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How Do You Transplant A Human Head?

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So how are you all? This thing is not very old when I was attending my biology lecture. The professor was teaching us human anatomy. Suddenly, in the last part of class, I started thinking something, thinking how much progress a human civilization has made in a short time. Today, science has made incredible work possible like heart transplantation. Suddenly I also thought that is it possible to have a human head transplant? Then the professor's attention came to me and they asked me what are you thinking? I asked him the same question, Sir, is human head transplant possible or has anyone tried it yet? The professor probably did not have the answers to my questions then. But he told me nothing is impossible for science. So today I and you will try to know the solution to my childhood question whether a human head transplant is possible? If yes then how?

In 2017, an Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claimed that they could successfully complete human head transplantation by the end of the year. Well, the dream of human head transplantation is not new but its efforts have continued since 1908. But first, we should throw light on the definition of human head transplantation. So, when the patient's organ is unable to perform any function due to any reason like the heart of a patient, then doctors recommend him for organ transplantation. Then what they do is put the bad heart out of the body and put the good heart out of the donor's body and place it in the patient's body. Here you can understand that the defective organ is replaced by the well-functioned donor's organ. But when we talk about human head transplantation, the case becomes somewhat different.


According to Sergio Canavero, the patient's mind will not be a faulty organ but his body will be faulty. According to Sergio, the head is the only organ that can remain with full functioning even when it is separate. Your brain is found in the head, which runs all your vital processes. It is the mind that is the manager of your body. And your mind is what makes you yourself. Just think if you change your head from your body, will you be able to feel yourself? I don't think like that, because your thinking must have changed from another. Your feelings must have changed. Now you probably will not be you, so it would be better to call a human head transplant as a body transplant. Because even if I transplant your head to another body, your thoughts will remain alive in other bodies.


What Makes Canavero Think It's Possible?

In 1908, American physiologists decapitated the head of one dog and attached it to the neck of another dog. He also somehow connected the arteries that were committed to blood flow. The arteries are connected in such a way that blood flows from the first head to the head of the recipient. The decapitated head remained without any blood for about 20 minutes while the dog illustrated the aural, visual, and cutaneous reflex action. After some time the situation worsened and the dog died.

One such effort was made in 1970 by a neurosurgeon. He tried to transplant the monkey's head. They almost succeeded in this endeavor. Almost because they succeeded in re-connecting the monkey's arteries but could not connect the spinal cord. Due to which the monkey became paralyzed. However, the monkey was alive due to the flow of blood to the brain and he was not only alive but capable of doing some simple tasks like seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting. But the monkey died, due to a rejection through the immune system of the body towards the foreign head of the monkey. So now you must have understood what a difficult job it is. Anyway, we are talking about the most complex operation of the human body so far. Well, all these questions were answered by Canavero about which we will talk now and also know how the human head transplant will remain a common thing in the future.


Steps Of Human Head Transplantation:-

In fact, Canavero has given a unique name to the process of a head transplant. First, the patient will be placed in a place whose temperature will be around 10°C. This will happen so that your brain is saved from the process of brain damage and you already know that the brain is the most important part of this operation. Then after that, there will be a procedure for incisions near your neck. This will be done so that all the pipework (arteries) and wiring (veins) of your neck will be separated from your body along with the head. In this process, your muscles will be color-coded to ensure that the veins and arteries are properly connected at the time of your head transplant. After this, your spinal cord will also be divided into two pieces with a sharp blade of diamond. This work will be done so easily as a hot knife comes out from the pieces of butter. Anyway, diamond is the most rigid natural object as well.

Now the biggest process will start after incision, which is the most difficult and the most complex. Connecting the human head to the spinal cord with another body. This work is so difficult that it has not been possible yet. Because there are many fine nerves in the spinal cord that are difficult to connect with different bodies. Well, the answer was given by Canavero that he will use a chemical for this work that will also help in the growth of cells at a particular place. This chemical is polyethylene glycol. This will help the nerves to connect on their own. However, it has been used previously to treat spinal cord injuries inside mice. The patient will then be put into a coma for three days to allow time to connect the veins and the spinal cord. However, in spite of all this, this work has not been found successful so far. There is also another reason for this, such as ethics, people's feelings, etc. Due to which it could not become true. According to Canavero, the human head transplant will cost a team of at least 80 surgeons and 36 hours of hard work and the total cost of this is more than about 10 million euros and which is not even known whether the operation is successful or not.


Well, tell me that if you get an opportunity to transplant your head, would you like to have it done? Quickly tell about it in the comment section.

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