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Higher Dimensions and Human Origins --06

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 6: Planets Destroyed by the Devils

Part I: Jooya-moon

Part II: Wars between Celestial Beings and the Devils

Part III: Devils and the Origin of Agriculture

Part V: Destroy of the Planets

(1) Jooya-moon

Jooya people in the 3-dimensional space were so engrossed in the pleasures of the real world that they neglected the practice of vital energy. The Qigong master of Jooya people left them and returned to the dark matter world long time ago. Having forgotten their superpowers and being dumber generation by generation, Jooya people became the fooled target by these devils and evil animals.

These devils and evil animals learned the most important thing: if you want to harm someone, you have to make him to be harmed voluntarily. If the person being hurt is not voluntary to accept the hurt, then they will resent you, and then your energy and superpowers will be reduced. The devils thought about how to make people to be voluntarily hurt. Some devils came up with a brilliant idea: Make Jooya people think that the devils and evil monsters are their gods and make Jooya people worship them. By this way, the devils not only could control Jooya people, but also could get blessings from Jooya people.

Then, the devils started sending Jooya people all kinds of half-truth and outright messages through the news media: Jooya people are made by gods, who are the gods on the Pearl-planet; Jooya people are from the Pearl-planet that is the birthplace of Jooya people; the gods on the Pearl-planet have been secretly protecting Jooya people from the beginning, and so on. If Jooya people did not believe the above sermon at the beginning, that was OK for the devils. As long as some of them half-heartedly started believing it, the devils could gradually promote the popularity of this view by showing some superpowers to Jooya people.

One day in the 4-dimensional space is equivalent to one year in the 3-dimensional space. Therefore, 15 years that the devils spent in the 4-dimensional space is equivalent to nearly 5,000 years that Jooya people spent in the 3-dimensional space. So, the devils could wait and let time do the work. In the meantime, the devils and evil animals performed the magic of Telepathic Manipulation to control some news people's mind from time to time, making them to accept these sermons and gradually expand the news. In this way, the devils changed Jooya people from atheists to theists in just a dozen years in terms of time in the 4-dimensional space.

The devils also instilled various false truths in Jooya people: "Gods gave his own blood when creating Jooya people; Jooya people need to give their blood back to the gods in return; Jooya people who give their blood back to the gods were noble people and would be favored by the gods." So, Jooya people foolishly donated their blood to the medical agency, so that the medical agency regularly transported the blood in batches to the altar of the devils on the Pearl-planet.

The devils also told Jooya people: “the gods can help Jooya people to train talent people to get dimensional promotion; such people need to be trained from a very young age; it is not easy to train them when they grow up because people would lose their spirituality when they grow up; the gods can accept young boys and girls between the ages of 3 to 7 to study in the 4th dimension on the Pearl-planet”. So, Jooya people set up a new mechanism to select talent children and sent 1,000 children to the devils every year.

After the children were sent to the Pearl-planet, the children were killed and eaten by the devils and evil animals. Jooya people sent their children to the devils every year, so the devils and evil monsters had children to eat every day, because one day in the 4-dimensional space is equivalent to one year in the 3-dimensional space.

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There are several reasons why the devils and evil monsters want to eat young children from the ages of 3 and 7: (1) Young children are full of original vitality, and they are vibrant. And eating young children is a shortcut for the devils to enhance their evil magics. (2) Children from the ages of 3 and 7 are mentally weak and have no sense of rebellion. There is not as much resentment as an adult. It will not bring too much energy loss to the devils because of hatred. (3) The flesh of children's is gentle and delicious.

The children of Jooya people had no parents to care about them. So, nobody asked what happened to the children after they were sent to the Pearl-planet. Even if the king of Jooya people asked about the children, the devils would say: “the children studied well and have gone to a higher dimensional heaven; they cannot see the children at present”. Or the devils let some devils and evil monsters transformed themselves to the children's appearances to meet Jooya people. Jooya people could not find any problem with them.

The devils also had bird goblins to sow the seeds of libido-enhancing plants on Jooya-moon. By this way, a various of libido-enhancing plants and fruits appeared on Jooya-moon and became more and more abundant. After two or three hundred years, Jooya people gradually adopted some of these plants into their recipes and became a regular diet. As a result, the sexual desire of Jooya people began to become stronger. Although Jooya people were allowed to marry only seven times in life, but this was only for population control, and they did not restrict people from making friends or having sex. The medical agency provided Jooya people with various contraceptive measures. After Jooya people started to send boys and girls to the devils regularly, they changed the law of marriages and allowed Jooya people to marry 20 times in life.

Jooya people had no concept of chastity. The devils indoctrinated Jooya people with new misconception that "In the beginning, it was sex. Gods and Goddesses had sex to create the world. Sex keeps the world alive. Sex drives the world. It is the nature and the fundamental human right to be sexually promiscuous." Then the devils and evil animals transformed themselves to the appearances of Jooya people. Under the appearances of Jooya people, the devils and evil animals took the opportunity to sex with Jooya people and absorbed their kidney Qi and body essence. Jooya people had no idea that they were having sex with animals and devils. By this way, the magic and superpowers of the devils and evil animals were strengthened quickly and easily. Due to the contraceptive measures and the requirements of the Sex-steal Art, the devils hardly left any offspring. Since Jooya people thought the devils were their gods, Jooya people were happy to do anything the devils let them do.

(2) Wars between Celestial Beings and the Devils

The Candle-planet people in the 4th dimension learned the practice of vital energy from the Candle-planet Immortal. Many of the Candle-planet people reached the energy levels of the 5th and 6th dimensions. The king of the Candle-planet in the 4th dimension was Distian. King Distian established a stable bond with the people and devils in the 4th dimensional space of the Pearl-planet. The King of the Devils, Rahu, married his daughter to King Distian as his concubine. The two sides were on good terms. The Devils were recognized by all parties in the 4th dimension of the L-solar system.

Ever since the devils took control of Jooya people, they had raised their ambition to dominate the L-Solar System. To expand their influence, the devils wanted to move all the evil animals, devils and cannibals in the 4-dimensional space of the constellation Leorion to the 4-dimensional space of the L-Solar System. For the time being, the devils did not dare to provoke the Pearl-planet people. So, they set their eyes on the Candle-planet.

The devils provoked wars with the Candle-planet people from time to time with some inexplicable reasons. For example, the daughter of Rahu used the excuse that King Distian was spending time with other concubines and no longer favored her. Then she asked her father, King Rahu, to send an army to fight with King Distian. Thus, the devils fought a battle with the Candle-planet people in the 4th dimension. In the end, King Dishtian won the battle with the help of the Candle-planet Immortal. The wars were provoked by the devils from time to time. And the wars between the devils and the Candle-planet people lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. Eventually, under the lead of King Distian, the Candle-planet people of the 4th dimension killed countless devils and evil animals in the great battles.

These wars were recorded and passed down in poetic form by the Candle-planet people. In the view of the people in the 3rd dimension, these wars were happened between the Asuras and the celestial gods. The devils of the fourth dimension of the Pearl-planet are called Asuras by the authors of the poems. Asura means the devils who seems to have divine powers of the gods but does not have the virtues of the gods. Asura looks like a human being but not human being in the L-solar system. King Distian and people in the 4th dimension are called celestial gods by the author of the poems. In the view of the people in the 3rd dimension, the people in the 4-dimensional space have powerful superpowers and are like celestial gods. In fact, both Asuras and King Distian are celestial beings in the 4th dimension.

After a person has achieved success in the practice of PVED and elevated his energy, it is not possible for him to settle down in a higher dimensional space immediately. It needs the permission from the manager of the higher dimensional space to move in. So, there are some people in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions who have achieved success in the practice of PVED and have reached higher energy levels and superpowers of the higher dimensions, but they still live in the dimension where they were born for the time being. That is what was said earlier: There are also many people in the 4th dimension of Candle-planet who have reached the energy levels of the 5th and 6th dimensions, but they still live in the 4th dimension of the Candle-planet.

(3) Devils and the Origin of Agriculture

Long before the devils had wars with the Candle-planet people, the devils had always been jealous of the human beings in the L-Solar System. The devils felt it is unfair that the human beings in the L-Solar System had good genes and advanced body structures which are the basis to reach the highest level of practice. Many people in the L-Solar System returned to the dark matter space after they had achieved success in the practice of PVED. However, the devils could only reach the energy level of the 6th dimension at most because of their genetic limitations. They felt that is so unfair!! The physical structure and genes of animals were worse than those of the devils. The animals were even more jealous than the devils. They kept wondering how they could destroy the practice of human beings. They didn't want human beings to achieve more than what the devils and animal goblins could achieve.

The devils learned a very important truth from the White-planet Immortals that eating has a great impact on disrupting one's cultivation. So, the devils brainstormed and began to do research on food.

Some animal goblins said: "Animals can live even if they eat meat. Why don't humans eat meat? If humans also eat meat, their life span will definitely be greatly shortened. You see that herbivores are more docile; carnivores are tougher and fiercer. If humans can eat meat, they will surely become brutal-minded and shorten their lifespan as well."

The high-level devil replied: "Human beings are all spiritual. Even people in the 3-dimensional space can feel that meat is a part of animal's corpse and can feel the pain signals of animal's strong struggle before death. They can feel the messages of the soul carried on the meat. Human beings wouldn't eat meat. This scenario doesn't work. We must find out a method to harm human beings before human beings realized it.

Later another bird goblin said: " Our birds feed on tiny worms, seeds, and fruits. Since we practiced Bigu and ate nothing, our PVED level has increased greatly, and our sensitivity has increased. When we eat foods again at the end of Bigu, we can clearly feel that the seeds have various plant toxins which are harmful to body and are one of the factors why birds get sick and die early. That is why birds with high levels of PVED learning now only eat fruits and no longer eat seeds and worms. If human beings could eat seed-based foods, it would definitely affect the PVED level of human beings."

A devil listened and said: "That's a possible scenario. Unfortunately, the seeds are too small, and human beings can't eat too much at a time. If they eat a little every now and then, the amount is small and the effect on their bodies isn't that great. It probably still won't work."

A devil overheard and said: "Just because of the small amount so that the damage to the body is not easily detected. So it's possible for human beings to accept it as foods. It's like administering a chronic poison; it must come in little by little, relying on time to work. The Candle-planet people in the 3-dimensional space drink milk, and they have low sensitivity to detect problems. We can experiment on them first."

So, the devils sent thousands of bird goblins to store plant seeds and sowed all kinds of plant seeds in the 3-dimensional space of the Candle-planet every year. For example, there were rice, wheat, barley, oats, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, etc. They sowed these seeds centrally in places with fertile soil. After a few months, many plants such as rice, wheat and barley grow naturally. When these plants are ripe and their seeds have not become firm, the devils then transformed themselves to the appearance of a Candle-planet people and impersonates the Candle-planet people to discover these plants and led the Candle-planet people to eat the fresh plant seeds. Fresh ears of wheat and rice were also delicious raw with no need of preparation.

At first, the Candle-planet people just ate them as a snack. If there were fresh ears of wheat and rice around, they ate them; if not, they didn't. There was no need to cultivate them either. The Candle-planet people thought that these wheat and rice grew naturally just like fruit. After hundreds of years, the Candle-planet people had become accustomed to eating these plants of wheat and rice raw. At this point, the devils had only spent a year or two in the 4-dimensional space. Seeing the initial results, the devils were very happy. Then the devils posed as a Candle-planet people hoarding the seeds of these plants and the devils taught the Candle-planet people that by scattering these hoarded seeds on the ground, new plants would grow in a few months and more seeds would be harvested.

Since there are four seasons on the Candle-planet, spring, summer, fall and winter, people need to hoard food in winter. So, the Candle-planet people began to hoard plant seeds and began to study how they could make more plants grow and produce more seeds. That started the development of agriculture. With more seeds, the Candle-planet people began to study how to eat these hard seeds in winter. Because of the winter, the Candle-planet people were the first to use fire for processing food. Through the processing of fire, wheat and rice became easily digestible and portable foods. Slowly wheat and rice became the main food storage for the Candle-planet people in winter. After tens of thousands of years, wheat and rice gradually became the staple food consumed by the Candle-planet people every day. The devils were overjoyed to see success of the experiment. Human beings had finally started eating bird food.

Ever since the Candle-planet people made wheat and rice their staple food, they experienced prolonged sleep, decreased supernatural abilities, increased lust after meals, and a significant drop in the PVED level. The most crucial thing is that after people consumed wheat and rice for years, toxicity accumulated in their bodies for years, causing the Candle-planet people to experience aging and disease in their old age. In contrast, both the White-planet people and Jooya people were physically strong and free of diseases in their old ages. Since it took a long time for the Candle-planet people to gradually adopt wheat and rice as their main food, during this gradual process, accompanied by a decline in the level of PVED learning, people did not find that aging and disease were caused by the consumption of wheat and rice.

Because of the long-term consumption of wheat and rice, the lifespan of the Candle-planet people was greatly shortened to about 12,000 years. The Candle-planet people did not know that all this was the devils' trick and still thought that wheat and rice were food that grew naturally in large quantities. So, it is still written in the Candle-planet people's old sources that at the beginning of mankind, there was an abundance of natural stalks of rice in the world that people could take and eat without farming.

(4) Destroy of the Planets

Since their defeat, the devils had become resentful and wanted to destroy the Candle-planet, even to destroy the entire L-solar system of humans. If they couldn't get it, they would have to destroy it. These devils began to brainstorm about how they could destroy the Candle-planet. Their principle was that they would let the human beings in the 3- dimensional space destroy the planets of the L-solar system themselves. By this way the sins would not be on their heads.

A devil said: the existence of 4-dimensional spaces depends on the planets of the 3-dimensional space. If the planet of the 3-dimensional space is destroyed, then the 4-dimensional space will be destroyed. By this way, the plan to take revenge on King Distian and the candle-planet people of the 4-dimensional space will be realized.

So, a devil proposed that they could provoke a war between the Candle-planet people and Jooya people in the 3-dimensional space and start a planet war. With the military power of Jooya people, they could destroy the Candle-planet. The proposal was unanimously approved by the devils.

Some other devils said: Jooya people are mild-mannered and just enjoy their lives, so it's not easy to let them to start a war. But if the Candle-planet people were allowed to start a war against Jooya people, Jooya people would certainly strike back. But on what grounds to start a war. They were both well supplied, did not lack mineral resources, and did not need to steal each other's land or living space. There seemed to be no reason to provoke a war.

A devil listened and said: if there is no reason, we can fabricate a reason. People in the 3rd dimension are the most ignorant and best deceived. We can lurk in with the Candle-planet people to find out what's going on and look for the chance.

So, these devils transformed themselves to the appearances of the Candle-planet people and live in the society of the Candle-planet people in the 3-dimensional space. They instilled the idea of money first in the Candle-planet people, diverted people's attention from the PVED learning, and reducing the time people devote to the PVED learning. Because the Candle-planet was a capitalist society, the rich had a lot of influence on the economic and political development of the country. So these devils killed influential rich people on the Candle-planet, applied the thousand-faced magic to become these rich people, used the reputation and money of these rich people to manipulate the government, guided public opinion and destroyed the order of the 3-dimensional space.

After some more time, these devils finally came up with a good idea. They found out that the Candle-planet people had diseases and a shorter life span than that of Jooya people since they ate wheat, rice, and other staple foods. The Candle-planet people desire for longevity and a healthy life. Jooya people were all in good health and lived much longer than the Candle-planet people. The devils felt that it was a starting point that would provoke a war. Through the news media they began to instill the idea into the Candle-planet people that the reason the Candle-planet people did not live as long and healthy lives as Jooya people is because Jooya moon has a better living environment than the Candle-planet. If the Candle-planet people lived on Jooya moon they could also live a life as long and healthy as Jooya people, free of diseases.

Then the kings and dignitaries of the Candle-planet people were taught that not only the living environment on Jooya moon was better, but there was also a fountain of immortality; if they wanted to live a long life and be the ruler forever, they must drink from the spring of immortality every day. Because there was a myth among the Candle-planet people that the celestial gods gained their longevity by drinking from the fountain of immortality. So the kings and dignitaries of the Candle-planet people believed the lies of the devils. After the Candle-planet people developed agriculture, their population increased dramatically, and they also had the need to expand outward. Under these circumstances, the Candle-planet people began to provoke Jooya people and waged war against them.

(5) A Planetary War

When the war began, these devils had even more room to maneuver. They kept brainwashing the kings and the generals of the Candle-planet people into launching bigger and bigger attacks, until Jooya people could not tolerate any more and declared a national war to fight back against the invasion of the Candle-planet people. A planetary war began. Jooya people and the Candle-planet people attacked each other in their spacecraft. Finally, Jooya people were going to be victorious, and the war was about to end. The devils were anxious. As Jooya people were gentle in nature and once Jooya people won, no further damage would be done to the Candle-planet.

In order to destroy the Candle-planet, the devils killed the king and the generals of Jooya people, applied thousand-faced magic to take on the appearances of the king and the generals, and in their names, ordered the destruction of the Candle-planet's moon with nuclear weapons. The moon of the Candle-planet was shattered into several large pieces. Losing the moon, the Candle-planet was instantly apocalyptic, with volcanoes erupting and tsunamis causing a great flood. The Candle-planet people fled for their lives in every direction. Most of the Candle-planet people was destroyed. Only a very few Candle-planet people who had superpowers and mastered high-end technology escaped to the underground space of the Candle-planet.

Seeing the situation, the space warriors of the Candle-planet people indignantly tried to attack Jooya-moon. The Devils had desired to destroy the White-planet and the White-planet people for a long time. On this occasion, the devils acted as the king and the generals of the Candle-planet people again, took advantage of the indignation of the warriors and ordered to take out all the nuclear weapons to attack Jooya-moon. Under the intense attack of nuclear weapons, the entire Jooya-moon was smashed to pieces and turned into stardust revolving around the White-planet.

Jooya-moon is a satellite of the White-planet. Losing its moon, the White-planet also encountered the end of the world, just like what happened to the Candle-planet. Most of the White-planet people was destroyed. Only a very few White-planet people escaped to live in the underground space of the White-planet. A war destroyed three planets at the same time, the White-planet, the Candle-planet and Jooya-moon. Along with them, the 4th dimensions of the White-planet and the Candle-planet were also destroyed. There were no more human beings in the 3rd and 4th dimensions of the White-planet and the Candle-planet.

The devils attacked the moons of these planets because the devils had learned some knowledge about astronomy from Jooya people. They learned that moons are the protectors of the planets. Without the moons, the planets will lose their geomagnetic fields. Without the protection of the geomagnetic field, the atmosphere of the planets would escape, and the planets would become a barren, dead planet, no longer suitable for any carbon-based life like plants, animals, and people. The civilization of the L-solar system was destroyed by the Devils. Even the White-planet Immortal, the master of the Devils, was destroyed. Of course, it was only the physical body that was destroyed, the soul of the White-planet Immortal's returned to the dark matter space.

Ever since the devils were defeated by King Distian and the Candle-planet people of the 4th dimension, they knew that their original plan to move the devils and animals of the Leorion constellation into the L-solar system and dominate it had fallen through. Before the Wars between the planets, the devils already sent some of Jooya people and the White-planet people to the constellation Leorion by spaceships with all the weapons, books, equipment, and technology people in all areas that they could carry. The devils wanted these Jooya people and White-planet people to help them build up and develop the constellation Leorion.

In the L-Solar system, besides the human beings, there are many plasma beings living on the star, the Sun. Seeing such major damage to the L-Solar System, these plasma beings unleashed a huge solar magnetic storm and destroyed the 4th dimension of the Pearl-planet where the devils lived. The devils and evil animals were burned to near extinction. Rahu, the king of the devils, was also killed by the photon immortals of the L-Solar System. Only a few devils and animal goblins escaped to the constellation Leorion. After fleeing to the constellation Leorion, the devils and evil animal goblins elected a new leader who was called Lord Tongtian.

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