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Higher Dimensions and Human Origins --04

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

Chapter 4: Aliens in 3-Dimensional Space

In the L-solar system, humans in the 3-dimensional space first appeared and resided on the White-planet about 90 million years ago. The energy level of the 3-dimensional space is lower than that of the 4-dimensional space. The lifespan of the people in the 3-dimensional space is shorter than that of the 4-dimensional space. The lifespan of the White-planet people in the 3-dimensional space is about 48,000 years. In the early stage when human beings came to live in the 3-dimensional space, the people of the 4-dimensional space often visited the 3-dimensional space. They had close communication and information exchanges with the people in the 3-dimensional space. The people of the 3-dimensional space carried on the technology of the 4-dimensional space and further developed it in all aspects.

(1) The White-planet

In the 3-dimensional space, the people on the White-planet followed the tradition of the practice of vital energy and lived a practice-oriented life. Their intelligence and spirituality were highly developed. Everyone had supernatural abilities. They had a positive, confident attitude and energetic approach to life. The White-planet people invented and built pyramid-shaped buildings. They discovered that pyramidal structures could gather high-energy subtle matter from the universe. The pyramid-shaped buildings were not only good for the health of the people who lived in, but also more conducive for the people to do the practice of vital energy, which led to quickly increase the body's energy and supernatural powers. They also found that pyramid-shaped buildings had the function to teleport the human body between pyramid buildings. From the inside of one pyramid, people can be instantly move to another pyramid in the 3-dimensional space without expending the body energy of the people. To achieve that, the pyramid buildings would have to be large enough to gather more energy. Therefore, they built numerous large pyramids on the White-planet and on various planets in and outside the L-solar system. To teleport people between different planets, the corresponding pyramids need to face the target planets in the same direction. So, the greatest number of pyramids were built on the White-planet. Some of the pyramids are far taller than the tallest buildings on the Planet X. Some pyramids are as big as a city. Some pyramid buildings are disguised as mountain peaks, making it impossible to tell that they are pyramid buildings. Such large pyramids can allow for high-level teleportation, which breaks the limitation that spaceships cannot exceed the speed of light and allow people in the 3rd dimension to travel between the White-planet and planets outside the L-solar system.

The White-planet people had a precise knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and geometry. The White-planet people in the 4th dimension were the first to invent electricity. Based on electricity, modern technology and industrialization were developed. About 70 million years ago, in the 3rd dimension, the level of technology of the White-planet people was similar to that of the X-aliens. The technology of the White-planet people was a combination of the scientific technology with superpowers and high-energy matter, far beyond the realm of modern technology. They were able to build large spaceships, anti-gravity flying saucers, and space stations as big as large cities. The most impressive were warp-drive spaceships that could travel faster than light. They had also discovered aliens outside the L-solar system and traded with them regularly.

The White-planet people had a high moral standard. The entire nation had no laws, yet the society managed to function well without crime. That is because the White-planet people all lived their lives with the goal and pursuit of enhancing their own energy. Any behavior that is harmful to others results in damage to their own energy, and the damage is directly reflected in the brightness and darkness of the human glow. At first, the White-planet people discovered this phenomenon through their superpowers. Later, with the development of technology, they invented a watch-like machine that can display the impact of one's merits and virtues on one's energy, which is called the energy-merit watch. The energy-merit watch can instantly react to changes in one's energy. If one's behaviors brought benefits and advantages to others, the energy value displayed by the watch would rise. Conversely, if one's behaviors are detrimental to the interests and benefits of others, the energy value displayed by the watch will go down.

The principle is that every human and animal have consciousness and spiritual power, which can regulate and drive high-energy subtle matter.

(1) When a person is angry, furious, or upset, it is the time when his spiritual power is particularly focused on the party that has upset him. The powerful mental energy can suppress and counteract the high-energy subtle matter in the other person, causing a certain degree of reduction in the other person's high-energy subtle matter.

(2) Conversely, if a person is particularly grateful to the other person, the sense of gratitude will drive the high-energy subtle matter to the object of his gratitude, causing the energy of the other person increased. The grateful mind and sense will also allow himself to receive energy from the outside or the universe.

(3) There are many more factors that can cause changes in the body's energy. For example, a person who is happy and in a good mood is in a state of gathering energy. Conversely, the people who are anxious, depressed, or nervous are in a bad state where these emotions close themselves off and deplete their inner energy.

(4) Parents are the switch that links the energy of their ancestors to their children. If a person is in a good relationship with their parents and there is a smooth emotional communication between them, then he can receive the energy and wisdom of their ancestors through their parents. If there is an internal resentment between parents and children, it will cause the emotional communication between the parents and children to be blocked, that will block the children from receiving energy from the parents and ancestors. There are many other complex principles of the energy-merit watch. The ones cited above are the most fundamental principles.

Due to the widely use of the energy-merit watch, the White-planet people have a particularly simple and pure society. Even with exceptionally advanced technology, no complex and shadowy human nature has developed. The social structure of the White-planet people is matriarchal, in which females have a higher status than males. Because women are more spiritual and clairvoyant than men, the kings and upper-level leaders are all women, making it a veritable kingdom of females. And there are both men and women among the middle and lower administrative officials.

The White-planet people live a communal life of large families. A family may have a dozen to dozens of family members. Women have a very high status in the home. The families are governed by a board of directors. The older women in the family serve as board members and manage the affairs of the family. All the daily chores in the family are performed by intelligent robots. Other family members do not need to work on family affairs. They work on social affairs and social management. This kind of family structure increases the efficiency of social operations and reduces family conflicts.

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The White-planet people were free to choose their own spouse. They got married only when they were in love with each other. Their marriages were like 'weekend couples'. After getting married, the couples did not live together and only met for date every weekend. Men and women lived in their own family respectively. The children born were raised by the woman's family by default. As a result, most couples had a good relationship with each other. There was no domestic violence, trafficking of women and children, and other undesirable phenomena. They advocated 'monogamy' and could not date other people for sex during the marriage, otherwise they would be abhorred by public opinion, which in turn would affect their energy value.

If there were conflicts between the couples, both husband and wife could file for divorce. Divorce was not considered dishonorable by the public, only due to that the couples no longer appreciated each other. Because divorce did not involve the division of property, there were no divorce battles. Most couples can remain friends after the divorce. The White-planet people had unified learning and educational institutions that taught all the children knowledge and the PVED. Because the gap between the rich and the poor in the society was very small, both men and women can receive good education.

(2) The Pearl-planet

The Pearl-planet received the most solar radiation because it was closest to the Sun. In the 3-dimensional space, the solar wind often transported fast hot plasma storms from the Sun to the Pearl-planet, constantly stripping the surface material of the Pearl-planet. That caused the Pearl-planet in the 3-dimensional space to be uninhabitable for human beings. The 4-dimensional space on the Pearl-planet was also affected by the solar radiation, but not as much as the 3-dimensional space was affected. About 90 million years ago, before the onset of a huge solar windstorm, the Pearl-planet people in the 4-dimensional space moved to the Jooya-moon, a moon of the White-planet.

The Pearl-planet people in the 4-dimensional space had been subjected to the overheating environment for a long period of time, resulting in a decline in their level of the practice of vital energy. They focused more on improving their material conditions and enjoying the life. After residing in the 3-dimensional space on the Jooya-moon, they were called Jooya people, and their goals of the practice were satisfied only with good health and youthful vigour. The Jooya-moon had a pleasant climate and a beautiful environment, with both tropical rainforest and subtropical scenery. The good living environment and sufficient food made them especially satisfy with life on the Jooya-moon.

The Jooya people continued the technology on the Pearl-planet and developed a robotic service system and a utopian communal collective life. Everything was collectively deployed by the nation to ensure that everyone was equal and well fed and clothed. They built high-rise buildings like those on the Earth. A tribe of people lived in high buildings in the same neighborhood. And men and women lived in different buildings, no mixing of men and women was allowed, which is called bachelor apartments.

Everything in these high-rise buildings was AI intelligently managed, and every home was equipped with modern household appliances and equipment. For example, smart toilets, running water systems, automatic dishwashers, washing machines, etc. All clothing and household appliances were produced industrially in an assembly line style.

Each community had public bathing, swimming pools, and fitness areas for socializing and recreation. After bathing or swimming, everyone's clothes were taken by robots for recycling and new clothes were distributed. The public communities also offered a full range of services such as robotic massage, as well as beauty and make-up services. There was no private property for the Jooya people, and everything was provided by the nation for free.

The Jooya people practiced temporary marriages. The Jooya people were free to choose their own spouse. If the people in love wanted to get married, they went to a marriage authority to have their genes tested. If they passed the genetic test and were not related by blood, then they can get married. If the genetic test revealed that they were direct blood relatives or collateral blood relatives within five generations, they could not get married. The people who were approved for marriage may live in a nation-provided house and lived together for three months. After the three months, the marriage was declared to be over, regardless of whether the wife is pregnant or not. No one might be allowed to get married more than seven times in their entire lifetime.

When the wife became pregnant, the marriage authority provided pregnancy guidance and fetal education services to the pregnant mother. After the mother gave birth, the newborn baby was sent to the baby support agency for unified care. The hospital provided good post-natal recovery services to the mother and did not require the mother to raise the baby after delivery. Neither parent was obliged to raise the child. They did not care what the child looked like, nor did they know their child's name. The child also did not know who his or her parents were when he or she grew up. Therefore, to avoid inbreeding, they needed to be genetically tested before they married. So, the birth population of the Jooya people is controlled by the nation and raised collectively.

The children did not live with their mothers at all after birth, which brought a disadvantage: the children raised collectively did not have outstanding and excellent IQs. That is because there were few chances for children and their mothers to communicate emotionally. Mothers were the most important switch that links the energy and wisdom of their ancestors with their children. Without affection for their mothers, children could not effectively communicate and access the wisdom and energy of their ancestors. And people got dumber from generation to generation. With excellent technology and full-service robots, the Jooya people became addicted to hedonism and their supernatural powers fade into oblivion.

Before the implementation of utopian communal living, the Jooya people were able to use nuclear fusion to generate electricity and possessed nuclear-powered spacecraft and numerous mega-nuclear weapons. The Jooya people had advanced aviation technology and precise astronomical calculations. They had a variety of spacecraft, including the nano-spacecrafts that took only five years to travel a light-year distance. The large fusion-powered spacecraft was about as fast as the nano-spacecraft, but it could carry more people and fly farther by constantly collecting fusion materials from cosmic space during its flight.

There was no supporting system for the elderly, because the Jooya people were strong and fit. The people rarely got sick because they didn't have the disease gene in their body at that time. Even before they died, they had no illness and did not need to be cared for. There were no hospitals on the Jooya-moon and the White-planet, except the Maternal-fetal hospitals. The lifespan of the Jooya people was about 24,000 years. After Jooya people died, there was dead body disposal organizations that collected the dead body and blessed the deceased with prayers. The dead body was then transported back to the Pearl-planet and discarded in the 3-dimensional space by a small spacecraft. No one would feel sad about that. the Jooya people considered 'death' not the end of life, but a transit point to the next journey.

There is no such thing as robbery, struggle, theft, or evil on the Jooya-moon. Once such a case arises, the AI intelligent management would record him in the blacklist and no more material supplies would be provided to him. The perpetrators of serious cases would be sent to the Pearl-planet and discarded in the 3-dimensional space and let them fend for themselves. Both the Jooya people and the White-planet people were handsome and beautiful. The face shape of the Jooya people was V-shaped or heart shape. The face shape of the White-planet people was oval or round or something between oval and round. The White-planet people had a gentle look and were more handsome than Jooya people.

(3) The Candle-planet

The temperature on the Candle-planet is low, since it is far from the Sun. It was not until 75 million years ago that human beings from the 4th dimension appeared in the 3-dimensional space of the Candle-planet. The Candle-planet is smaller than the White-planet and has a third of the gravity compared to that of the White-planet. Because of the effects of gravity and different oxygen levels, human beings on the Candle-planet were giants, standing about 5 meters tall, which was much taller than the White-planet people who were about 2.5 meters tall. In comparison, the people in the 5th dimension are generally about 3 meters tall. The Candle-planet people had three-dimensional faces, deep eyes, tall nose, but they were still dark-haired, dark-eyed, yellow-skinned. The face shape of the Candle-planet people was square or rectangular. The men of the Candle-planet people had a big beard on their face, while the men on White-planet and Jooya moon did not have a big beard on their faces, only having a goatee and a mustache.

The Candle-planet people in the 3-dimensional space focused on both PVED and the study of science and technology. They carried on the technology of the 4-dimensional space and further developed it in all aspects. About 65 million years ago, the technology of the Candle-planet people had already surpassed that of the Jooya people and been able to use nuclear fusion to generate electricity, possessing nuclear-powered spacecrafts and many super-large nuclear weapons. The Candle-planet people was also a matriarchal society with a high status of women.

Since the temperature on the Candle-planet was low and the Candle-planet people were giants, they needed more nutrients for their huge bodies. Therefore, the Candle-planet people invented milk foods. They were the first to drink milk from cows, goats, and horses to supplement their nutrition. They kept animals like cows, sheep and horses in captivity and were the first to develop animal husbandry. There were four seasons on the Candle-planet: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Differently there were no seasons on the White-planet and on the Jooya-moon. As the White-planet and the Jooya-moon are closer to the sun, the two places had warmer weather, making them more suitable for human habitation.

Because of the seasons and the long distance from the sun, there was a larger range of temperate and cold regions on the Candle-planet. The overall area of the Candle-planet was smaller, so the population of the Candle-planet was much smaller than that of the White-planet. The Candle-planet had more varied environments and different regional products since there were many different regions on the planet. That promoted the exchange of goods and the development of trade between different regions. They had a developed capitalist society that focused on doing business and trade. There were interstellar trades between the Candle-planet people and the White-planet people, as well as the Jooya people. The people of the L-Solar System were all good-natured and civilized. No one expected that the human beings of the L-Solar System would be nearly destroyed by the devils.

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