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Henry Hudson:explorer of Hudson Valley and New York Area

Explorations of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson's Voyages

Henry Hudson's Voyages

henry Hudson and Family

Hudson Family

Hudson Family

Henry and Family

Henry Hudson was born c1565 in London, and not a lot is known of his early life. But it seems he was born to explore. He was married to Katherine (1572-1624) and together they had three children.

He was determined to sail to the New World, and in 1607 he departed England on May 26. Then passing Shetland Island and passed Greenland on June 13. The ocean waters around Greenland were treacherous with galling winds. He returned to England because of bad weather, determined to try again.

In 1610, Hudson sailed again on the ship Discovery crossed the Atlantic and entered Hudson Strait, continuing into Hudson Bay were he saw abundant wildlife. He ventured into James Bay but found it was a dead end.

Ship of Henry Hudson

Ship of Henry Hudson

Ship of Henry Hudson

Hudson and Whaling

Hudson and Whaling

Henry Hudson finding Whales

On Hudson's explorations, he discovered the abundance of whales which would prove to be a bonanza for whalers. Many years would be spent harvesting whales along the northeast shorelines of America. At that time period, whales were crucial because of their oil for lanterns.

Henry's Deadly Voyage

In 1610, Hudson sailed again for the New World on the Discovery. Hudson crossed the Atlantic and entered Hudson Strait again, finding icy conditions. He wanted to continue exploring, but the crew was wanting to return to England. Dissension was brewing still, and the crew mutined and captured the ship. They decided to put the captain, his son, and a few crew that remained loyal to him adrift in a small boat.

The Discovery sailed away while Hudson and his crew tried desperately tried to keep up with the ship. The ship added another sail, and Hudson was no longer able to keep up. This was not the first time Hudson had trouble with his crew. Remember that although he was dedicated and tenacious, he was also a weak leader. He played favorites among his men and flawed in his judgments.

When the Discovery docked in London, they had only eight crew left on board and no Captain Hudson. The crew was put on trial for murder, but all were exonerated and set free. Hudson's body was never found, and there is controversy about whether he may have been murdered or died because of exposure or lack of food,

In effect, he was his own worse enemy leading to the mutiny. But he will forever be remembered as one of the greatest explorers of the New World.

He never did find the northwest passage, but his contributions remain remarkable. It would be another 300 years before explorer, Ronald Amundson would discover the passage in 1903.

Hudson and Son on Rowboat


Named for Henry Hudson

The following was named in honor of Henry Hudson:

Henry Hudson Bridge, connecting Manhattan to the Bronx

Hudson Strait

Hudson BayHudson River

A bronze statue of Hudson is located on Spuyten Duyvil Hill in the Bronx. The base is 100 feet, and the status measures 16 feet, dedicated in 1938.

Named in Hudson'e Honor

Hudson River

Hudson River

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Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay

Henry Hudson Statue

Henry Hudson Statue

Katherine Hudson

After Hudson and his son failed to return, Katherine spent years trying to get pension and compensation from the West India Company. She constantly hounded them until finally, an agreement was made and Katherine was no longer penniless.


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