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Higher Dimensions and Human Origins --08

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 8: Aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy is a galaxy larger than the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy is inhabited by many highly intelligent human beings. They look similar to the human beings in the Milky Way, but have distinctly different physical features. There are many different races of Andromeda people, but they all have blonde hair, blue eyes, very fair skin, and a distinctly outlined facial features. They stands about 2.4 meters tall. They are technologically advanced and have superpowers. They can fly spacecraft freely in and out of the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy.

About 2 billion years ago, the Andromeda Galaxy collided and merged with a large galaxy with 25 billion suns. That caused the Andromeda people to scatter and flee for their lives, wandering around the universe to many different planets. In the universe, there are many Carbon-based lives as well as living space for humanoids in every star system. So, these Andromeda people hoped to find some planets that would accept them and take up residence.

Part I: Taihao Kingdom and Saotian Kingdom

About a million years ago, some Andromeda people from the 4th dimension came to the L-solar system by their spaceships. Seven female Andromeda people stayed in the 4th dimension of the Blue-planet. They married different males in the 4th dimension of the Blue-planet. One of the super beautiful Andromeda females married the male king of the 4-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. Since the Andromeda people were also a matriarchal society, these seven Andromeda people still lived together after they got married. And gradually they formed their own tribe.

In a convenient form of address, they called the whole of the 4-dimensional space of the Blue-planet as Taihao Kingdom. They called their own tribe Saotian Kingdom which means a smaller country. Taihao Kingdom meant a super huge country. The King of 4-dimensional space of the Blue-planet placed them to live in the 4-dimensional space above the Yateland Sea. They called the male King of the 4-dimensional space of the Blue-planet Taihao Fuxi. And they called the male King of the 5-dimensional space of the Blue-planet Eden Fuxi. Some of their offspring met and married the people from the 5-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. And they had offspring with the people from the 5-dimensional space of the Blue-planet.

Part II: The 4th Human Civilization

About 620,000 years ago, the 4th human civilization on the Blue-planet began. After 400,000 years of development, Saotian Kingdom flourished. Saotian Kingdom in the 4-dimensional space established Yateland Kingdom in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet, which is on an island in the Yateland Ocean near the equator in the 3-dimensional space. Taihao Kingdom of the 4th dimension established Leemolia Kingdom in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet, which is on a huge island near the equator in the 3-dimensional space. It was used to accommodate the growing population on the Mu-continent.

Because the people of Leemolia Kingdom were yellow-skinned people, the king of Leemolia Kingdom was known as Emperor Yellow. Because the people of Yateland Kingdom were white-skinned people, the king of Yateland Kingdom was called White Emperor. Their skin was so white that their skin turned red when they got sunshine. Whenever people saw the White Emperor, they saw him with red skin all over his face and body. So, people also called the White Emperor ‘Emperor Yan’ and called the white-skinned people ‘Red Man’.

Part III: The Wu Clan

About 600,000 years ago, a super-powerful Qigong master appeared in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet to guide people in the practice of Vital Energy. Some people of the 5th dimension of the Blue-planet chose to live in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet in order to get help from the Kunlun Palace and learn from the Qigong master. These 5th dimension people established Barworm Kingdom in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet, which was near the Kunlun Palace and located in the northeastern part of the highest plateau and the eastern plain beside the plateau. They were known as the witch clan or the Wu clan because they have far more strong superpowers than those in 3rd and 4th dimensions. Most of them had oval shaped or egg-shaped faces. Their lifespans were more than 80,000 years. At that time, people of Leemolia Kingdom and Yateland Kingdom had a lifespan of about 40,000 years.

The character "Wu (巫)" is a pictograph, which means: the upper and lower horizontal lines represent heaven and earth, the middle is a channel linking the heaven and the earth, and around the channel there are people who can travel between the heaven and the earth. Therefore, the character "Wu" itself refers to people who can communicate with the heaven and the earth, who has great wisdom, great merit and great ability. In fact, at that time, there were people in Barworm Kingdom who indeed traveled between the 5-dimensional space and the 3-dimensional space every day. They had close communication and exchange with people in the 5th dimension and had more contact with the gods and immortals of the Kunlun Palace. The three kingdoms, Barworm Kingdom, Yateland Kingdom and Leemolia Kingdom, were getting along harmoniously and developing well on the Blue-planet.

Human beings of that time were highly spiritual and extraordinarily intelligent. They took it priority in life to increase their energy and elevate their dimensions because elevating dimensions meant that he could go to a better and happier heaven. And they all knew the truth that after death, a human soul is reincarnated and reincarnated.

In the 3-dimensional space, the soul of a human being has the lifespan of 90,000 years that includes all the reincarnations of a human being. Beyond 90,000 years, the soul of a human being will dissipate, which means there is no more chance of survival or reincarnation, and no chance to back to the heaven.

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Therefore, one has to seize the limited time to cultivate and upgrade one's dimension. One must at least reach the level of the 6th dimension in order to be free from the fate of soul extinction. That is why even people in the 5th dimension have to keep learning PVED to promote their dimension. It is because there is a limit to their lifespan in the 5th dimension as well.

Part IV: Devils' Plan to Destroy Humans

Since the devils escaped from the L-Solar System back to the constellation Leorion, under the leadership of the Lord Tongtian, he developed many new devils and animal spirits of the 4-dimensional space of the constellation Leorion. And the Lord Tongtian specialized in teaching them evil spells and techniques. After 50 million years of training, the Lord Tongtian himself reached the energy level of the 6th dimension, but the vast majority of the devils and animal spirits were still at the energy level of the 4th dimension, with a few reaching the energy level of the 5th dimension. They thought that there were no more human beings living in the L-solar system, so they never cared about the L-solar system.

It wasn't until about 600,000 years ago that, by a fortuitous circumstance, the Lord Tongtian discovered that there were actually numerous people living on the Blue-planet in the L-Solar System. The Blue-planet had a moon as the Ceiling Star. The Lord Tongtian and the devils were greatly annoyed and vowed to wipe out all human beings in the L-Solar System in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. The Lord Tongtian wanted to send all the devils and animal spirits to eradicate the human beings of the L-Solar System. But with a closer look, he found that there were many people from the 5th dimension lived in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. They are too powerful and numerous to be messed with. What to do? The devils and animal spirits held another seminar to discuss the strategies to deal with the Blue-planet people.

Some devils say: “if only we could decrease the superpowers of the Blue-planet people, we wouldn't have to be afraid of them. What's the solution? The method to let human beings eat seeds and drink milk like what we did to the Candle-planet people will definitely not work. The 5th dimension people don't eat anything else except fruits. The people of the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet also have a very high level of learning PVED. Many of them have been Bigu for years and eating nothing at all. If we transform to the appearances of the people of the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet, I'm afraid we'll be easily discovered.”

Then a devil said: “what we're good at is using subtlety and letting time work. It still has to come little by little, and we can afford to wait for time.

Then another devil said: It's all because the human beings in the L-solar system are genetically better than us!!! If their genes weren't so good, they wouldn't be as easy to do PVED as they are now, and their superpowers would be reduced. If that was the case, it would be easier for us to do things.”

The other devils listened with amazement and realization dawned on them. Some devils say: “That's a good idea. Not long ago, some Andromeda females were captured as sex slaves. Some of those females gave birth to little devils. The little devils were smarter than our old devils, and good looking. They have red hair and blue-white skin, unlike us who are blue-skinned, black-skinned, or blue-black-skinned. Why don't we send them to the Blue-planet and let them interbreed with the Blue-planet people, so that the genes of our devils will blend in the genes of the Blue-planet people. Then the bad genes can't be pulled out of the bodies of human beings. Their superpowers will definitely drop.”

"Wonderful! That is a wonderful idea", another devil said, "we can also have children with the White-planet people and the Jooya people who are living in the constellation Leorion. The new generation of the little devils born by the White-planet people and the Jooya people should look more like the primitive Blue-planet people. After they grow up, we can send them to interbreed with the primitive Blue-planet people. The new generation of the little devils born by Andromeda people look like the Yateland people. It's easier for them to interbreed with the Yateland people."

"That's a good idea", another devil said, "But the new generation of the little devils are too young and only a few of them. We have to wait until they grow up and are able to survive on their own. It is not a good time to send them away right now."

Other devils said, "So what now? We need come up with a solution that works now.

Later, one of the devils said: "How about sending those low IQ cannibals of our constellation Leorion to the Blue Planet. We have many apes and cannibals on different planets in our constellation Leorion. There are many different kinds of cannibals with different physical features throughout the constellation Leorion. We can find a kind of low IQ cannibals that looks like the Blue-planet people and send them to the Blue-planet. Let them grow and slowly develop in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet. They will eventually make contact and will be able to interbreed with the Blue-planet people. We can also help them in the back and prompt them to interbreed with the Blue-planet people to have children."

Another devil said, "That's a good idea. The human beings care more about not killing living beings. Cannibals are also living beings. As long as we can send them to the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet, the Blue-planet people should not kill them. We can send the cannibals to a place on the Blue-planet that is sparsely populated and suitable for survival. That is good for them to develop and grow. After they take root on the Blue-planet, they can slowly migrate and spread to other places, and then they can interbreed with the Blue-planet people to have children.” The option was unanimously agreed upon by the devils.

Part V: Hidebern Men

After making the decision, the devils picked a type of cannibal with skin color of dark brown in the 3rd dimension of the constellation Leorion. They were about 1.8 meters tall, muscular, with heads about the size of a Blue-planet people, and low intelligence. They can use tools made of wood and stone to hunt and kill animals. They have a simple human-like language, can use fire to process food, and can hunt large animals in group. The devils call this kind of cannibals 'Hidebern Men'.

About 600,000 years ago, the devils had the Jooya people send about 300 Hidebern Men to three different places in the 3-dimensional space of the Blue-planet by flying saucers. These places had plentiful foods and far away from the three kingdoms of the Blue-planet. So, they were not easily discovered by the Blue-planet people at the beginning.

100,000 years had passed. About 500,000 years ago, Hidebern Men had grown on the Blue-planet. They began to gradually migrate and spread to other places, slowly moving closer to the Blue-planet people. With a covert push from the devils, they began to hunt and kill the Blue-planet people in small numbers. They caught younger Blue-planet males and ate them. They also took weaker Blue-planet females and treated them as sex slaves, and then released the females back. Gradually some of the Blue-planet females got pregnant and gave birth to mix-blood children with Hidebern Men. These mix-blood children did not look much different from the original Blue-planet people, except that they were ugly and had a low IQ.

When the mix-blood children grew up, they get married other Blue-planet people. Gradually, they brought the Hidebern Men's genes into the Blue-planet people's body unknowingly. The lifespan of the Blue-planet people began to decline. 200,000 years later, by the end of the 4th human civilization, most of the Blue-planet people had mixed genes with that of Hidebern Men. The lifespan of the Blue-planet people was reduced to about 20,000 years and human beings’ superpowers were also lowered. But the people of the Barworm Kingdom were less affected. About 300,000 years ago, there was another massive volcanic eruption on the Blue-planet. People returned to the 4th and 5th dimensions for refuge through Towers of Heaven. Hidebern Men on the Blue-planet were exterminated by violent geological movements.

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