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He Prepared for 10+2 Board Exams for 2 Months, Scored 90%


CGPA in 10th standard: 9.8

Marks in internal college exams, 11th and 12th standards: 65-75%

Marks in 10+2 boards: 90%

This is the story of a student who was regarded as average until the board exam results were announced. But many could not believe when he scored 90% marks in 10+2 boards. Many better students had scored only 80-87% marks. Even the faculties were surprised when the list of 90% scorers was published on the college campus board.

Now, how he made it? I had watched him preparing at close quarters. And I know how he did it. Let's see.

Who may use it?

The story of Adarsh Gautam (name changed for privacy reasons) is a simple one. Many achieve the 90% score in 10+2 CBSE board exams in India. But to me, the story is an important one. There are many students who realise late that only 2 or 3 months are left for the exam and that they will not score as good as they could have, had they started serious studies a bit earlier. Moreover, the board exams are more important now since the JEE Main ranks are decided with a normalized score including a considerable weightage of the board exams.

Such students are sure to be benefited by this article and this is what made me write this article. Though the article has been penned with the CBSE syllabus in mind, it will definitely help students of other boards also.

How he did it?

What he told me is no rocket science, but nonetheless useful, practical and above all, achievable. Here are the 3 things that Adarsh followed religiously throughout the 2 months he prepared for the exam.

Time devoted on a daily basis: Around 12 hours.

Study materials:

(i) Board text books,

(ii) Previous 10 years' board question papers

(iii) Chapter-wise questions and solutions thereof, of previous 10 years' board exams,

(iv) Note books including some pocket-sized note-pads.

The procedure:

First of all, look at the previous 10 years' Boards' question papers. Decide your plan. Note down date-wise action plan and make it in such a way that the entire activity is finished in a total of 50 days, i.e. 10 days before the exam.

Your plan should consist of, beside other things,

(i) Understanding, solving by self and practising the solved problems of text books.

This refers to the examples solved out at the end of each chapter in the text books. I observed that exactly same questions have been set many a time in the board exams.

(ii) Referring to chapter-wise solutions of previous years' question papers.

This means, when you have read a chapter and practised on the solved questions, look into the chapter-wise solution guide of previous years' papers and observe what kind of questions are asked from the chapter. You will be surprised to see how the questions are repeated. This point is the real game changer.

(iii) Preparing memory aids.

When you are done with a particular chapter, prepare memory aids, jotting down the most salient points. The points are to be noted in shortest forms which will only remind you of a formula or concept or an important rule. Such an aid helps you to retain your confidence to the end. Otherwise many students panic on the eve of the exam thinking their preparation is not up to the mark. But the 10 days just before the exam, that I have mentioned earlier, are meant for completely absorbing these concise memory aids. So they serve as confidence building measures.

Feel good about yourself and your preparation

In order that you may carry on your preparation in a good state of mind you must recall your promise to yourself almost everyday before you start in the morning. Remaining focussed, happy and motivated and eating healthy combined with regular light exercise, keeps you in the best state to prepare for the exam. Watch this video at times during your preparation.

Stick to your plan

Once you have started working on your plan don't entertain other thoughts and suggestions. Stick to your plan and work hard on it. Many distractions are sure to come your way but announce it silently among your friends and family members and let them know it that you are on your journey for a worthy goal.


sharma77vidhya on June 23, 2015:

The above tips is awesome really very good, can you please write a blog on IIT-JAM preparation tips as I am preparing for it... as I came across some links..for help can you.... scoop.eduncle.com/iit-jam-tips/

raunak singh on June 03, 2015:

i m in 9th only.the above suggestion are very helpful for me