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Hemi Sync

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How to Access your Subconscious Mind

An urban myth that often finds its way into scientific conversations is that humans only operate under 10% of our brain. It’s important to ponder upon where this percentage came from. A study of the brain revealed a very important fact – only 10% of the brain was made of neurons. 90% of the cells in the brain were not neurons, but they were connective tissue, and given the name “Glial cells”. In the neuron principle, it was believed that the neurons were the functional cells of the brain, and that glial cells were just for support. But researchers over the last few years have found that glial cells are tasked with a function of more than providing just physical support; they can inhibit or activate neurons. This proves the potential of using 100% of our brain. If you can improve whole brain activity, you can enhance your consciousness and awareness as well as tap into your subconscious mind for a higher degree of understanding. There are many different ways to engage and activate the whole brain and tap into your subconscious mind. When the right and left hemispheres are activated simultaneously, it gives to a concept called Super Learning. With both hemispheres working together, we have more characteristics of neurofunction.

If you can get both the hemispheres to be in sync, you will be engaging logic and emotions at the same time which opens up a window for super learning opportunities within which you can download information very quickly. This also includes an emotional component which is necessary to fully access your subconscious mind. If you’re operating from brain dominance, you will be shutting off one part of your nervous system. When we practice hemi sync, we’re much more calm, collected, and able to really express neurological functions that are fully supporting.

Hemi Sync is short for Hemispheric Synchronization, and refers to a safe, time-proven audio guidance technology with many practical applications for daily life. Its founder, Robert Monroe, a pioneer in the field of sound research, developed Hemi Sync. Since its discovery, Hemi Sync has been researched extensively by both professional researchers and individuals searching for ways on how to access their subconscious mind. It has been clinically and scientifically proven to be effective. Moreover, Hemi Sync technology has continued to advance for more than 50 years. The audio guidance technology works though the generation of complex multi-layered audio signals which act together to create a resonance which is reflected in unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focussed whole brain state known as hemispheric synchronization or hemi sync.

Hemi sync has received international acclaim for its ability to help people achieve a more satisfying life by directly addressing many praticaly everyday real-life applications. Specific combinations of hemi sync signals, for example, can help people achieve laser-like focus and concentration. Individuals with ADD, AHDH, and other learning challenges also have reported significant improvements. Different hemi sync signals can be utilized to facilitate profound relaxation, manage stress, and improve your overall wellness by accessing and channelling your subconscious mind.

Other hemi sync mixes may be employed to promote deep meditate states for exploring expanded states of awareness. Some guidance mixes also help individuals achieve a good night’s sleep. The hemi sync process can be quite effective when delivered over conventional speakers, like it has been done so for many years in classrooms, various hemi sync workshops, and even at home. Most of the research surrounding hemi sync has been conducted by the classic use of hemi sync delivered by stereo headphones. In this application, the hemi sync audio guidance process works quite simply by sending different tones to each ear through stereo headphones. The two hemispheres of the brain then act in unison to hear a third signal – The difference between the tones. This is not an actual sound, but an electrical signal that can only be perceived within the brain by both brain hemispheres working together. You will first hear a tone in your left/right ear. Then, a tone of a different frequency will play in your other ear. The tonal difference causes your brain to create a third sound - A wavering sound that is not on the recording. This tone is the difference between the two tones you hear in your right and left ears. These wavering sounds encourage your brain to move from function in a state of random brain wave activity to a balance, focussed, and highly synchronized brainwave pattern. Using an analogy, we can say that your brain normally acts like a light bulb which produces random, incoherent light. With hemi sync, your brain acts more like a laser beam which produces focussed, coherent light. Hemi sync produces a focused, coherent mind.


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