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Has Zelenskii Gained Anything by Provoking a Conflict With Russia Except Destruction for Ukraine

A senior air warrior, graduate from the Staff College and a PG in military studies. He is qualified to write on war and allied matters.



The war in Ukraine is going on for six months and the end does not appear to be in sight. As things stand Russians have occupied a fair amount of territory in the eastern region of Ukraine in the Don Bass region. The first invasion of the Russians and their main objective of a regime change in Ukraine failed and whatever success they have now achieved during this second phase of the limited military engagement is in the Don Bas region.

It is to be noted that both Ukrainians and Russians are from the same racial stock that is the Slav race and have a strong affinity in culture and language. Ukraine has also been part of the Soviet Union and it is on record that many Ukrainian leaders held esteemed positions in the pantheon of Russian leadership as well as members of the Supreme Soviet. There is also no record that Ukraine was at any time in world history a great empire as it was always a part of bigger empires.

Ukraine has an intertwined history with Russia and it is a matter of regret that all this changed when Zelensky became the president of Ukraine. For some reason which cannot be analyzed or understood Zelensky was somehow enamored of the Anglo-Saxon powers. He got the idea that he would become a knight in shining armor and be the front charger in the demise of Russia as a global power. He allowed his ego to override reality and in the process, doomed his country by instigating a war with Russia.

It must be clearly understood that there would've been no war in case Zelensky had not fallen for the lollipops being given by the Anglo-Saxon powers of membership of NATO and the EU. Zelensky assumed naively that when the chips were down if ever war was to take place the Americans would go on his side and start fighting. He foolishly believed the Americans. He was not aware that America had no intention of intervening in Ukraine and the real fact is that they were not bothered about Ukraine at all and all they are concerned about is to retain their hegemony over Europe.

Zelensky created an existentialist crisis for Russia, leaving no option for Putin but to attack Ukraine and try and bring about a regime change. He failed in this objective but the damage which Zelensky has done to his country is without measure and for this alone he can be tried as a war criminal.

During six months of fighting the Ukrainians, lost 30% of the territory in the eastern region and are suffering a hundred casualties every day. Their economy is destroyed and 8 million refugees are floating around in eastern Europe. This is the reality and God forbid if a nuclear accident occurs in Ukraine, it will not be a place to live in for the next hundred years.

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Cost for Ukraine

Zelensky thought the Americans would intervene on his side with troops and weapons as well as declare Ukraine a no-fly zone as they had done in Kosovo. But every day is not Sunday and Zelensky could not read the mind of Joe Biden whose main interest was just to keep the pot boiling without intervening. In any case after the defeat of the American army in Afghanistan, most of the American generals are not in favor of fighting in Ukraine.

I will now add a personal touch to this article and inform my reader that I had been to Russia very recently and had a meeting with a Ukrainian. In our conversation, I asked him what Ukraine had gained by towing the Anglo-Saxon line and provoking an attack from Russia. He replied that they were fighting for freedom. I told him freedom has got so many meanings: there is freedom from poverty, freedom from hunger, freedom to live in peace, freedom to enjoy life and go to the nightclubs but by his acts Zelensky, all these freedoms have been destroyed in Ukraine which has been pushed back by 100 years.

He realized his mistake and that's why the conversation ended. I will also like to bring to your attention that one expatriate in America took offense to my comments when I suggested that casualties should be minimized and negotiations carried out with Russia. This expatriate sitting in an armchair was of the view that the fight should continue and he was sure that Ukraine will win the war. He pointed out that some pilots are shooting 3 Russian MIGs a piece. Now six months down the line he must be thinking that Ukraine can never win this war. it is a battle of attrition and Russia in any case in the long run will be the winner.

Zelensky never calculated the cost of the war for Ukraine and overall there is no doubt that he behaved in an extremely foolish manner in provoking Russia. I fail to understand how he could ever think that the Americans are going to give a no-fly zone over Ukraine or anything like that. America does not want a world war as its hands are tied in the South China sea where China is getting more and more belligerent.

The cost of the war is terrible. The people are suffering and all this is because of Mr. Zelinski.

Dreams die First

Harold Robbins wrote a wonderful novel" dreams die first." I'm afraid it is very much applicable to Zelensky. He had some dreams but he soon realized that his dreams have died and that whatever happens his country is destroyed. He must be thinking that America will put in another $1 trillion to help Ukraine but America is a very calculating nation and they will measure what they can get out of Ukraine before giving reconstruction money. Giving weapons is a different kettle of fish because the American military industry has to keep functioning.

Overall, I can say that whatever the outcome of this war, I sincerely hope that some sort of nuclear accident does not take place that will make Ukraine unlivable for the next five decades, Remember the half-life period of an atomic nucleus is 50 years. God save Ukraine and other nations from men like Zelensky who are looking for personal grandeur when they are puny men.

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