel through the galaxy and beyond by taking flying saucers and spaceships. All peoples were wealthy, and civilizations were flourishing. People were skilled in navigation and aviation, and overseas trade was flourishing.

Part II: 6-Dimensional Spaces on the Blue-planet

There were also many people in Yateland Kingdom who had successfully cultivated and reached the levels of 6th and 7th dimensional space. The divine immortals of the Ceiling Star helped them to open up a 6-dimensional space over Fusang Kingdom which is on the west coast of the Yateland Ocean. One Yateland male became the leader of the 6-dimensional space and was called Fusang Emperor.

The reason why it was possible to open up new high-dimensional spaces was because the higher the dimension, the smaller the number of people. There are vast inhabitable high dimensional spaces that are not inhabited. So, it was possible to open up those spaces to accept more dimensionally elevated people to live in.

Above the eastern part of the largest continent, there were another 6-dimensional space opened up by the divine immortals of the Ceiling Star. The leader of the 6-dimensional space is known as Emperor Zhenwu. It is said that Emperor Zhenwu walks on the eastern land with his feet on a turtle and a snake. In fact, it is describing the topography of the eastern land. The eastern land looks like the shape of a turtle and a giant snake when viewed from the sky. The shape of the mountains starting from the head of the turtle all the way to the north is in the shape of a giant snake.

Part III: Niandet Men and the Devils

The Devils have been secretly watching the Blue-planet. About 300,000 years ago, they discovered that Hidebern Men were exterminated by geological movements. They thought that the Hidebern Men plan is not bad, the lifespan of the Blue-planet people has been shortened. Since Hidebern Men were extinct on the Blue-planet, they could send some other cannibals to live on the Blue-planet as well.

Then the Devils picked five different kinds of cannibals in the 3-dimensional space of the constellation Leorion. They are about 300 cannibals in all. Then the Devils had the Jooya people send the 300 cannibals to five different places in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet by flying saucers. These cannibals lived on the Blue-planet for about 100,000 years. Before they had a chance to close to the Blue-planet people, an ice age began on the Blue-planet. These cannibals couldn't adapt to the cold climate and were frozen to extinct by the ice age. The devils were extremely annoyed and wanted to send more worse and inferior humanoids to the Blue-planet. This time they want to choose a kind of cannibals who could adapt to the cold climate.

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Then the devils chose Niandet Men. Niandet Men lived on a cold planet in the constellation Leorion. They were a low class of cannibals between apes and humans. They were about 1.6 meters tall with strong bones and a cold-resistant physique. Niandet Men had about the same brain capacity as that of the Blue-planet people. They spoke only simple languages but did not have the ability to think abstractly. They could make and use a variety of stone tools and wooden spears and could use fire as Hidebern Men did. They are fierce and brutal.

The most important feature is that Niandet Men had particularly bad genes. They would have many major diseases when they got old and weak due to their bad genes. One of the main reasons the Devils selected Niandet Man was that they wanted Niandet Man to bring the disease genes into the bodies of the Blue-planet people and destroy the good genes of the Blue-planet people. About 200,000 years ago, the Devils selected 500 Niandet Men. Having the Jooya people sent these cannibals to five different places in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet by flying saucers.

80,000 years later, that is about 120,000 years ago, the population of Niandet Men had grown in large scale on the Blue-planet. They spread to all the northern parts of the largest continent of the Blue-planet. On the western side of the continent, they also spread from north to south to the equatorial regions. Driven by the devils, Niandet Men began to hunt and kill the Blue-planet people. They interbred with the female Blue-planet people to have mix-blood children, as Hidebern Men did before. Gradually, the genes of Niandet Men were brought into the bodies of the Blue-planet people.

By the late 5th human civilization, the lifespan of the Blue-planet people was reduced to about 10,000 years. The lifespan of the people in the Barworm Kingdom was also reduced to about 20,000 years. About 70,000 years ago, the 5th human civilization was interrupted when a super volcano erupted near the equator of the Blue-planet. The Blue-planet people returned to the 4th and 5th dimensions for refuge through Towers of Heaven. The volcanic eruption was near the equator, the northern and southern poles of the Blue-planet were less affected. Therefore, a few Niandet Men living in the northernmost part of the Blue-planet survived.

Part IV: The 6th Human Civilization and Herbology

About 75,000 years ago, the 6th human civilization on the Blue-planet began. Niandet Men continued to hunt and interbreed with the female Blue-planet people to have mix-blood children. It was not until about 40,000 years ago that Niandet Men were exterminated when a super volcano erupted in the area where Niandet Men lived. The super volcanic eruption also resulted in some damages to the north islands of Yateland Kingdom, but they soon recovered. By the time that Niandet Man became extinct, almost all of the Blue-planet people had mixed genes with that of Niandet Men. The number of Niandet Men’s genes in the bodies of the Blue-planet people was incredibly high. Not only did the Blue-planet people have a reduced lifespan and reduced superpowers, but they also grew uglier and began to develop various diseases.

From about 100,000 years ago, various diseases began to appear in human beings on the Blue-planet. The people of the Barworm Kingdom began to get rid of diseases through dancing, which used high-energy matter to stimulate bio-currents and magnetic fields in the body to automatically guide the human body to various movements. It is essentially a way of using high-energy subtle matter to cure diseases. It is the origin of human dances on the Blue-planet. The people of the Barworm Kingdom also invented the use of acupuncture points on the body to guide the bio-currents and magnetic fields in the body for the purpose of healing. This technique was known as acupuncture. At that time, most diseases could be treated by both methods.

However, by the time Niandet Men became extinct about 40,000 years ago, the Blue-planet people began to develop some major diseases because of the increasing number of Niandet Man's genes in the bodies. More medical treatments were needed. At that time, a man of the Barworm Kingdom became particularly sensitive to taste after learning PVED. He developed a unique superpower: just by tasting the leaves, roots or fruits of different plants, he could sense the medicinal effects and toxicity of these plants on different parts of human body. That led to the invention of ways to use different plants to cure diseases. These plants are called herbs. The person who invented herbal medicine was called 'Shen-nong' or 'Miracle Doctor'. Shen-nong tasted almost all the plants on the Blue-planet, summarized the medicinal effects of hundreds of plants, and developed a unique and effective method of treating major diseases -- Herbology.

There are more amazing methods of using psychic powers and high-energy subtle matter to treat illnesses in Barworm Kingdom. These methods are unknown to the public, and they have been secretly handed down from the divine immortals of higher dimensions. The people of Barworm Kingdom who use these methods to heal the sick are called Wu doctors or witch doctors. Shen-nong became the Miracle doctor of his time because of his outstanding treatments. He can cure many major diseases by combining both herbal cures and witch doctors. Thus, he was elected as the king of the Barworm Kingdom. Shen-nong himself was also known as 'The Witch Doctor, Shen-nong' in the later time.

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